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This is a Raw Vegan or Live Foods approach
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Parkinson’s and Alzheimers cures

    See Jim Tibbetts book, Starving Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis into Remission, Nutritional Integrative Therapies; from which this material comes from.  

One of the first places that I found evidence of remission and possibly total remission was in an e-mail to the Halleluiah Diet.  I e-mailed the second in command, Mr. Olin Idol, whom I’ve met, at the Halleluiah Acres diet site (NC).  I asked him if they had any success with Parkinson’s patients on their diet.  He replied that Parkinson’s is a difficult disease to cure but they have had a few successes.  

One pastor who had PD was brought into complete remission and four others into partial remission on their diet.  He said he could not give me their contact information for confidentiality reasons in their bylaws.  I was not able to follow up and find out more details about how long they were on the diet, did they fast, what stage were they in, in their PD.  But the important thing is that all five were helped to some degree and one claimed to be brought into complete remission or totally healed.  One person put it on their web site.

The doctors say I am a WALKING MIRACLE       10/24/2002
This week’s testimony comes from Harriet, who lives in Tennessee.  I share her testimony, not only for the incredible improvement Harriet has experienced with her PARKINSON’S disease since going on The Hallelujah diet, but also that you might remember her and her family in prayer:   

“Dear Dr. and Mrs. Malkmus, I’ve been following The Hallelujah Diet for a year, because I wanted to boot PARKINSON’S disease out of my life, and be the Mother and wife God intended me to be! (I have and home-school seven children!) The first year on The Hallelujah Diet enabled me to reduce Parkinson’s med’s by 33%, to lose 50 pounds, to practically eliminate lower chronic back pain, to boost my energy, and most of all, TO GIVE ME HOPE!”

Breast Cancer & Parkinson’s, 1986, Andrea Proudfoot (Halleluiah diet) Andrea had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for three years when a golf-sized tumor was removed from her breast and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Reluctant to ‘poison’ her body with chemotherapy, Andrea researched alternative options, and in November of 1986, she sought treatment of a Gerson Therapy hospital.  More than twelve years later, she is alive and well.  Despite having been diagnosed with two degenerative diseases, she has outlived three of her High School boyfriends!  Last contacted 2003.

A second case is that I heard about a woman that was healed in the last few years from a medical doctor of Parkinson’s.  The medical doctor emphasized a vegetarian diet and did detoxification methods.  I wrote to this doctor but have not had a reply.  I know this was accurate because it was my sister-in-law who went to this doctor and met the woman and this woman had Parkisnon’s for over five years with severe shaking.  Because of the diet, nutrients and therapy she is now is living a perfectly normal lifestyle!  There are probably other medical doctors around who have also had success but don’t want to speak out about it since they used unconventional methods to bring a cure to Parkinson’s.

I’m sure there are many people that have been cured but have never been reported, partly because of fear of the AMA or others accusing them of healing a disease by methods not yet approved or a drug not yet found.  There is a long history of persecution of those who heal people of Parkinson’s, MS or other diseases without medical approval.  Dr.Herbert Shelton healed many people of these diseases but stopped keeping records because the police would come and take his records to use them in court if he healed someone through fasting.  

Medical Doctors today are afraid of losing their licenses if they heal someone using their own detox metods or diet, so they just don’t report such healings!

Parkinson’s cured after a Raw Vegan Diet and Three Fasts
Monica, B. had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, age 39, she fasted three times under the supervision of Dr. Shelton; 30 days, 14 days and later another 14 days in 1941.  This is a very solid case, and was an interview with Dr. Shelton, by a woman who wrote a book about Dr. Herbert Shelton.  He was nationally known, very well educated and wrote numerous books.

“The developments in this case are typical with the exception that Monica completely recovered.  Full recovery is not the general rule. The majority of fasters make sufficient progress to become useful again but retain part of the tremor.

Monica was at the health school for nine months and had previously suffered with Parkinsonism for six years.  After she had fasted thirty days, the tremor immediately reocurred, but not as severely as before the fast.  After the second fast, the tremors were less and after the third fast, the tremors were gone.  For more than ten years, I remained in contact with Monica and she has had no recurrence of the tremor.”

(The health school was a raw vegan diet, which she was on during the nine months, in between her fasts.  She most likely continued with the diet she learned at the health school (or close to it) after her third fast.  How long she continued or how intensely she continued is not known, but for 10 years after she had no more tremor.)

