Testimonials of Cancer Cures Through Nutrition Therapy

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Brief Version of Cancer Testimonials 

Here are just a few of the many people healed of cancer through a raw vegan diet, for the testimonials and information on these in more detail see the authors book; Starving Cancer to Death.  This brief listing is just to show that this approach works for a degenerative disease like cancer.

a.  Ann Wigmore’s Living Foods diet
 In the book, Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine, by Steve Meyerowitz, he cites people that were healed through the use of wheatgrass and a Living Foods diet.
Brain Tumor, 1999, Pastor Lindsey Robinson, PA.
Breast Cancer, 1972, Janice Stem, Canada
Colon Cancer, 1996, Michael Claener, Canada
Throat Cancer, 1989, Edward Brown, CA.
Cancer, 1999, Cathleen Peters, NC
Breast Cancer, 1996, Anne-Marie Baker, FL
Bladder Cancer, 1999, Dorothy Naylor, FL
Colon, Lymph and Liver Cancer, 1995, Gary Garrett, FL
Melanoma, 1997, Neva Whetzel, Singers Glen, VA
Caner of the Throat, Alimentary Canal and Melanoma, Ruth Williams, GA
Lymphatic Cancer, 1998, Dennis Lampro, IL
Prostate Cancer, 1998, Bill Nasdy, FL

b.  Brenda Cobb is a follower of Dr. Ann Wigmore’s Hippocrates Diet
  –  Prostate Cancer, 1999, Gene Lowe, Georgia.
  – Uterine/ Cervical Cancer, 1979, Marcia Jones, Georgia.
  – Cancer/ Joint pain/ Lyphedema, Connie Copeland, GA.
  – Mixed Tumor Adenoma, Susan AHL Piper, GA.
  – Breast Cancer, 2000, Shirley Hightower, GA.

c.  Brian Clements  –  The Hippocrates Institute, West Palm Beach, FL.
 The first is a pancreatic cancer testimonial by Samantha Young who had a diagnosis of death (terminal) from her cancer (late nineties) and pulled through from their help.  The second is a testimony of a healing from cervical cancer (1985) by Annalisa Cummings.  In the spring 2009 issue (Vol.29, Issue 1); several healed cancer patients are listed: Non-hodgkin Lymphoma, Sherrie Clark, 2006; Prostate Cancer, David Long (Feb. 2001); Gastric Adenoma Carcinoma, Adele Wyrtzen (May 2007); Renal Cell Carcinoma, Michael Lanning (June 2006); Ovarian Cancer, Anne Gonzaleze (April 2008).  Healed from Stage four cancer twice, Fiona Shakeela Burns, (2008).

d.  The Gerson Diet – A few Cancer healings
  – Colon Cancer, 1978, Al Schaefer, Last contacted 2004.
  – Spreading Melanoma, 1978, Beata Bishop,  Last contacted 2004.
  – Hodgkins Lymphoma, 1979, Eva Juul-Barre, Last contacted 2004.
  – Cervical Cancer, 1983, Dr. Elizabeth Curry, Last contacted 2004.
  – Melanoma, 1988, Julie Hepner, Last contacted 2004.
  – Breast Cancer, 1986, Andrea Proudfoot, Last contacted 2003.
  – Prostate and Colon Cancer, 1988, J.C. Raymond, Last contacted 2004.
  – Recurring Bone Cancer, terminal 1957, Gail Allen Bogue, Last contacted 2004.
  – Spreading Melanoma, 1982, Tom Powers, Jr., Last contacted 2004.
  – Breast Cancer, 1996, Rose Marie Fox, Last contacted 2004.
  – Prostate Cancer, 1990, Paul Scelsi,  Last contacted 2004.
  – Breast Cancer, 1976, Joan Cleary R.N., Last contacted 2004.
  – Prostate Cancer, 1981, Art McGarry, Last contacted 2004.
  – Melanoma, 1995, Carol Askhew, Last contacted 2003.
  – Spreading Breast Cancer, 1994, Shirley Tice,  Last contacted 2004.

e.  Breuss Juice Fasting Cure – Testimonials and Letters of Thanks
 In Europe cancer patients who went on Juice fasting to cure the cancer have many witnesses and testimonials, but unfortunately many of these are not translated to English.
A juice fasting cure promoted by Alleluia and Six Sigma is the Breuss cancer cure.
Breast Cancer –  Maria Nesenshon, January 20, 1973,  After 42 days the cancer growth had  gone and has never reappeared to this day. Still healthy, January 1986
Kidney Cancer  –  M.H., January 23, 1973, This lady still feels very well in 1986
Lump in the Breast – Mrs. G.S., February 7, 1973, In 1985, everything is still excellent.
Cancer of the Lip – Peter Seehuber, 1973
Abdominal Cancer – T.S., April 30, 1975, This lady still feels well in 1986.
Cancer of the Stomach and Intestines – Olga Marte, 1975, In 1986, in excellent health.
Breast Cancer – H.S., Fall 1977, Still in very good health in 1986.
Uterine Cancer – Elfriede Sommer, December 28, 1981
Lymphatic Cancer (Hodgkin’s Disease) – Silvia Martina, September 6, 1982 

Larger Version of Testimonials of Cancer Remissions/Healings

These are testimonials from different living foods or raw vegan diets.  Raw vegan diets are all very similar and thus yield similar results in health and healing.  They are all at least 80/20 raw vegan (at least 80% raw, only 20% or less cooked).  Thus putting these living foods diets together in a testimonial shows what this category of raw vegan diets can achieve in terms of health and healing.  A few of the many witnesses have been included in summary form here; these are significant in showing that it works!  If a scientific study were ever done, it would show that these are statistically significant, and that many were actually healed of cancer through a raw vegan diet and fasting/juicing approach.

 In the U.S., these raw vegan diets have examples of regression and hopefully healing of cancer.  Hey, they all work to heal degenerative diseases!  These include: 1.  The Gerson Diet; 2.  The Hippocrates Diet; 3.  The pH Miracle Diet;  4.  The Raw Family Diet;  5.  The Alleluia Diet; 6.  The Hallelujah Diet

This shows that different types of raw vegan and living foods diets all have similar or the same successful results with cancer.  Thus, we are talking about a general field and not a specific diet that works with cancer.  This is a very significant finding as far as creating a scientific approach that can be proven with scientific studies.

1.  The Gerson Diet
 Dr. Max Gerson wrote a book in 1948 on, 50 Cancer Patients.  It is a classic of 50 cancer patients that he healed through his Gerson Therapy Approach.  Since then hundreds have been healed using the Gerson Diet Therapy.  Only a few are presented here.

In a brochure on Gerson Recoveries, the Gerson Institute lists people with cancer and other degenerative diseases that were cured through the Gerson diet.  Each recovery has a paragraph describing the incidence of cancer.  The brochure states: “The patients illustrated in this brochure are a very small fraction of those treated successfully with the Gerson Therapy.  Some have sought treatment at a Gerson Certified clinic, while others followed the Therapy at home.  What each of these people share in common is that each of them has broken free of their disease and discovered a better way to live.”  (October 2007 still in circulation)

  – Colon Cancer, 1978, Al Schaefer
 When Al learned that he had colon cancer in 1978 he immediately sought treatment at a Gerson Therapy hospital.  Al witnessed his wife’s death from breast cancer years before and was determined not to pursue conventional therapies for his own disease.  Although it took two years for his liver to begin functioning properly, Al regained his health.  More than twenty years later, Al is the energetic producer of his own cable access program.  Last contacted 2004.

