Mary Giandalone Book Covers for Christian … Simplified Gallery

Mary did the book covers for all the covers in the 16-part series of Christian … Simplified , books by Jim Tibbetts and Fr. Bill McCarthy (2018-1019). The following are the book title and the cover. Mary painted all the background covers. On these background covers other images were added of Jesus, disciples, fruits, vegetables and other images; were painted separately and digitally added in. A few images, paintings or photos were added; such as the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (15) and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (4) or the Pentecost image (8), the Ark (5) were from another painter, digitally added in. Some background paintings such as; the blueberries (15, 16) are sections of Mary’s paintings, or the small fruits (16) were three separate fruits; all digitally edited in to the picture. This gives a sampling of some of Mary’s many paintings. Using this layering effect is one style of painting used here in this book series covers, by Mary Giandalone -Tibbetts. 

1. Christian Spirituality Simplified 
2. Christian Prayer and Meditation Simplified
3. Christian Community Life God’s Best Plan Simplified
4. Christian Insight into Mary Mother of Jesus Simplified
5. Christian Insight into the Virgin Mary His Ark of the Covenant
6. Christian Healing and Wholeness Simplified
7. Christian Renewal by the Holy Spirit Simplified
8. Christian Practice with the Gift of Tongues Simplified
9. Christian Insight into the Eucharist Simplified
10. Christian Insight into Body, Soul and Spirit Simplified
11. Christian Biblical Strategy of the Cross and
the Cross of Biblical Nutrition Simplified
12. Christians Ten Best Practices Simplified
13. Christian Purification with Nutrition Simplified
14. Christian Purification with Fasting Simplified
15. Christian Insight into Biblical Nutrition Simplified
16. Christian Insight into Biblical Fasting Simplified

Thank you for your interest and God bless.

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