Jim Tibbetts & Mary Giandalone

This website is the website of Jim Tibbetts and Mary Giandalone. It shows Jim’s books and writings; and Mary’s Art Gallery; and their Order of Eden Franciscans group. 

Jim is a Catholic Theologian in Marian Studies; Mariology. He has written various books on Spirituality, on the Virgin Mary, St. Francis and others. He gives talks, retreats on these and on fasting, plant-based diets, Biblical Nutrition and the environment. And as a performer he is a mime (pantomime).

The Order of Eden is a secular Franciscan-Carmelite community founded by Jim. Jim’s wife Mary is involved in this secular Franciscan group. Mary is an artist and elementary school art teacher of over 25 years. She has done many paintings, pottery and other art works. Some on display in this website.

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