– Spreading Melanoma, 1978, Beata Bishop
 After a biopsy determined that, she had a metastatic melanoma (Clark’s level 4); Beata had a wide excision biopsy in December 1978 only to have new and larger tumors return witin a year.  Although her physician recommended more surgery, she declined.  Beata began treatment at Gerson Therapy hospital in January of 1981, and now more than seventeen years later, she is completely free of melanoma.  Beata, a former writer of the BBC, is now an active supporter of the Gerson Therapy, giving lectures throughout Europe.  She has even written an excellent book about her experience titled, A Time to Heal.  Last contacted 2004.

– Hodgkins Lymphoma, 1979, Eva Juul-Barre
 In 1979, a tumor on her neck was biopsied and diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease.  Eva declined surgery but had some radiation treatment before traveling to California where a second biopsy confirmed Hodgkins Disease.  While staying with her parents, Eva read Jacquie Davison’s book Cancer Winner.  She immediately began the Gerson treatment and returned to Denmark feeling much better.  In the years that followed, Eva eased off the therapy, later to be diagnosed with endometriosis.  She moved to California with her family, gave birth to her third child and became sick again.  This time Hodgkins Disease was discovered throughout her body and her kidneys were failing.  Eva’s doctor gave her two weeks to live, admitting that chemotherapy would merely prolong her life with a 5-10% chance of survival.  Eva returned to Gerson Therapy, and more than ten years after her “two week” prognosis, Eva is alive, well, and enjoying life with her family.  Last contacted 2004.

– Cervical Cancer, 1983, Dr. Elizabeth Curry
 After Elizabeth’s biopsy results were confirmed by three different pathologists, her physicians recommended a hysterectomy and radiation therapy.  Elizabeth declined and started treatment at a Gerson Therapy hospital in March of 1983.  After recovering from cancer, she gave birth to two healthy babies, which of course would not have been possible had she followed her doctor’s advice.  Today, more than 15 years later, she remains healthy and active.  Last contacted 2004.

– Melanoma, 1988, Julie Hepner
 Julie’s good health ended in 1988 when she was only 22 years old.  A mole was removed from her shoulder and a biopsy determined that she had melanoma.  Over the next four years Julie underwent seven surgeries to remove a lump from her neck, a tumor from her brain, a cyst from her ovary, flesh from her tonsil, and 11 feet of colon.  On each occasion, biopsies found melanoma.  After her colon surgery, Julie began the Gerson Therapy with the help of her mother and regular consultations with Gerson doctors.  Despite a minor setback in 1993, when she moved into a newly painted and carpeted home, Julie has felt “great!”  She has experienced no further recurrences of melanoma and maintains her health on a less intensive Gerson Therapy.  Last contacted 2004.

– Breast Cancer, 1986, Andrea Proudfoot
 Andrea had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for three years when a golf-sized tumor was removed from her breast and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Reluctant to ‘poison’ her body with chemotherapy, Andrea researched alternative options, and in November of 1986, she sought treatment of a Gerson Therapy hospital.  More than twelve years later, she is alive and well.  Despite having been diagnosed with two degenerative diseases, she has outlived three of her High School boyfriends!  Last contacted 2003.

– Prostate and Colon Cancer, 1988, J.C. Raymond
 After a long history of poor health, J.C. became extremely ill when he was in his thirties.  He developed multiple infections in his teeth and gums; he was lethargic and unable to work.  His teeth were extracted and infected tissue was cut from his upper and lower jaws (mercury poisoning).  J.C. felt so bad that he was convinced he was going to die.  With his family’s support J.C. entered a Gerson Therapy hospital in December 1988 where he began a yearlong process of flushing the toxins from his body.  More than ten years later J.C. continues the therapy at home.  He is able to work; he exercises frequently and feels better with each passing day.  Last contacted 2004.

– Recurring Bone Cancer, terminal 1957, Gail Allen Bogue
 In 1956, at age 6, Gail underwent surgery to remove a lump from her leg bone (fibula).  After biopsy, she was diagnosed with giant cell sarcoma.  Within a year, the tumor had returned and she was in great pain.  Her physician told her parents that the condition was terminal, recommending amputation of Gail’s leg, not to control the cancer, but only to reduce her pain.  Gail’s parents refused and she began treatment with Dr. Gerson in June 1957.  In just one week the tumor mass was half its original size and she was nearly free of pain.  She now remains healthy more than forty years later.  Last contacted 2004.

– Spreading Melanoma, 1982, Tom Powers, Jr.
 In March of 1982, Tom noticed a small mole on his right temple that had not been there before.  He had the mole removed and biopsied that same month.  The results showed that it was melanoma (Clark level 4).  After being removed, the mole recurred at the excision site within ten days, including many distant metastases.  His doctor told him that surgery was hopeless.  Tom had watched three of his friends die from melanoma, so he knew what he was up against.  He began the Gerson Therapy in May of 1982, applying only the Gerson Therapy for his treatment.  Tom experienced a complete remission of the disease and went on to have two more children.  Today, more than 16 years later, he is alive and well.  Last contacted 2004. 

– Breast Cancer, 1996, Rose Marie Fox
 Rose Marie was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 1996, and when doctors advised surgery, Rose Marie declined.  Instead, she decided to enter a Gerson Therapy hospital.  Both her daughter and a friend had followed the Gerson Therapy treatment and she had witnessed its positive results.  She is healthy and eager to begin a support group for other Gerson survivors.  Last contacted 2004.

– Prostate Cancer, 1990, Paul Scelsi
 Paul was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October of 1990, at which time his doctors offered him three choices for treatment: Survey, radiation or chemotherapy.  Paul declined all three.  Two months later, he discovered the Gerson Therapy and entered a Gerson Therapy hospital in January of 1991.  Six years after his diagnosis Paul found himself planning to sail through the Mediterranean, and now more than eight years later he is in great health.  Each year Paul undergoes a physical, and not only is he given a clean bill of health, but he shows no signs of cancer.  Last contacted 2004.

– Breast Cancer, 1976, Joan Cleary R.N.
 Joan was diagnosed with carcinoma of the left breast in 1976.  A month later a left breast mastectomy was performed and one year after that a “hard mass” formed in her right breast.  Joan declined surgery, stating, “As an R.N., I cared for many cancer patients who went to the death despite conventional treatments.”  Joan entered a Gerson Therapy hospital in 1977 and then continued the therapy at home.  A year later physicians documented the disappearance of the mass in her right breast.  More than twenty years later, Joan remains in “great” health.  Last contacted 2004.

– Prostate Cancer, 1981, Art McGarry In April of 1981, adenocarcinoma of the prostate was diagnosed and Arthur began the Gerson Therapy at a clinic the same month.  He received ongoing reviews by a past president of the California Medical Association that documented complete remission.  At the same time, Authur’s hypertension, kidney problems spastic colon and herniated discs (on full disability) were also cured.  It has been more than eighteen years since his diagnosis and Arthur continues to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.  Last contacted 2004.

– Melanoma, 1995, Carol Askhew.
 Carol turned to the Gerson Therapy to deal with three different illnesses, beginning with arthritis that had left both her father and sister with multiple hip replacements.  After her father was diagnosed with melanoma, Carol had a biopsy performed on a lesion that had been frozen several times before.  When the results indicated melanoma, Carol entered a Gerson Therapy hospital where she stayed for two weeks.  Then, in December of 1995, a liver biopsy indicated she had Hepatitis C (stage III).  Once again, Carol turned to the Gerson Therapy and her liver enzymes subsequently returned to their normal level, where they remain today.  Carol’s health continues to improve.  Last contacted 2003.