An Elderly Parkinson’s Patient
Tosca Haag, MD reported that: “I had an elderly man in the beginning stages of Parkinson’s who arrived in a wheel chair, took a mere 10 day fast, regained some strength and left walking.  Unfortunately, his family did not want to feed him all raw.  They were more interested in making sure he adhered to orthodox fare during all the Jewish holidays and when he got worse they took him to the doctors and he was put on drugs.”  (letter August 2009)

A Child with Autism
Tosca Haag, MD reported that:  “I had a case of a 10 year old boy with Autism.  His parents were progressive people and sought out all sorts of alternatives.  First they changed his diet and restricted wheat and dairy, then they went through some chelation therapy to remove heavy metals (or vice versa), then they heard about fasting.  So his father brought him to our Retreat where he underwent a 2 week fast.  The difference was remarkable.  

He went home and back to special Autism school and the teacher told his parents that something was wrong with him because he was not demonstrating the usual erratic, nervous behavior, but rather sitting quietly at his desk doing his school work.  His parents pulled him out of school the following year and homeschooled for a year then put him into regular public school where he went into sports!!!”   (letter August 2009)  Rest of Your Life Retreat, L Vernia, Texas; www.roylretreat.com

Twenty Years using Natural Remedies for PD
The summer of 2009 I met Joanne who is 69 years old and lives in Maine, she has a powerful story of her success with Parkinson’s.  She has had Parkinson’s for 20 years and she said she believed that she got the PD when her and her husband bought a big old house in the 1970’s and had to strip off all the old paint and plaster to repaint it. 

Back then the paint had lead in it and she said that she does have lead and mercury in her brain.  Joanne had a health food store that she ran herself for over 25 years, than in 2004 she closed it down.  During that time she gave classes on health and healing through different diets and nutrients.
For 15-20 years Joanne did yoga while having Parkinson’s, she also did some Tai Chi and lifted weights for awhile.  

She lived about a mile from the beach and her friend and herself were walking about 4 miles a day up until she broke her foot in the summer of 2008.  The doctor gave her a drug to help her foot, ‘botox’ which only made things worse for her.  Not being able to walk by herself she lost a lot of mobility over the next year and needed help to get up and needed help to walk with someone.  She said she deteriorated fast over this last year.  Before that accident she could walk by herself and make her own lunch but needed help for dinner.

She tried using drugs early on with her Parkinson’s but that only made her shake more and the symptoms much worst, so she decided to rely on nutrition rather than drugs to deal with her Parkinson’s.  She showed me a video tape of a naturalopathic doctor who had what he called an “Incurables Program” and used hot-cold showers, enemas, cold sheet hydrotherapy treatments for various illnesses.  

This doctor reported that one person with Parkinson’s recovered 75% by doing all of these involved methods.  But it’s a whole educational process a person has to go through to learn how to do all this and then assistance is needed.

Her diet is eating a lot of greens (including spinach, kale, green smoothies) and she eats very little grains and a little chicken, fish and occasionally yogurt and raw milk.  She was eating vegetables, especially raw broccoli, avocado’s, grapefruits, garlic and ginger.  She tried going on an all raw food diet but lost to much weight so had to go back to a cooked food diet.  Losing weight is normal on an all raw food diet, in the beginning stages.
She used many of the natural nutrients that were recommended for Parkinson’s, such as calcium, Co-Q10, vitamins B and D and a number of others.  But she didn’t use computers or the web and she didn’t have the latest supplements or information.  

She probably had about 15  supplements and only half directly related to Parkinson’s but having run a health food store for twenty years she had her reasons. She also used to use green powder in a smoothie daily.  She would add garlic, onion, horseradish root and some vinegar and also then add Cayenne and ginger, in equal parts, to the smoothie.  She said the cayenne goes to the heart to move the blood out and the ginger goes to the extremities and moves the blood in.  She would make this remedy for her classes and it would really make them jump around she said, and it would clean out their senses.

Sometimes first thing in the morning she would have a blended mixture of 4-5 garlic’s, 1 tbsp olive oil, ½ grapefruit, a couple of capsules of cayenne and a slice of ginger with a little water.  She said it’s best to start out slowly on only one garlic, and then gradually increase it to seven garlic cloves per day.  She commented, “It actually tastes very good!”

