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Jim has written in a journal, popular articles, plays, and he has
written numerous books and compilations including:

Health and Healing Series

1. Juice Fasting a Scientific and Practical Approach
2. A Diary on Juice Fasting
3. Living Green with Juices, Smoothies and Salads
4. Starving Cancer to Death, Nutritional Integrative
Cancer Therapies, Book I with Joseph Spaziani, MD
5. Starving Cancer the Scientific Evidence for Nutritional
Integrative Therapies, Book II
6. Starving into Remission: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s
and Multiple Sclerosis – Nutritional Therapies
7. Remission towards Curing: Mental Disabilities, Mental
Retardation with a Live-food Integrative Lifestyle
8. Remission towards Curing: Sleep Disorders with
Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine
9. The Bioethics of Drug Intervention
10. Living Foods Standards Blueprint Review of Principles
11. Q&A about Vegetarians and Health
12. The Sower’s Seeds of Remission and Curing: Alzheimer
Parkinson and MS! A Nutrition Therapy Novel
13. Superior Health for Astronauts as Raw Vegans -Novel

General and Christian Writings

14. The Passion of Christ; Movie, Scriptures and Mystics
15. Christian Meditation, the Jesus Prayer and Praise
16. Christian Kabbalah: Body, Soul, Spirit and Heart
17. Guadalupe the Tilma’s Conquest – a historical novel
18. Guadalupe the Tilma Research and Meaning
19. Guadalupe the Tilma’s Conquest – a musical & a CD

Biblical Nutrition and Fasting Series

20. Jesus and Mary were Kosher Vegetarian, the Evidence
from the Bible, the Early Church and Nutrition
21. Biblical Nutrition and Fasting
22. Biblical Nutrition; Forty Days of Meditations
23. Biblical Nutrition Alleluia Meditations
24. Biblical Nutrition the Kosher Vegetarianism
of Jesus and Judaism
25. Biblical Fasting
26. Christian Kosher Purification Foundations Part I
27. Christian Kosher Purification Theology Part II

Climate Change Series Involving Food

28. The Scientific Facts and Schools of Thought for
Impacting Global Warming! Part I
29. The Renewable Energy and Commissions for
Impacting Global Warming! Part II
30. Jesus and Mary’s Plant-based Diet are about
Impacting Global Warming! Part III

Marian Theology

31. Biblical Titles of the Virgin Mary – 30 Day Meditation
32. A Biblical Ballad of Mary Mother of Jesus
33. Fatima’s Apparitions, Messages and Phenomena
34. The Third Secret of Fatima’s Nuclear WWIII
35. The Historical Development of Biblical Mariology Pre-
and Post-Vatican II (1943-1986 American Mariology)
36. Our Lady in Scripture with Fr. Rene Laurentin
37. Fr. Roten’s Saga Series (forthcoming)

Franciscan Theology

38. Reforming the Franciscans with Francis Spiritual
Practices – Franciscan Reform 1
39. Reforming the Franciscans with Francis Spiritual
Practice of Fasting and Kosher – Franciscan Reform 2
40. Reforming the Franciscans with Francis Spiritual
Practices of Praise and Tongues – Franciscan Reform 3
41. Reforming the Franciscans with the Practical
Practice of Fasting and Kosher – Franciscan Reform 4
42. Order of Eden Franciscans Biblical Rule of Life
43. Order of Eden Franciscans Biblical Titles of
Mary Mother of Jesus Rule of Life
44. Order of Eden Franciscans Lifestyle and Structure

Books coauthored with Fr. Bill McCarthy

45. Mary in the Church Today
46. Christian Spirituality Simplified
47. Christian Prayer and Meditation Simplified
48. Christian Community Life God’s Best Plan Simplified
49. Christian Insight into Mary Mother of Jesus Simplified
50. Christian Insight into the Virgin Mary His
Ark of the Covenant Simplified
51. Christian Healing and Wholeness Simplified
52. Christian Renewal by the Holy Spirit Simplified
53. Christian Practice with the Gift of Tongues Simplified
54. Christian Insight into the Eucharist Simplified
55. Christian Insight into Body, Soul, and Spirit Simplified
56. Christian Biblical Strategy of the Cross and
the Cross of Biblical Nutrition Simplified
57. Christians Ten Best Practices Simplified
Books with Forward by Fr. Bill McCarthy
58. Christian Insight into Biblical Nutrition Simplified
59. Christian Insight into Biblical Fasting Simplified
60. Christian Purification with Nutrition Simplified
61. Christian Purification with Fasting Simplified

Books can be ordered directly at: www.lulu.com

Jim Tibbetts, P.O. Box 422, West Chesterfield, NH, 03466
www.myfathershousect.org and www.jimtibbetts.com

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