– Spreading Breast Cancer, 1994, Shirley Tice
 After lumps formed in Shirley’s breasts, she had them biopsied.  The results called for surgery to partly remove multiple deep tumors.  Two doctors insisted on mastectomy, and she was told to warn her children that she might not live six months.  Shirley visited a Gerson Therapy hospital and she was impressed by the hopefulness and the positive attitudes of the patients who were pain free without pain drugs.  Today, more than ten years later Shirley is healthy, active and cancer free.  Shirley currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Gerson Institute.  Last contacted 2004.

2.  The Hippocrates Diet
Ann Wigmore –  Hippocrates Institute in Boston
 The first major cancer patient healed by Ann Wigmore’s Living Foods diet was Eydie Mae Hunsberger who had breast cancer.  Her surgeon told her “You have an 80% chance to live one year and a maximum life expectancy of five years.”  After a lumpectomy, the cancer had spread to other tissues in 1973.  She went on the Living Foods program and wheatgrass under Dr. Ann Wigmore’s supervision and two years later, she wrote the book, “How I Conquered Cancer Naturally”.   The book was successful and brought many others to the Hippocrates Institute in Boston.   Other testimonies could be given but this is all since the Boston Institute is no longer in operation.

In the book, Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine, by Steve Meyerowitz, he cites people that were healed with wheatgrass and a Living Foods diet.
Brain Tumor, 1999, Pastor Lindsey Robinson, PA.
Breast Cancer, 1972, Janice Stem, Canada
Colon Cancer, 1996, Michael Claener, Canada
Throat Cancer, 1989, Edward Brown, CA.
Cancer, 1999, Cathleen Peters, NC
Breast Cancer, 1996, Anne-Marie Baker, FL
Bladder Cancer, 1999, Dorothy Naylor, FL
Colon, Lymph and Liver Cancer, 1995, Gary Garrett, FL
Melanoma, 1997, Neva Whetzel, Singers Glen, VA
Caner of the Throat, Alimentary Canal and Melanoma, Ruth Williams, GA
Lymphatic Cancer, 1998, Dennis Lampro, IL
Prostate Cancer, 1998, Bill Nasdy, FL
Several other Hippocrates Health Institutes also continue but changed their names: The Creative Health Institute, formally Ann Wigmore’s Hippocrates Institute of the Midwest; Optimum Health Institute has two facilities, one in San Diego and one in Austin.   These Institutes have testimonials of cancer healings.  Other Institutes utilize the approach by Dr. Ann Wigmore.

Brenda Cobb – Living Foods Institute, Atlanta, Georgia
 Brenda Cobb is a follower of Dr. Ann Wigmore’s Hippocrates Diet and has a list of testimonials in her book, Living Foods Lifestyle (2003).    Each testimonial is a page or two in her book here only the healing title she used is listed.  If listed, the date listed is when they started living foods and their age and where.

Brenda Cobb had a major healing herself when she changed to Living Foods: tumors, weight loss 75 lbs., eyesight improvement, depression vanished, PMS stopped, arthritis went away, skin improved, slept soundly without having to get up to go to the bathroom, etc.

• Prostate Cancer, 1999, Gene Lowe, Georgia.
• Uterine/ Cervical Cancer, 1979, Marcia Jones, Georgia.
• Cancer/ Joint pain/ Lyphedema, Connie Copeland, GA.
• Mixed Tumor Adenoma, Susan AHL Piper, GA.
• Breast Cancer, 2000, Shirley Hightower, GA.
Brian Clement  –  The Hippocrates Institute, West Palm Beach, FL.
 Brian Clement has in his magazine “Hippocrates Health Institute” magazine (2006, vol. 27, Issue 1), two testimonies of people healed of cancer.   Other testimonials are found in other issues of the magazine. The first is a pancreatic cancer testimonial by Samantha Young who had a diagnosis of death (terminal) from her cancer (late nineties) and pulled through from their help.  The second is a testimony of a healing from cervical cancer (1985) by Annalisa Cummings.  In the spring 2009 issue (Vol.29, Issue 1); several healed cancer patients are listed: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Sherrie Clark, 2006; Prostate Cancer, David Long (Feb. 2001); Gastric Adenoma Carcinoma, Adele Wyrtzen (May 2007); Renal Cell Carcinoma, Michael Lanning (June 2006); Ovarian Cancer, Anne Gonzaleze (April 2008).  Healed from Stage four cancer twice, Fiona Shakeela Burns, (2008).

In his book: Living Foods for Optimum Health, is a section: Breast Cancer: A Journey to Health, by Rachel Budnick:

My health crisis started in May of 1988.  I was not feeling well and one morning I woke up to discover that something itched in my breast.  I scratched it and felt a little ball.  I called my doctor and made an appointment for the same day.  I had previously had many benign cysts and my New York doctor would remove the fluid by injection.  However, I had recently moved to Chicago and had an interim doctor who said I had to go for a mammogram.

The technicians took many pictures, and the nurse looked grim.  When I asked what was wrong, the radiologist said he could not tell me, but that I should have had a mammogram years ago.  This was the very beginning of my saga.

When I decided to go back to my doctor in New York, my Chicago physician gave me a sealed note with the word “Personal” written on the outside.  I opened the note and found out that he thought the lump was malignant.

The New York doctor said I had to go for another mammogram, so I did, thinking maybe that the first one had been wrong.  He removed the fluid from the lump and sent it to the lab to be tested.  The results came back positive.  Then my doctor said I should go for a biopsy. I went back to Chicago and found a doctor I trusted at the University of Chicago who did the biopsy.   A few days later, he gave me the final word: the lump was malignant; I had something called infiltrated ductile carcinoma.

He said I should have a mastectomy.  First, I went to other specialists for second and third opinions, but they all told me the same thing.  One specialist at Northwestern University even suggested that since the cancer  had infiltrated the entire breast, I would be wise to have both breasts removed at the same time and save myself a second trip to the hospital!  Reconstructive plastic surgery was also recommended.
 I had found the lump in the beginning of May.  Within two weeks, I had had the biopsy, and a week later, I was scheduled to go in for surgery.  I was told that when the growth is exposed to air it grows much faster (which is why they like to operate soon after the biopsy).  It is true.   From a pea-sized growth, my lump grew to the size of my fist.

That is when I started looking for an alternative.  I called all over the world.  I tried to contact people who had some experience in alternative ways of dealing with cancer because I was looking for someone who would not insist on surgery.  However, I could not find anyone to talk to who had survived breast cancer without surgery.  Therefore, I decided I was going to be a pioneer.  Finally, a few days before my scheduled surgery, I found the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida.  I called and said I wanted to come down right away.  I had made up my mind.

Meanwhile, friends and do-gooders called to wish me luck with my surgery and were shocked to hear about my decision.  “What are you doing?”  They yelled.  They were absolutely certain I was committing suicide.  However, I just soon discovered that even five weeks is just a drop in the bucket.  I was really sick.  I was extremely stressed out, and I had a lot of detoxing to do.  It was tough, but within the first fourteen days, the tumor began to shrink.  When I left the institute, I was on my way, but it took a long time.  Recovery is a gradual process.  Five months later, I returned to Hippocrates for another visit.  In the sixth month, the tumor was completely gone.
 I started feeling better very gradually.  I would have a few good hours out of a week.  Then I graduated to feeling normal one day a week, and eventually the number of good days outnumbered the bad.

I also benefited from the Hippocrates Program in other ways besides ridding myself of cancer.  My energy level is now much higher, my skin improved tremendously, my hair has almost doubled in volume, my nails are stronger, and my skin tone is much, much better.  I still continue the program religiously and remain cancer-free years after my first visit.”

