A Longer Bio of Jim Tibbetts

Curriculum Vitae – James C. Tibbetts, MBA, STL
P.O. Box 422 West Chesterfield, N.H. 03466
[email protected] 


Master of Business Administration, (MBA) Spring 2009
Salve Regina University; Newport, RI

Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL) in Marian Studies, 1995
International Marian Research Institute, Dayton, OH
Doctoral Candidate in Sacred Theology (STD) unfinished 2016

Master of Arts, Christian Ministry and Theology, (MA)
May 1983 Franciscan University of Steubenville; OH

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, (BA) May 1976
State University of New York, Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

Associate in Science, (AS) May 1974
Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY


07/97 – 2/20 My Father’s House – Retreat Center, Moodus, CT
⦁ Gives talks and retreats
11/16-7/19 – Lived and worked at My Father’s House
12/16-2/19 New Beginnings for Life, LLC, Colchester, CT
⦁ Direct Care Provider (as below)

06/10 – 11/16 Center for Disability Services, Albany, NY
* Medication Administration certified for disabilities residential work.
* Residential Counselor, direct care for consumers with physical,
Developmental, and mental disabilities

09/06 – 06/10 Port Resources (Developmental Disabilities), South Portland, Maine
* CRMA (medications) certified for disabilities residential work
* Direct Care Service Provider for consumers with physical, developmental,
and mental disabilities, DSP, CRMA certified.

1987 – 2006 Double T Company, Scarborough, Maine
⦁ Manager of family-owned national vinyl manufacturing business
⦁ Logistics for shipping products around the U.S. and Canada
⦁ Supervisor of Property development of family-owned ocean condos
⦁ Property management of family-owned real estate and ventures.
⦁ Supervisor of See Products Packages company, family-owned
⦁ Supervisor of Living Waters Greenhouse, family-owned

1986 – 1987 Feature Film Promotions, Blue Army of Washington, NJ
– Fatima film: “A State of Emergency!” starring Martin Sheen
– Manager, logistics for Feature Film Promotions around the country


2011 Certified Pilates Instructor, Pilates Academy International, New York, NY
1995 – 2019 Mariological Society of America, Marian Library, Dayton, Ohio
1982 – 2020 Third Order Franciscan (SFO), became SFO in 1982
1985 – 2020 Knights of Columbus – Third degree

Some Recent and Past
1997 – 2020 Retreats, seminars and talks given at My Father’s House Retreat Center,
Moodus, CT. and at other retreat centers and churches on Mariology, Spirituality, Biblical Nutrition, Plant-based Nutrition, and Juice Fasting.
2011 Series of talks with Fr. Richard Carlino at St. Anthony’s, Schenectady, NY
2005 Retreat at the World Apostolate of Fatima, Washington, N.J.
2002, 2003 He was a speaker at The International Raw and Living Foods Festival,
Portland, Oregon (2002, 2003) and other events.


Jaunary 2006 Gave a talk on vegetarianism, at the Kennedy Space Center, FL
& 2003 – 2004 Received two small grants (2003 travel, 2004 publication) from:
Maine Space Grant Consortium. 1. Gave a talk at NASA in
Houston, TX (February, 2003), “A vegetarian diet for space
travel.” 2. Authored a book (2004) for the Maine Space
Grant Consortium on: Superior Health for Astronauts as
Raw Vegan the Scientific Evidence.


Thesis – S.T.L., S.T.D.

1995 S.T.L. thesis: The Historical Development of Biblical Mariology
Pre- and Post- Vatican II – International Marian Research Institute,
a Pontifical Institute granted through Rome, Univ. Dayton, Ohio
2016 S.T.D. thesis: The Historical Development of Fatima in America,
at International Marian Research Institute, University of Dayton,
Dayton, Ohio. Pending approval.

Articles Published, selection

2015 – Fictional/factual Chapter on Our Lady of Fatima in a published
2015 book in; Pluto New Horizons for a Lost Horizon,
Richard Grossinger editor.
2010 – “The Early Christian Vegetarian Communities” article in,
Healing Our World, Hippocrates Health Institute, 1/2010
2004 – “Just Eat an Apple” raw vegan magazine – editor, owner, writer
1994 – “Emotion Over Time Within a Religious Culture: A Lexical
Analysis of the Old Testament” Journal of Psychohistory,
fall 1994, with John Mayer PhD

Jim’s Books – some still in Print
Jim has written or compiled over 50 books including:

Health and Healing Series

2015 Remission towards Curing: Mental Disabilities, Mental
Retardation with a Live-food Integrative Lifestyle
2015 Remission towards Curing: Sleep Disorders with
Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine
2014 Starving into Remission: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and
Multiple Sclerosis Nutritional Integrative Therapies,
2013 The Sower’s Seeds of Remission and Curing: Alzheimer’s,
Parkinson’s and MS! A Nutrition Therapy Novel
2010 (2000) Juice Fasting Simplified, a Practical Approach
2014 Q& A about Vegetarians and Health
2013 A Diary on Juice Fasting, Fasting Simplified Series
2012 Living Green with Smoothies and the Culture of Life
2008 (2015) Starving Cancer to Death, Nutritional Integrative Cancer Therapy;
w/ co-author Joseph Spaziani, MD (Oncologist)
2009 (2015) Starving Cancer the Scientific Evidence for Nutritional
Integrative Therapies, Book II
2009 The Bioethics of Drug Intervention
2006 Live-Food Standards Blueprint, a Review of the Literature
2004 (2013) Superior Health for Astronauts as Raw Vegans, Nutrition Novel

Climate Change Series Involving Food

2017 The Scientific Facts and Schools of Thought for
Impacting Global Warming! Part I
2017 The Renewable Energy and Commissions for
Impacting Global Warming! Part II
2014 Jesus and Mary’s Plant-based Diet are about
Impacting Global Warming! Part III

Biblical Nutrition – series

2020 Christian Kosher Purification Foundations Part I
2020 Christian Kosher Purification Theology Part II
2012 (2015) Jesus and Mary were Kosher Vegetarians, the Evidence from
the Bible, the Early Church and Nutrition
1998 (2015) Biblical Nutrition; Forty Days of Meditations
2009 Biblical Nutrition and the Alleluia Diets of Jesus and Mary
1996 Biblical Nutrition the Kosher Vegetarianism of Jesus & Judaism
1996 Biblical Fasting

General and Christian Writings

2019 Christian Kabbalah: Body, Soul, Spirit and Heart
2013 (1997) Christian Meditation, the Jesus Prayer and Praise
2003 The Passion of Christ; Movie, Scriptures and Mystics
1997 Guadalupe the Tilma’s Conquest – a historical novel
1997 Guadalupe the Tilma Research and Meaning
1997 Guadalupe the Tilma’s Conquest – a musical & a CD

Marian Theology

2017 Fatima’s Apparitions, Messages and Phenomena
2017 The Third Secret of Fatima’s Nuclear WWIII
2012 (2004) Biblical Ballad of Mary Mother of Jesus
2003 Biblical Titles of Mary Mother of Jesus, a Month of Meditations
2001 Mary in the Church Today w/ Fr. Bill McCarthy
1994 The Historical Development of Biblical Mariology Pre-
and Post-Vatican II (1943-1986 American Mariology)
1989 Our Lady in Scripture with Fr. Rene Laurentin
2020 Fr. Roten’s Saga Series (forthcoming)

Franciscan Theology

2020 Reforming the Franciscans with Francis Spiritual
Practices – Franciscan Reform 1
2020 Reforming the Franciscans with Francis Spiritual
Practice of Fasting and Kosher – Franciscan Reform 2
2020 Reforming the Franciscans with Francis Spiritual
Practices of Praise and Tongues – Franciscan Reform 3
2020 Reforming the Franciscans with the Simplified
Practice of Fasting and Kosher – Franciscan Reform 4
2019 Order of Eden Franciscans Biblical Rule of Life
2019 Order of Eden Franciscans Biblical Titles of
Mary Mother of Jesus Rule of Life
2019 Order of Eden Franciscans Lifestyle and Structure

Books coauthored with Fr. Bill McCarthy

2018 Christian Spirituality Simplified
2014 (2017) Christian Prayer and Meditation Simplified
2018 Christian Community Life God’s Best Plan Simplified
2018 Christian Insight into Mary Mother of Jesus Simplified
2005 (2017) Christian Insight into the Virgin Mary His
Ark of the Covenant Simplified
2017 Christian Healing and Wholeness Simplified
2018 Christian Renewal by the Holy Spirit Simplified
2018 Christian Practice with the Gift of Tongues Simplified
2018 Christian Insight into the Eucharist Simplified
2018 Christian Insight into Body, Soul, and Spirit Simplified
2017 Christian Biblical Strategy of the Cross and
the Cross of Biblical Nutrition Simplified
2018 Christians Ten Best Practices Simplified