She made her own tincture’s by blending the ingredients (lobelia leaf and vodka – 80 proof alcohol), letting them set in a jar for fourteen days, shaking them daily.  Tinctures are rated 1-100.  Most tinctures on the market are rated 1-20 strength and she said to get the needed strength 2 – 3 times the market strength are needed.  In other words they needed to be strong to help her Parkinson’s.  

She would use this daily 10-20 drops, about one teaspoon, sometimes she would have this two to three times a day. Obviously most people take drugs for their Parkinson’s but she made her own tinctures, smoothies, and mixtures.  She said at one point, “It is damn hard work, to do all this!”  She also said to me at one point that it was great to have someone who was actually excited about all these natural remedies for Parkinson’s.  I got the sense she doesn’t have a large support group, if any beyond a few friends.

She used to do hot and cold showers; seven times during the shower she would turn the water real hot then turn it to real cold: 15 seconds hot, then 15 seconds cold, seven times.  Hot and cold therapy moves the blood through the body and helps the immune system.  She said this helps to bring the blood flow in and out of the body in the brain.

Joanne was very successful in slowing down Parkinson’s for twenty years but it still slowly progressed and it finally caught up with her.  Her knowledge and experience in the health food field is what helped her to progress in health and a normal life for so long.  Her story is worth all this detail since it is a case study, one among many that could be reported.
Is Joanne an isolated case?

Joanne is not an isolated case, studies as reported in the book, Impacting Parkinson’s to Permanent Remission, show that the vegan diet is the only diet that has been shown to help slow down and be effective with Parkinson’s.  A strict vegan diet is a radical diet and anyone who is successful with it is usually very knowledgeable and experienced in the health food field like Joanne is.  

There is a video on PD that briefly mentioned a person with Parkinson’s who was vegan and doing very well after twenty years.  There is another person in Australia with Parkinson’s that I was told by a well-known health professional that is doing very well with his health.  Thus there are other cases that if they were studied would be similar to Joanne in practice and success.

Why didn’t her natural methods heal Parkinson’s?
O.K. even if it can be shown that these people could slow down the process of the Parkinson’s disease better then drugs why couldn’t they completely bring themselves into permanent remission or just heal themselves of Parkinson’s?

Joanne was very successful at slowing down her PD but she still had it.  She didn’t go far enough with diet or detox but focused on a lot of common and uncommon ways of slowing it down and avoiding the use of drugs, which was a big help since studies show that drugs are only really effective for about five years then they actually speed up the process of Parkinson’s degeneration.  Thus her powerful methods and remedies could be used by others with Parkinson’s who want to get off of drugs or the drugs are not effective any longer.

I asked her if she had heavy metals in her brain and she said yes, she had both lead and mercury.  Unfortunately the medical society doesn’t encourage them to get rid of the heavy metals.  One medical doctor, an expert in toxicology, told me that heavy metals in the brain cause inflammation in the brain and that Parkinson’s patients would never be totally healed or free of their symptoms unless the heavy metals were removed from the brain.  

The main reason this is not universally recommended is because doctors don’t make money (or know how to make money) doing detoxification which is a process that can take six months and is not covered by most insurance companies.  Pharmaceutical companies don’t make any money either, but lose money because people with less symptoms need less drugs.  

Then guessing, between 10 to 30 percent (?), we don’t know for sure, people with Parkinson’s really have Parkinsonism which can be caused by heavy metals in the brain and when the heavy metals are removed through a detoxification method their Parkinson’s symptoms go away, which means they no longer need drugs, another loss for pharmaceutical companies.  And these people would be totally healed of their Parkinsonism!

It is not just the pharmaceutical companies but the insurance companies make less money on natural remedies.  There are non-toxic natural remedies that can be used for detoxification of metals and pesticides which actually work better then the pharmaceutical drugs, because they get across the blood brain barrier more effectively being natural and not a synthetic drug.  As you can guess the pharmaceutical companies are opposed to natural remedies from which they lose millions of dollars in profits too.  

And the insurance companies lose money too because it takes a good six months or more to detox heavy metals from the brain and then it takes elaborate tests to find out if the brain is detoxed.  A PD patient could have to go through a PET brain scan at least twice, once at the beginning of the detox and then several months later to compare the brain scans for heavy metals.  

The insurance companies have to pay for these brain scans, blood tests and other detox tests and also pay for the medical doctors fees for the continual patient’s visits.  When both the pharmaceutical and insurance companies are opposed to something, it doesn’t go very far in the medical field!