3.  The pH Miracle Diet
 Taken from the pH miracle website (2007) are a few healings of cancer.
 …I then found a large lump in the front of my neck. Doctors thought for sure it was probably just a benign tumor because I was so young.  It was not… it was Thyroid cancer. They removed it… a few lymph nodes that it had spread to and my entire thyroid.  I then underwent radiation treatment.  They were sure this large dose would kill off the rest of the cancer that they could not get to. It did not….I went back to get my cancer checked on after 60 days… (It used to be 44) it has gone from a seven DOWN to a 2.6! [CSA?]  I have never had it that low since they first found my cancer in 1997. Even after all the radiation treatments, it had never been that low.  Thank you SuperGreens!!!! I am spreading the word.  I would absolutely LOVE everyone to feel as great as I do! I finally have my life back!      

Brandi Bornschein
 Through a recommendation, I received a call from a woman whose husband had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer at Sloan Kettering Hospital in NY and was told that his bladder and prostate had to be removed ‘immediately.’ They did remove a tumor from his bladder and described it as high-grade cancerous.  He lost some weight, gained more energy, and felt less depressed, but was still daunted by the prospect of what would come.  At his first exam, the new doctor at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in NY gave him some good news.  

He said the bladder had to be removed but he believed the prostate did not.  He did do a biopsy and removed another cancerous tumor on the bladder.  On the day we met in Fort Lauderdale, Nov. 20, he had an appointment to see the doctor for some pre-op testing.  Just as I was leaving NY, I received a call from his wife who was at the hospital and could not stop crying.  I asked what the matter was.  She struggled to tell me that the doctor had just this minute come back into the room where she was waiting and somewhat befuddled said he found no trace of cancer in her husband’s bladder.  He remarked, “I must have made a mistake.”    

Peace and Light, Hal Goodman
 As background, last June, I did go to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and it was recommended that I have a lumpectomy and do chemotherapy, radiation and drugs.  After serious thought, I decided to do a different approach: your complete program of alkalizing and energizing my body.  When you did my blood work at the retreat, we were able to see the improvement in my cells: many rounds, healthy red blood cells and very little yeast present.

Now I have this wonderful news to relate to you: This past Friday, my doctor called to tell me the results of my AMAS test.  His words, ‘Great news, you have NO cancer cells’, and he repeated, ‘No cancer cells’!   I was ecstatic!!!

Last Wednesday I had an AMAS Test (Anti-Malignancy Antibody Screen for all types of cancer); a test developed by Dr. Samuel Bogoch, a Harvard-trained research neurochemist and that has double-blind clinical trials. (In addition, this test is 95% accurate on the first take and 99% accurate when repeated.)   If one is AMAS, test level is in the range of 1 to 99 that is good. If it is in the range of 100 to 135, one needs to pay attention. If the range is above 135, then it is very serious.  My range is 17!  Which is phenomenal!!!
 Alkalizing my body made complete sense to me.  Thank you again, Dr. Young for the new life that I now have, a life filled with joy, love and wellness. I remain grateful!     Love and blessings,     Dorothy Torrey
 March 18th, 2004, I received some fabulous medical news that to me PROVES that Super Greens really works!  This is a long testimony, so please bear with me.

I am a Woman Veteran and receive most of my Medical care at the Minneapolis VA Hospital Women’s Clinic.  I was told over 10 years ago that I have a condition called HPV ( Human Papilloma Virus ).  It has been known to cause cancer of the cervix; vulva; vagina; penis; and anus… according to my medical book. (Yes, guys, you can get it too! )   In 1995, they did a cone bioposy of my cervix… with abnormal cells found present. For years, I have been diagnosed as HIGH RISK HPV for pre-cancer of the cervix. Although I must admit, I never realized that is what they called it until yesterday. Doctors do not always tell you everything.

In July 2003, I was re-tested, and the test results came back as HIGH RISK HPV. Now, I also want you to know that I had only been on the Super Greens barely a month, so they did not have enough time to really kick in yet. HOWEVER, BETWEEN JULY 2003 AND MARCH 2004, my Super Greens took over, and really started making some changes that became VERY noticeable yesterday.  My Doctor started out by telling me that I was considered HIGH RISK FOR HPV. My heart just sank… and I was very discouraged. THEN she told me that there WAS something positive. I HAD BEEN HIGH RISK………. NOW I WAS LOW RISK! I was so stunned, I went into a pleasant shock and had to have her repeat that and explain it to me.

 Taken from Dr. Robert Young’s books on the pH Miracle.
Medically Diagnosed Breast Cancer Breast Cancer
 This case is a woman in her forties with medically diagnosed breast cancer.  One of the tumors was the size of a golf ball.  In the first picture, there are very large polymerizations of proteins, with a high concentration of sialic acid beads inside the protein puddlies.  

This is an indication of causative degeneration of the breast tissue, or Stage 4 cancer.  The second picture was taken three months later, after dietary changes and nutritional supplementation.  We can see a drastic reduction in protein polymerization and no evidence of sialic acid beads.  Again, this is an indication of healing and building.  According to a report to this individual from her doctor, the tumor is all but gone, and she has expressed renewed energy and strength.

Medically Diagnosed Thyroid Tumor
 This case was a male in his fifties with a medically diagnosed thyroid tumor.  The size of the tumor was approximately 25.4 mm.  In the first two pictures, one can see the radial pattern of the protein polymerization, which looks like the spokes of a wheel.  This pattern is an indication of mineral deficiencies (calcium) and thyroid/parathyroid imbalance (also conclusive for abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood).  The third and fourth pictures were taken three weeks later, after dietary changes and nutritional supplementation.  These pictures show no radial pattern of the polymerization of proteins.  The tumor measured less than 6 mm.

Overcoming Bladder Cancer
 As you know, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, a tumor of about 4 centimeters, in August 1998.  The results showed a stage III or a possible stage IV Transitional Cell Carcinoma.  There was much concern by the medical doctors that the malignant tumor could have spread to nearby lymph nodes and may have extruded through the bladder wall.  In addition, the tumor had blocked the right ureter opening to the bladder from the kidney.  A stent (tube) had to be inserted into the back, into the kidney, down through the urethra and into the bladder so the kidney could function and my blood pressure could return to a more normal state.

This led to my referral to an oncologist, or cancer specialist, in the medical profession.  I underwent about two months of chemotherapy in November and December 1998.  My negative reaction was so severe the doctor decided to discontinue the chemotherapy.  My wife said she thought I was going to die.  The doctor then ordered another round of MRI to see if the tumor had shrunk or changed.  It had not.  The doctor said he was not encouraged by the results and set about another course of chemotherapy to set the stage for radical surgery to have the bladder removed.  Needless to say, all this was very discomforting.  My wife and I then set out to research alternative methods of combating cancer.

My twin sister and brother-in-law, who live in American Fork, had already made contact with you because of my brother-in-law’s prostate cancer.  I received information about your research and the InnerLight program.  During the last week of December 1998, my wife and I drove to Utah to meet with you and undergo the first blood examination and consultation.  The experience was uplifting and encouraging, although you said I had a long way to go to change my body chemistry from the high degree of toxicity and acidity to a more balanced alkaline level.  My blood cells were a mess from years of eating garbage and ignoring good health.  You started me on the mostly vegetable diet with lots of InnerLight supplements to keep the body chemistry in balance.