Books with Forward by Fr. Bill McCarthy

2018 Christian Insight into Biblical Nutrition Simplified
2018 Christian Insight into Biblical Fasting Simplified
2018 Christian Purification with Nutrition Simplified
2018 Christian Purification with Fasting Simplified


2004 – Present – Mime performances, solo as called for.
1978 – 2003 Mime Performances solo and duet: numerous solo
performances. Duet Performances include those with dancers,
mimes, clowns, pianists, classical guitarists & folk singers.
1991 – 2001 CHRISTSONG (2-hour performance on the life of Christ;
included a dancer, Mime, singers, & a 5-piece band); was a founding
member and performed as a mime: Jesus, Joseph, other characters.
It performed over 100 shows in the U.S. and twice toured England
(1984-1985); was featured on television (EWTN, Boston).
1988 – 1989 Heart of Portland Variety Shows, (ME): producer, performer, host;
1987 Played lead role in documentary, Bishop Healy of Portland, Maine
(1875-1900) titled “Beloved Outcast” taped in Portland, Maine
1982 Play – Detective Story, Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH
1981 Play – Tartuffe (role of Tartuffe), Franciscan U. of Steubenville, OH
1979 Play – Midsummer Night’s Dream, University of Maine, Gorham, ME

Screenplays and Stage plays (unproduced)

2006 Miracle of the Sun (Fatima); – screenplays
2005 The Mass of the Christ; Mary the Ark of the Christ –
docudramas – screenplays
2004 Festivals of the Lord a musical – book-musicals dialogue
1997 Guadalupe the Tilma’s Conquest –
musical with Gary Heslip musician (R.I.)
1997 Guadalupe and the Tilma, Research and Meaning, (book on musical)
1997 Guadalupe the Tilma’s Conquest – a historical novel

Theater Training

1993 Clowning Studies – Avner Eisenberg & Julie Goell,
Tony Montanaro studios, South Paris, Maine
1986, 1987 Mime Studies – Marcel Marceau, Ann Arbor MI;
Goldston Mime School, OH
1978, 1987 Mime Studies – Tony Montanaro, South Paris, Maine
1978 – 1979 Theater Studies – University of Southern Maine


1990 – 2002 Commercial & Christian videos and theatricals taped and edited as a business,
including documentary work, performance and stage plays, including:
2001 Living Foods Artistry Down to a Science with Chef Chad Sarno (1 hour)
1998 DVD Saint Faustina, Life and Mission – award-winning documentary (1 hour)
1997 Fr. Ed McDonough, the Healing Priest in Boston (1 hour)
1993 – 1995 3 – Maine Catholic Youth Ministry Conventions, Portland, ME (1 hour each)
1992 Solo Mime Stage and Studio – James Tibbetts – award-winning video (1 hour)


1. Family
Jim was married (after being divorced), to Mary Giandalone June 29, 2019.
Mary has been an elementary school art teacher for 25 years, 17 in N.H.
Jim was born October 11, 1953 in Maine and has three younger brothers:
Barry, Tom & Mark.
Jim’s parents, Mona and Phil Tibbetts are deceased.
Jim’s father was a successful engineer and they lived in several states
including: Maine, Florida, Rode Island, Long Island and South Dakota
then back to Maine.

2. Nutrition, Charismatic Coordinator and Rosary Postures
a. Fasting and Plant-based diets
Jim has been a vegetarian since about 1976 and writes on plant-based diets. He has been juice fasting since about 1981 and has done over 40 long juice fasts, 7 to 40 days as he noted in his books on fasting. He gives talks and retreats on these topics.
b. Meditation and Charismatic Renewal
Jim has studied different kinds of meditation (Christian, Jewish, yoga, Buddhist) writes on and teaches Christian Meditation (Jesus Prayer) and began in the Charismatic Renewal in 1978 and enjoys prayer meetings, he was a diocesan coordinator for the Diocese of Portland, Maine in the 1989-1991.
c. Pilates, Rosary Postures, Yoga
Studied at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Psychology and Philosophy (1977) in Chicago, IL, for six months. Studied Yoga with Elaine McGuillicuty
at Portland, Yoga (1980’s). In 2011 he became a Certified Pilates Instructor, in (PIA) Portland, Maine. Jim created Rosary Stretching (or Rosary Yoga); a Catholic devotion of praying the rosary and putting a yoga posture or a Pilates move or other stretch for each bead. Jim led a Rosary Stretching group at a church in Schenectady, N.Y., for a year (2016) before moving.
Some past hobbies: tennis, golf, skiing, photography, yoga, Pilates, writing.

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