The questions could be asked, “Is it that simple just taking a natural remedy?”  No actually it is very complex.  A problem with toxicity is that, toxins go into the liver then into the intestines which can end up going back into the body.  One supplement Chorella (Plydondafa Chorella) pulls the heavy metals and pesticides into the hepatic system and binds them in the intestines to make sure they get out of the body.  

Once these are in the intestinal track enemas or colonics can help to pull these out of the body.  Testing can be done to find out if the heavy metals are out of the body.  Most medical doctors are not trained in toxicity levels and heavy metals and the long process to deal with these effectively.  It’s not as simple as just prescribing a drug or supplement to a patient, it involves teachings and testing which the medical doctors do not know how to do, don’t get reimbursed if they do know how to do it and don’t have the time to do.

There are other causes, heavy metals is one of the main causes but not the only one.  Pesticides could be in the brain and be a cause of Parkinson’s even without heavy metals being in the brain.  Even though heavy metals is one causative factor it is not the only one but if a Parkinson’s patient doesn’t get rid of it they’ll never get rid of the symptoms of Parkinson’s since heavy metals in the brain does cause inflammation in the brain cells.  Regardless of the question whether heavy metals and pesticides are the main cause of Parkinson’s it is a continuing problem and the only way to deal with it, is to get it out of the brain!

As noted previously, in doing a review of the literature there are seven possible environmental causes that stick out and have red flags.  These are eight possible causes of Parkinson’s and Alzheimers diseases are:
1. Heavy metal toxicity,
2. Pesticides,
3. Pharmaceutical or street drugs,
4. Fungi,
5.  Bacterium,
6. Denatured Animal Proteins,
7. Internal Toxins (i.e. parasites)
8. External Enviromental Toxins
9.  A combination of two or more of these synergistically

In all or most all of the cases of Parkinson’s and Alzeheimers one or more of these heavy metals can often be found in the brain.  It is known that heavy metals, mostly lead, is found in the brain of almost all Parkinson’s patients.  Aluminum is found in most if not all Alzheimer’s patients.  Mercury is found in most if not all Autism patients.  These heavy metals also cause inflammation which is also found in these different brain diseases.  In Joanne’s case it was probably the heavy metals as the number one cause.

The bottom line is that Joanne only slowed down the progress of PD and lived a normal life without drugs for the last 19 years until she broke her foot.  The good news is that she did what most people do not do and through her studies and efforts with natural foods she slowed the progress of the disease down significantly.  Her knowledge of natural foods and remedies had taken her a long way for nearly 20 years but had not put the disease into remission or healing.  She obviously did her homework and learned a lot of the tricks of the trade to deal with Parkinson’s naturally.
As to the question: why was she not able to bring herself into complete remission?

There are several possible reasons that she wasn’t able to bring herself into complete and permanent remission.

• First she wasn’t a real scholar, she read the books but didn’t systematically research them, as I have tried to do in my book on Parkinson’s, so she didn’t have all the knowledge that she needed, such as the understanding of getting rid of heavy metals.  She lacked a solid educational base or group structure dedicated to dealing with these things naturally.  And her research was about ten years old.

• Secondly she really didn’t optimize her body through an optimum diet like raw foods and targeted supplements, but ate a basic health foods diet and some of the supplements were one recommended.

• Third she didn’t detox completely, as the lack of detoxing the heavy metals is an example.  Detoxification methods can be difficult for the elderly, but not impossible.  They might not be able to go on long fasts, which are the best detox but there are other methods such as certain supplements or colonics which could do this too.

• Fourth she lacked the financial resources to buy the supplements she needed.  (I recommended a new natural glutathione supplement made from avocado but at $75 dollars a bottle she refused to buy these expensive supplements.)  Also hiring a physical therapist and a massage therapist would be helpful for her.

• Fifth she didn’t have the support system she really needed.  There was no community there moving along these lines for her to plug into.

• Sixth she couldn’t use the computer because her hands would shake so she had no access to the web and the latest natural methods.

• Seventh, she was elderly and had her own ways and thoughts about things.  Sometimes elderly people can be set it their ways.