After returning to my home in California, I began the 10-day fast, drinking only distilled water, with Prime pH added, three to four liters of SuperGreens a day, plus all the other InnerLight supplements.  This fast was accompanied by different soups set forth in the InnerLight program.  My wife and I purchased a juicer and began juicing green vegetables each day for me to drink.  I continued juicing every day.  To my surprise, the fast was not that bad.  After 10 days, I began eating some of the varying vegetable meals suggested in the InnerLight program.  It was amazing how good that food tasted after the 10-day fast.  I resolved to be very strict about following the program to the letter.  This was a radical change from my former diet, but I was determined to beat the cancer.

In the meantime, I had informed the medical doctors of my decision to embrace the Innerlight program and it was agreed that we could monitor any possible growth of the tumor by intermittent MRI’s.  My family and friends thought I was crazy.  I took some abuse from them in my resolve to continue.  One of my best friends said he is “killing himself.”  During the ensuing weeks, my wife and I had many tearful discussions as to which path to follow, continue the InnerLight program, or have the bladder surgically removed.  I was steadfast.  I would not vary my commitment to see the InnerLight program through.

The first two months of the program.  I lost between 15 to 20 pounds, but felt more energy than I had experienced in years.  My family and friends really thought I had lost my mind, considering the weight loss, as I was only 165 pounds before the program.  However, I felt better each week, more energy, clearer thinking.  Obviously, the effects of the chemotherapy were dissipating, making things easier.  I knew that I was doing the right thing.

At the end of Feb. 1999, I had my second visit with you at the Alpine offices.  My blood examination indicated considerable improvement.  The cell structure showed more continuity and indications were that we were beating the cancer, but that I had to remain resolute in following the program.  We were not finished.  I was greatly encouraged and my wife and I found renewed commitment to follow your words.  We returned to California and continued eating vegetables and taking all the supplements.
 During this time, I continued to undergo MRI examinations to monitor any tumor growth.  On one occasion, the doctor found a spot on my L2 vertebra and a biopsy of the spine was ordered.  Very uncomfortable procedure, but no cancer.  At this point, we were about three months into the program.  No signs of any spread of cancer, as you had predicted, feeling better all the time, and becoming even more convinced this InnerLight program was the ONLY answer.  I continued talking with my oncologist, and he consistently suggested removal of the bladder by surgery.  I was very opposed to that procedure, especially since I knew your program was working.

The Last week of April 1999, I again traveled to Utah to meet with you.  The blood test suggested that things were going very well, and you stated that I had made some remarkable changes in my body chemistry and that there were no signs of the cancer spreading, that it was contained and going away.  I discussed my pending surgical procedure with you, another cystoscopy, scheduled for May 6, 1999.  You intimated the results would likely show no cancer because of my progress with the program.
 I met with the surgeon 10 days before the surgery and told him of my work with you and the InnerLight program.  He was skeptical and said the bladder was in such bad shape, as seen by the earlier cystoscopy; it was unlikely the tumor could be removed by this procedure.  

He was wrong.  Not only had the tumor shrunk, it was suspended on a stalk to the bladder wall, unlike the previous indications of full attachment.  The opening to the urethra was clear and the entire tumor was removed along with the stent.  Other sections of the muscle tissue of the bladder were taken for pathology exams, and the urether was examined all the way to the kidney.  The pathology report indicated no cancer in the bladder whatsoever and only remnants of the carcinomas in the degenerated tumor.  WE HAD WON!  However, why did I need the confirmation of this surgery to tell me that?  I already knew.

Today I received a call from the surgeon inquiring about my condition as I had not communicated, but only because I needed to catch my breath.  I said everything was going normal, still a bit of bleeding and some clots.  Most of the pain has gone.  He then suggested the REMOVAL OF THE BLADDER for what he called “cure”.  Mmmmmm.  I said I was opposed to that and would contact my oncologist as he suggested for any follow-up discussion.  I suppose I will monitor the bladder, just to humor myself and the medical doctors, by continued intermittent MRI’s.

I am indeed grateful to you and your staff for your care and all the research you, Dr. Young, have done and the accomplishments that have ensured.  I have talked with other cancer patients about the program as well as others of poor health.  It amazes me that people are sometimes so narrow in their view that they will not change their dietary routine to accomplish good health, or overcome cancer.

4.  The Raw Family Diet
 Victoria Boutenko’s book:  Green for Life, gives their green smoothie oriented diet.   The Raw Family are one of the most well known and loved raw families in the U.S.  They are pioneers in the raw field.  Victoria, her husband Igor, and their children Valya, and Sergei, were healed from  Victoria had arrhythmia, or an irregular heartbeat, her legs were constantly swollen from edema.  Igor had progressive hyperthyroidism and chronic rheumatoid arthritis.  Valya was born with asthma and allergies and would often cough heavily all through the night.  Sergei was diagnosed with juvenile type 1 diabetes.  All were healed on their 100% raw diet.  They have described the detailed story of our miraculous healing in our book, Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening.”  

    A testimonial from the Raw Family’s following.    Reversing Pancreatic Cancer

I am a middle school teacher of English in Taipei, Taiwan, with a very stressful life.  As a result of my annual physical exam, I was told that I had pancreatic cancer, as the CE190  test came at a level of 40.  Normal is 33.  I felt scared and did not want to die.  I have two daughters who are still in school and entirely depend on me.  Instead of taking a traditional medical way, I tried drinking wheatgrass juice, but I could not tolerate the taste at all.  I began to eat raw fruits and vegetables and stopped eating meat and dairy products.  After three months, I was again tested. 

The test again came out with a level of 40.  Doctors told me that my cancer was not progressing, but it was also not diminishing.  Then I read Victoria’s book and learned about green smoothies.  I began drinking 16 ounces of the green smoothies daily, and they became a regular part of my daily diet.  I usually used orange juice as liquid, added a banana, and pineapple or mango.  The green was parsley, sunflower sprouts, romaine lettuce and young pea sprouts.  After another three months, when I returned to do my follow up check-up, the CE190 test showed a level of 28, better than normal!  I believe that the green smoothies saved my life!    S. Chiao, Taiwan 

 5.  The Alleluia Diet
 The Six Sigma Nutrition approach is based on living foods technology and designed for use by the health profession community.  The Alleluia is built upon the foundation of raw vegan diets, living foods and fasting and faith, it is the same as Six Sigma, and very similar to the Hallelujah diet.  As noted, this book is built upon Six Sigma Nutrition.   

Nurse, summer 2005, Maine
 The summer of 2005, I met a nurse, married with two children who lived near me. She had cancer and I started talking to her about the diets that could heal cancer.  Finally, she decided to try it since the doctors kept telling her the cancer was growing and that she needed to have her breast removed.  After a month of the diet, juicing and coffee enemas, she went in for tests for the cancer.  For the first time in six months, the cancer had slowed down and possibly stopped!  Alleluia!  She had to move out of the summer rental near the beach so I lost track of her.  However, I sent her onto the Gerson Institute for further help.

Two other testimonials will be mentioned though not cancer related.  The spring of 2008, a woman read my fasting book went on a 12-day juice fast and cleared up a shoulder pain that no doctor or treatment ever helped heal.  She probably had some kind of toxin or poison logged into her shoulder and the fast flushed it out.

Anne Marie, a registered dietician, in the spring of 2008 changed her diet to the Alleluia diet and went on a 7-day juice fast and later a 9-day juice fast.  After two months, her migraine headaches were gone and her lifetime stomach problems with acid-reflux were gone.  She tried every type of drug, treatment and even surgery to correct the acid-reflux problem.  After four months her gastrointestinal doctor/ specialist graduated her, said she did not need to come back and that very few people graduate!  During that time, her allergies almost totally cleared up and her asthma reduced itself significantly.  Alleulia!

