Jim’s Mime Gallery

Jim Tibbetts – Speaker and Mime

As a theologian he has written numerous books, given talks at national conferences, society meetings and given retreats on; Spirituality, Marian topics; on plant-based diets, juice fasting, biblical nutrition, healing and Christian meditation. He has been teaching Christian meditation since about 1982. He has given talks and retreats at different churches and centers, especially My Father’s House Retreat Center where he lived for three years.

Since 1978 Jim has been a professional mime; solo, duet and was a founding member (1991 to 2000) of the group “Christsong” which performed around the U.S., twice-toured England and appeared on television shows. “Tibbetts has studied his art under technique-oriented Marcel Marceau and personality-oriented Tony Montanaro. The result has been a critically acclaimed combination of the two.” (Arts & Entertainment, Evening Express, Portland, ME.) See the bio for more on Jim’s performances.

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