Ginkgo with Cayenne for curing Alzheimer’s and PD
The following are excerpts from the book: Curing with Cayenne by Sam Biser.  The book is a dialogue between Sam Biser and a Dr. Richard Schulze, a medical herbalist who ran a clinic before starting his herbal company.  Dr. Schulze was a student of Dr. John Christopher a well known herbalist with a product line.  See the testimonial of Johanne in Maine who has had PD for over 20 years without using drugs and used this orientation.

Dr. Schultz developed a whole program of curing the incurables and in his programs documents he has several testimonials of people with neurological diseases.  One person with Parkinson’s, living in Alaska, claims that he has recovered 75% by using this methodology.  The program is similar nutritionally to what is in this book and has other activities, these have been related in the testimonial of Joanne S. of Maine.  A book by Sam Biser on part of his methodology is related in the section: Ginkgo with Cayenne for curing Alzheimer’s and PD.

Unfortunately Dr. Richard Schultz like his teacher Dr. John Christopher were arrested and forced to close down their clinics for not practicing medicine according to Allopathic medical philosophy and the pharmaceutical medicine approach.  They both became very successful and known with their ‘radical’ medical approaches to heal the incurables.  Sam Biser spend several years working with Dr. Schultz and writes:

“But out of a generous heart, he took a careless risk.  He should have known better.  To help others, he gave a public talk on his healing methods at a convention. It was too late.  They heard him.  Within weeks, government agents with battering rams, bullet-proof vests, and machine guns broke down his doors and took him off to jail in the middle of the night.  Miraculously, by the hand of God, he escaped on a technicality and didn’t have to go to the penitentiary.

He knew he couldn’t count on winning on a technicality a second time.  And he knew he couldn’t heal the sick from prison, or see his new wife and their four-month old baby boy from a concrete cell.  So instead, he quit his secret practice and decided to spend the rest of his life teaching his methods of curing incurable diseases.  To protect himself and the identity of his patients, he shredded his private files.”  (He went onto start his on herb company selling herbal products.)

Recommendations for the heavy metals problem:
Regular Colorella can be bought in a store and it good for vitamins and other nutrients.  But the version called: Chlorella pyreinodasa is used for chelation therapy to bind heavy metals and drag them out.  There are a lot of different types of chelating therapy for heavy metals and this is one of them.  This is also good for biotoxin illnesses.  There is a drug (cholestruimine – may be the name for it) that does the same thing but she would be better off with a natural supplement.  All drugs are poisons and have bad side effects.

Dr. Klinghardt’s formula is one of the best since he’s one of the best in the country.  A place to get them is Biopure.com in California.  Each tablet is 200 mg, but to get enough to do the work of chelating a person needs to work up to 2.5 g or 12 tabs a day.  But start out with one tab a day and another on every day, working up to 12 tabs.  This is the recommendation by a medical doctor who’s an expert on lyme disease and this is what she recommends for dealing with biotoxins and heavy metals.

There are many different methods to effectively deal with heavy metals but pesticides are far more difficult to deal with.  An in-depth review is needed for these two.  But there are other reasons such as the acidity level and nutrient density levels that need to be considered and worked with in putting Parkinson’s into remission.

Schizophrenia Patients
Allen Cott, M.D. in his book, Fasting: the Ultimate Diet (1975, 16th printing 1981), gives a remarkable fact on cases of schizophrenia and fasting.  He writes how in the Moscow Psychiatric Institute they use fasting; 70% of schizophrenic patients treated by fasting (25 days) improved so remarkably that they were able to resume an active life!!!

Dr. Cott writes: “My experience with fasting mentally ill patients began in 1970 on my first visit to the Moscow Psychiatric Institute.  I went there at the invitation of Dr. Yuri Nikolayev, the director of the fasting unit, who was the first to suggest that schizophrenia may be caused by a biochemical imbalance that can be corrected through the restorative powers of fasting and revised diet.

Fasting per se is not a ‘cure’ for anything – and I cannot repeat this too often – but we know that it permits the considerable healing powers of the body – and of the mind – to assert themselves.  An epochal breakthrough in the treatment of schizophrenia came when Dr. Nikolayev discovered that his patients responded to the fasting treatment after all the other forms of therapy had failed.  

The patients had been chronically ill and felt hopeless about the future.  Most of them would never have functioned again.  Some would have committed suicide.  Many would have deteriorated and lived out the balance of their lives in the bleak backwards of a mental hospital.  Seventy percent of those treated by fasting improved so remarkably that they were able to resume an active life.”

Evidence like these example gives Hope for those with brain diseases!

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