Fasting for starving cancer to death.
 The few fasting institutes that are in the U.S. do not openly promote their patients being healed of cancer for fear of the authorities coming in and stopping them: chemo, radiation and surgery are the official methods accepted by the medical societies and others in medicine in the U.S.  One fasting Institute in California tried to publish a study of fasting used in healing, in one of the AMA’s journals and the AMA came in and had them closed down.  They open up under a different name and published the major study in a journal of natural-o-pathic medicine.  Thus, fasting literature or studies are very few.

Breuss Cancer Cure – Testimonials and Letters of Thanks
 In Europe, cancer patients who went on Juice fasting to cure the cancer have many witnesses and testimonials, but unfortunately, many of these are not translated to English.

A juice fasting cancer cure promoted by the Alleluia diet and Six Sigma nutrition is the Breuss cancer cure.  The following names are a few of the many testimonials in the form of letters of thanks from former patients who confirm their healing successes, found in the book; The Breuss Cancer Cure.  The complete letters are edited out for space.

Intestinal Cancer – Josef Radler, December 1, 1971
“On the 35th day the cancer cleared.  Many thanks to Our Blessed Lady, the Virgin Mary, who helped me, find Mr. Breuss and to Mr. Breuss, whose advice and selfless devotion has aided my complete recovery.”  Fasting treatment completed in 1964; died on January 8, 1985 of heart failure.

Cancer of Larynx  –  December 7, 1972
Despite my 72 years, I felt like my old self again.
Breast Cancer – Maria Nesenshon, January 20, 1973
“After 42 days the cancer growth had gone and has never reappeared to this day.”

Still healthy, January 1986
Kidney Cancer  –  M.H., January 23, 1973
University tests showed she had kidney cancer, which was removed but then a tumor on the right lung was found.  “After four weeks of Mr. Breuss’ treatment I had to visit the radiologist again, who confirmed that the tumor was now only the size of a small rice corn.  As I ended the treatment after a further four weeks, I had to visit the radiologist once again.  All that could be seen was a scar.  This was all medically confirmed.”  This woman still feels very well in 1986

Lump in the Breast – Mrs. G.S., February 7, 1973
“After three weeks of the juice treatment the growth began to change and after six weeks of the treatment it had completely disappeared.  My doctor was amazed and told me that the growth was so large that I would have undergone a complete mastectomy.”  In 1985, everything is still excellent.
Cancer of the Lip – Peter Seehuber, 1973
After four weeks, we began to see results.  Five weeks later, my lip had healed and the lumps had completely disappeared.
Abdominal Cancer – T.S., April 30, 1975

This lady still feels well in 1986.
Cancer of the Stomach and Intestines – Olga Marte, August 18, 1975
Diagnosed with cancer of the stomach and intestines and about to go into surgery she went on the fast with another cancer patient Mr. Josef Fend another stomach cancer patient.  “After 42 days the cancer discharged itself through the bowels and the same thing happened to Mr. Josef Fend.  After the treatment, the X-rays showed no sign of cancer.”
Now, in 1986, Mrs. Marte is still in excellent health.

Breast Cancer – H.S., fall 1977
Still in very good health in 1986.
Uterine Cancer – Elfriede Sommer, December 28, 1981
Christmas greeting December 14, 1985 received.
Lymphatic Cancer (Hodgkin’s disease) – Silvia Martina, September 6, 1982
“Six years ago doctors confirmed that I was in the advanced stages of lymphatic cancer and that I had only three months to live. … I started the juice and tea treatment at once.  After four weeks, I went to my doctor for a blood test.  After the test, I went home laughing and crying.  The blood test was better than any other.”

6.  The Hallelujah Diet
 The Hallelujah diet was started by a Rev. George Malkamus who had a large tumor and he went on a 100% raw vegan diet for a year and the large tumor went away.  Back in the early 1980’s he built his Hallelujah diet to be very similar to the Gerson diet, which he was familiar with.  Irregardless of whether he had cancer, (he was not treated by a doctor who followed it, he just decided not to go the medical route since his mother died of cancer) his raw vegan diet has helped him and thousands of people.  Most of these cancer patients were involved with medical doctors for their cancer and thus confirmed that the cancer was real and that it went away.  

The following testimonials are of people used the diet to put the cancer either into remission or they were completely healed.

When this chapter on the testimonials for the Hallelujah diet was first compiled from the web it was 15 pages long.  That was too much for this book so it was edited down to five pages, many of the witnesses were left out and some edited down.  The complete list of healings from cancer can be found on their website.

In Rev. Malkamus’ first book on the Hallelujah Diet back in 1995, his chapter on Testimonials includes some great witnesses as to what a raw vegan diet can do.   Jim Allen, was diagnosed with kidney cancer at age 71 and three doctors told him his left kidney would have to be removed.  Jim changed his diet and his body healed the cancer.  He still has both of his kidneys, and no sign of cancer.

The following are some testimonials on the Halleluiah Acres web site, letters written concerning healing’s received.  Hallelujah!  This is a selection of various testimonies that can be read on their website (hacres.com).  The great number of healings from cancer through a raw vegan diet indicates that it really works, despite with medical institutions say, and if a study were ever done on these numbers, it would prove that it works!

11/11/2008  –   “Until I was diagnosed with invasive ducal carcinoma insitu (breast cancer) on January 3, 2008, I had always considered myself very healthy. When diagnosed I was very surprised, but ready to follow the world’s treatments, that is until God stepped in and led me to the Hallelujah Acres website, I adopted The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle, and the rest is history. I did allow a lumpectomy in April, but refused radiation, chemotherapy, and Tamoxifen. After being on The Hallelujah Diet for only two months, lab reports came back negative – no cancer could be found. HALLELUJAH!”      

Lorrie H. lives in New York
11/11/2008  –  “I initially began the Hallelujah Diet after learning I had a mass the size of an egg in my breast. … Four weeks after beginning the diet, I had an appointment with the medical team. When they examined me, they found the large mass had reduced to the size of a dime, and within the next two weeks, it had totally disappeared. The doctors were totally amazed.”  Deborah D. works in the Medical Field, and lives in Washington, Pennsylvania

11/6/2008 – “The GOOD NEWS occurred five years ago at the age of 79,  … major ailments – including angina, prostate troubles, and colon cancer.  … I went on The Hallelujah Acres Diet, and today, five years after making the diet change and at the age of 84, I have no angina pain and no more cancer.

11/6/2008  –  “Five years ago, at the age of 37, after having experienced irregular pap smears for years prior, my gynecologist told me that I had carcinoma insitu (cancer), level 3, in my cervix, and that it had spread to the surrounding areas.  AFTER ONLY ONE MONTH of doing the diet perfectly, with a focus on drinking lots of fresh vegetable juices every day, my doctor did a biopsy that revealed that the carcinoma was no longer present and that the cells in my cervix were only moderately dysplastic.  AFTER FIVE MONTHS ON THE DIET, my doctor diagnosed me as being completely well.”

3/26/2008  –  Ed had STOMACH CANCER and the doctors were telling him he must have surgery and chemotherapy. He did neither, but rather adopted The Hallelujah Diet the very next day after attending your seminar. WITHIN 3 MONTHS THE CANCER WAS IN A ‘PRE-CANCEROUS’ STAGE AND A LATER PET SCAN FOUND NO CANCER IN HIS BODY.

10/8/20007  –  I am 72 years (young) and had been diagnosed with LEUKEMIA 9-years ago, just before adopting The Hallelujah Diet.  TODAY MY CANCER IS IN REMISSION and my oncologist says that she wished she had the time to eat the way I do.

9/5/2007  –  “My story begins in October 2000 when I was diagnosed with MALIGNANT MELANOMA CANCER on my shoulder. The doctor told my wife and me to take a trip, because people with MALIGNANT MELANOMAS don’t live very long.  In November 2000 I had surgery to remove the melanoma.  During that surgery they took a big chunk of my shoulder. Several weeks later I was diagnosed with NON-HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA.

Thankfully, the oncologist said he would wait a bit before giving me chemotherapy.  We prayed that God would give us a better answer then chemotherapy, and in answer to that prayer, in February 2001, a friend came by and told us about The Hallelujah Diet.  Both Judy and I immediately went on the diet 100%. WHEN I MADE MY NEXT VISIT TO MY ONCOLOGIST, MY DOCTOR WAS AMAZED AT HOW WELL I WAS LOOKING AND INFORMED ME THAT MY BLOOD WORK WAS GREAT.  My oncologist continues to monitor my blood to this day and now believes it was The Hallelujah Diet, along with God, that restored my health. Judy and I have a friend who had stage 4 NON-HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA, she refused all medical treatments, adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and is monitored by my oncologist, because her first oncologist wouldn’t have anything to do with her unless she agreed to chemo and radiation.

In fact, her first oncologist said she would die quickly without his treatments.  BUT SHE DIDN’T DIE, BUT RATHER WENT ON THE HALLELUJAH DIET, AND HAS BEEN LIVING HEALTHILY FOR 7-YEARS NOW.  We met her 4 years ago. 

7/24/2007 –  I had stage IV breast cancer, that had gone to my bones with only 6 months to 2 years to live.  I changed my diet and went 199% on the program. … I am now 5 years and 7 months down the road from terminal cancer.  I don’t even take an aspirin.  Praise God.

   7/24/2007  –   In June of 2004, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  One week later, I had my annual mammogram and a golf-ball sized mass showed up…. Within one week [of starting the Hallelujah diet] my glucose level was totally controlled.  I have never had to begin those insulin injections!  I recently had a 6 month follow-up mammogram.  

The golf-ball sized mass is gone, except for a tiny dot, half the size of a small pea!  My doctor was very confused, but thrilled!  Before this program, I had many other medical issues, serious issues, but I was only concerned with the diabetes and the mass.  What happened in the following month was totally unexpected, but truly an answered prayer!  My palpitations and chest pains stopped!  Severe reflux went away!  Deep depression, gone!  I was able to discontinue three of the four arthritis medications, the worst ones!  I have discontinued an entire box of medications: Cardizem, Inderal, Prevacid, Nexium, Zolft, Vicodin, Vioxx and Methatrexate.  

Nor more antibiotics!  I have more energy than I have had in 30 years.   HALLELUJAH!  God is Great!  His blessings are bountiful!

7/24/2007  –  I am a 58 year old woman who had ovarian cancer five years ago.  After having the tumor removed, cancer cells were still in my abdomen, … I read “God’s Way To Ultimate Health”, went on the diet “cold turkey” and eliminated the cancer cells in three months time.

7/10/2007  –  This letter is from Emy, who lives in Oxnard California: “In May 2006 I was diagnosed with BREAST CANCER. … In June 2006, our entire family, including my two children, my mom and dad, as well as my husband and myself, adopted The Hallelujah Diet.  … after a year on The Hallelujah Diet, THE LUMP IN MY BREAST HAS SHRUNK.”

4/18/2007  –  This letter was sent in by Betty, who lives in Portage, Maine: Hi Dr. Malkmus, Six years ago I was diagnosed with three tumors in my breast, then the cancer spread to my lungs, then to my head, and finally to my thyroid. … Since making the diet change, I have LOST 75-POUNDS, THE CANCER HAS NOT REAPPEARED IN MY BREAST, LUNGS OR HEAD, AND THE THYROID CANCERS (3 lobes bio in Boston) HAVE NOW GONE DOWN TO 2 LOBES AND 1 OF THE 2 REMAINING IS SMALLER THAN IN NOVEMBER 2006. … I was 44 years old when I was first diagnosed with cancer and I’m now 50, and work 40-plus hours each week.”

3/19/2007  –  “I was diagnosed with PROSTATE CANCER in 2003. After rejecting the medical route, I initially followed the Gerson Plan for a while, but soon switched to The Hallelujah Diet. As a result of making that diet change, by November 2005, I was CANCER FREE”  Richard, Fullerton, California

3/1/2007  –  In the summer of 2006, … the doctors told me I had MULTIPLE MYELOMA (MM), a cancer of the plasma cells. I had a round of chemo followed by 3 weeks of steroids. It was awful!  … adopted The Hallelujah Diet. Amazingly, at my 2-week chemo follow-up, my hemoglobin was normal, to the amazement of the doctor. Praise God! My blood work continued to improve, my pain diminished, and my back quickly healed. …  Monthly blood work continues to show my IGG numbers, an indicator of cancer activity, to be normal. It had been initially over 4,000, but is now around 1400. This has amazed my oncologist who told me the numbers should have gone back up and this was the first time he had ever seen someone beat MM through diet.”

2/9/2007  –  Arleen writes: “I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for almost three years now.  Within less than a year after starting the diet, my LEUKEMIA went into remission and has been in remission ever since.  I believe the Lord has healed me through this diet.  The doctors still can’t understand how I went into remission without chemotherapy.  In fact, they were so distraught; they did a bone marrow test.  The bone marrow was as clean and pure as that of a newborn baby!  God is good!  Thank you!”

1/19/2007  –  “ … September 2, 2006, we immediately started on The Hallelujah Diet.  My husband has NON HODGINS LYMPHOMA and I have had BREAST CANCER.  Since making the diet change, my husband has been receiving great reports from his doctor regarding his lymph nodes.  Our CHOLESTEROL and TRIGLYCERIDES have lowered considerably. 

12/13/2006  –  This testimony comes from Health Minister and Attorney Samuel Erickson, a Harvard Law School graduate and the founder of Advocates International, a global network linking 30,000 lawyers, judges and scholars in over 140 nations on six continents. In 1999, Sam was diagnosed with massive Bladder Cancer, the cancer doctors told him there was only a 60% survival rate going the medical route, but that his cancer was 20 times worse than the typical, and they gave him only months to live.  

My cancer appeared to shrink as long as I stuck with the lifestyle (Hallelujah Diet). . . As we continued with the lifestyle, the doctor would say, ‘Whatever you’re doing, bottle it and sell it.’  In January 2004, the doctor scoped my bladder and reported seeing only one small superficial tumor.   Five years earlier I had the largest mass of bladder cancer he had ever seen . . . now it appears that my bladder cancer is leaving the stage. Thank you, God.

7/5/2006  –  Stage IV Breast Cancer survivor with distant metastasis to the bones, with a prognosis of 6 months to 2 years to live, now celebrating over 4 years of excellent health on the Hallelujah Diet.

7/5/2006  –  I am a 57 year old woman who went on a HA diet 17 months ago, after being diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the breast.  I refused surgery, radiation, and chemo and 15 months later they couldn’t find any cancer with a mammogram and manual exams by an Oncologist. I am so grateful to God and HA.

2/14/2006  –  “When I found out that I had LUNG CANCER, just one year after my wife had died from lung cancer following radiation treatments, I was devastated. Surgery removed my tumor, but they found the cancer had metastasized. I told the oncologist I didn’t want any treatments, because I had seen too many people suffer and often die from the chemotherapy. One of the nurses who attended me told me about The Hallelujah Diet, … Well, after just 3 months of sticking to The Hallelujah Diet 100%, a CAT scan showed ‘NO NEW TUMORS.’  I knew I was fighting for my life, so I continued sticking very closely to the diet. After 6 months on the diet, another scan showed ‘ABSOLUTELY NO SIGN OF ANY CANCER.’”

8/18/2005  –  I was diagnosed with a rare form of LEUKEMIA in 2002.  My doctors told me that I had about 5-years to live and that, unfortunately, there was no effective treatment for my leukemia.   … In March 2004, … I immediately embraced The Hallelujah Diet. I made certain modifications to it however. That is, I virtually eliminated all sugars, including those found in fruits and their juices. I began juicing twice a day, primarily dark leafy-green organic vegetables mixed with organic carrots. 

WITHIN FOUR MONTHS I FELT UNUSUALLY HEALTHY. I DIDN’T FEEL WEAK OR FATIGUED. MY DEPRESSION DISAPPEARED.  … When I went to the doctor that week, he told me that there was something odd in my blood test/flow cytometry.  I was concerned!  He then told me that he COULDN’T FIND THE LEUKEMIA!  He wanted me to have another bone marrow biopsy, but I wasn’t ready. (I had already had two in the past, and the results of the second were worse than the first.)  I told him that I wanted to wait a little longer.  He agreed.  Four months later he insisted that I have the biopsy, because again, MY BLOOD SHOWED NO SIGNS OF CANCER. 

This time I said ‘yes.’  Two weeks later I had my third bone marrow biopsy.  A week later the doctor called me to his office and told me THAT THERE WERE NO SIGNS OF LEUKEMIA IN MY BONE MARROW! TEARY EYED I PRAISED GOD!  He added, that in all of his years practicing medicine, he had never seen a patient go into remission without treatment!  I told him about this blessed Hallelujah Diet, and this is what he responded: ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!’

8/18/2005  –  In February 2001, I was given only 3 to 4 months to live because of a very aggressive type of BRAIN CANCER.  One month before I found out I had brain cancer, I … started the diet immediately.  Because of my research, I knew that if I were ever faced with cancer, I would not take the harmful treatments that the ‘mainstream medical field’ tries to convince everyone, to be the only viable options.  So when I had the surgery and the doctors could only get 75% of the tumor, I didn’t lose hope and give up, … after a year on The Hallelujah Diet, the doctor said all that they could see in my MRI was scar tissue, the aftermath of the surgery.

8/17/2005  –  My husband was diagnosed with PROSTATE CANCER in 2001, when he was only 50 years old. I thought it was the end of the world for us. We were afraid, and had 4 young children at the time. … To make a long story short, it has been almost 3 years since we went on The Hallelujah Diet, and my husband never did any surgery or treatments.

7/20/2005  –  I had stage IV BREAST CANCER that had gone into my bones, and had been given only 6-months to 2-years to live. I changed my diet, and went 100% on The Hallelujah Diet. I am now 5-years and 7-months down the road from terminal cancer, and I don’t even take an aspirin. Praise God!

3/4/2003  –  Nancy writes from upstate New York: “I was diagnosed with BREAST CANCER, for the second time, on May 31, 2002. I had previously had BREAST CANCER nineteen years ago.  This time, I decided against traditional treatments, against my oncologist’s recommendation, and chose rather to go on The Hallelujah Diet.  I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for eight months now, and have NO SIGN OF BREAST CANCER!

2/8/2001  –  My child had stage IV cancer and almost passed away two years ago. A non-traditional clinic recommended chemotherapy and radiation for this particular cancer, but also strongly advocated the Hallelujah Diet.  My son responded far better than all the other children with the same disease despite his advanced stage. 

The doctors finally asked me what I was feeding him.  When I told them they looked at each other and asked for a copy of the Hallelujah Diet for their other patients.  Then an oncologist in Florida met with my parents two months ago and recommended the Hallelujah Diet to them.  He told them that he had become very frustrated watching his patients die and thought ‘there must be a better way.’  

This doctor then went on to say that when his own wife ended up with cancer he asked her to try the Hallelujah Diet and she went into complete remission and has been free of cancer for years now.  He strongly advocates this way of eating to his patients.

2/8/2001  –  In July, 1998, after a bone marrow biopsy and a splenectomy, I was diagnosed with Hepatosplenic Gamma/Delta T-Cell Lymphoma, which I was told was very rare. Since it was so rare and I was not ill, I asked for a second opinion.  Samples from the bone marrow and spleen were sent to Mayo Clinic and the National Cancer Institute. Neither Mayo nor NCI confirmed the diagnosis of lymphoma, but rather diagnosed it as Large Granular Lymphocyte Leukemia. My oncologist told me that there was no treatment (thank goodness) for either disease, so I informed him that I would treat myself. 

I have been on the Hallelujah Diet since September 1998 after being introduced to your program by my niece (who has been free from breast cancer for four years). After being on the Hallelujah Diet for six months, I was told by my oncologist that my blood work was excellent and whatever I was doing I should continue. Last week my oncologist told me I do not have to return for a year.  HALLELUJAH!

2/1/2001  –  In October 1999 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Two weeks later I bought a juicer and went on the Hallelujah Diet. Now for the GOOD NEWS: In October my PSA was 9.3. By February 2000 it had dropped to 7.2 and by May it was down to 6.9.  The doctor is absolutely amazed. A few side benefits are that my cholesterol has dropped from 250 to 180; I have lost forty pounds in weight, and I feel great.

1/31/2001  –  My wife was diagnosed with sub-cutaneous T-cell lymphoma cancer in March 2000. After receiving this diagnosis, we immediately started the Hallelujah way of eating.  At the time we started the diet, my wife had 28 nodes on her arms and legs.  After only six weeks on the Hallelujah Diet, she now has only five visible nodes and the doctor says she is in remission. I have personally lost 17 pounds in the same six weeks.

12/11/2000  –  In December,1997, after John learned he had colon cancer via a colonoscopy on November 21, 1997, and a pathology report of eight samples that were all malignant. … we decided to follow the Hallelujah program and we praise God for the results. In April 1998, a follow-up colonoscopy with accompanying pathology report of five biopsy samples, showed that the mass has changed its biological makeup and is now benign. The doctor was amazed and said, ‘This just doesn’t happen,’ but it did. We praise God and give Him all the credit.

11/22/2000  –  I was diagnosed with untreatable and incurable cancer and given five weeks to live in April of 1998.  A friend shared your screaming preacher tape, ‘How to Eliminate Sickness,’ with me.  Six weeks later (after making the diet change), NO TRACE OF CANCER!!!  For the first time in my life I consumed vegetables, and they were raw – well, I actually juiced ’em. 

4/1/2004  –  “I had a LUMP IN MY BREAST in September 2002. I was introduced to The Hallelujah Acres ministry by Dr. Lorraine Day. I immediately adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and the LUMP DISAPPEARED!
  (All of the above were taken from the website.)
Lorraine Day, M.D. – Cancer survivor, similar to Gerson or Hallelujah protocol

Lorrain Day, M.D. has become a well known advocate in this field and thus should be mentioned here.  Dr. Day was an internationally acclaimed orthopedic surgeon, lecturer and best-selling author for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Franciscan School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery.  She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital.

Dr. Day developed severe advanced cancer, biopsy proven at two major U.S. medical centers.  But she refused chemotherapy, radiation and mutilating surgery, all the methods she was taught during her medical training.  She chose natural, simple inexpensive therapies designed by God and available to everyone and was healed.  Her methodology is very similar to the Gerson Institute (in California) from whom she probably got the method.  She has appeared on more than 600 radio and television shows and has several video’s and books out.

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