Christian Spirituality Simplified

Table of Content

1. The Spirituality of a New Nature 
2. Go and Make Disciples
3. Christian Life is a Pilgrimage
4. Christian Spirituality involves Community
5. Purification or Penance

1. A New Nature 
2. A New Dignity
3. A New Identity
4. A New Image of Self
5. A New Covenant
6. A New Family
7. A New Mother
8. A New Spirit
9. A New Mind
10. A New Relationship with Jesus
11. A New Hearing
12. A New Heart
13. A New Power
14. A New Kingdom
15. A New Hope
16. A New Mission
17. A New Destiny
18. A New Glory

1. Yes to the Father 
2. Yes to Jesus
3. Saying “Yes” to the Spirit
4. Saying “Yes” to the Church
5. Saying “Yes” to God’s People
6. Saying “Yes” to Mary
7. Saying “Yes” to the Cross
8. Saying “Yes” to the Eucharist
9. Saying “Yes” to our Mission

1. Selection 
2. Association
3. Consecration
4. Impartation
5. Demonstration
6. Delegation
7. Supervision
8. Reproduction
9. The Vine and the Branches
10. Bearing Fruit
11. Experiencing God’s Love and Peace
12. Empowered to Love as He Loves

1. Remove inner noise 
2. Inner stillness is sensed as
3. Virtues needed

1. Six Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

Five “P”s of the Our Father 
The Way God Speaks to Us
Two Ways to Listen to God’s Voice
1. Keeping a spiritual journal
2. Praying with Scripture
3. Principles of Discernment

1. Christian Love has 
2. Always AFFIRM
3. BE our deepest selves
4. CHRIST in everything
5. Handle things DIRECTLY

1. Ways in Which God Speaks 
2. Ten Key Insights to Hearing God’s Voice:
3. Discernment – A Key Question
4. Conditions for Hearing God’s Voice
5. How do I know if this is of God?
6. Trust and Delight in the Lord and Obey
7. Is the Community built by God?

8. “Pray Without Ceasing”
9. Our Assurance in Prayer
10. A Personal Relationship with Jesus
11. Learning How to be Still
12. Steps to Becoming Still
13. Practical Suggestions for Bible Reading
14. As Family, God gave Covenants

1. The Culture of Life Paradigm 
2. “Purify Thyself” Paradigm
3. Brief History of Purification (Penitential)
4. The Penitent (or purification) Movement
5. Fully Human and Deeply Spiritual Paradigm
6. Divine Life versus Eternal Life Paradigm
7. High and Low Christology Paradigm
8. The Pilgrims Progress Paradigm
9. Purgative, Illuminative and Unitive
10. The Charismatic Renewal
11. Community Lifestyle Paradigm
12. Seven Dimensions of Purification Paradigms
13. Healing, Purified and Saved Paradigms

1. Purification of the Body Paradigm 
2. Purification of the Soul Paradigm
3. Purification of the Human Spirit Paradigm
4. Purification of Family Relationships
5. Purification of Social Relationships
6. Purification or Harmony with Mother Earth and God’s Creatures
7. Purification of the Relationship with
the Communion of Saints

8. Rich in Living Nutrition and Fasting 
9. Rich in Spiritual Techniques and Devotions
10. Rich in Prayer, Meditation and Praise
11. Rich in Health, Joyfulness, & Holiness
12. Rich in Reason, Heart, & Beauty
13. Rich in Sacred Senses & Asceticism
14. Rich in Marian and Saintly Devotion

1. Bio of Fr. Bill McCarthy 
2. Bio of James Tibbetts
3. My Father’s House Retreat Center
4. Endnotes


Introduction 1. Christian Spirituality Simplified 

Spirituality can often get complex and sophisticated but in this book, we’ve tried to keep it a simple Christian approach in this series. This series of books has some advanced concepts in a simple, average, everyday layman’s format. This book will give a brief yet deep overview of Christian Spirituality and the Holy Spirit’s renewal in our lives.

Both Jim Tibbetts and Fr. Bill McCarthy added chapters to this book. Fr. Bill added: B; C; D. Jim added: A, F, G; both on anonymous work E. Fr. Bill’s B, C, D chapters are writings he did that he published in the past on the Holy Spirit. Jim’s chapter on the “Renewal in the Holy Spirit Historically” looks at the early centuries of the Charisms as does the chapter on “The Charismata in the Early Church Fathers” which is an edit of an excellent Orthodox journal study on the topic.

This book is part of a series of Christianity… Simplified:
1. Christian Spirituality Simplified
2. Christian Prayer and Meditation Simplified
3. Christian Community Life God’s Best Plan Simplified
4. Christian Insight into Mary Mother of Jesus Simplified
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Ark of the Covenant Simplified
6. Christian Healing and Wholeness Simplified
7. Christian Renewal by the Holy Spirit Simplified
8. Christian Practice with the Gift of Tongues Simplified
9. Christian Insight into the Eucharist Simplified
10. Christian Insight into Body, Soul, and Spirit Simplified
11. Christian Biblical Strategy of the Cross and
the Cross of Biblical Nutrition Simplified
12. Christians Ten Best Practices Simplified
Books with Forward by Fr. Bill McCarthy
13. Christian Purification with Nutrition Simplified
14. Christian Purification with Fasting Simplified
15. Christian Insight into Biblical Nutrition Simplified
16. Christian Insight into Biblical Fasting Simplified

This book series; Christianity…Simplified can be ordered

Yet the Holy Spirit also is active in the world inspiring all people in many ways. This is most pronounced in the Old Testament experience, which later became the Christian experience giving birth to the New Testament experience of Spirituality.

Fr. Bill’s New Nature of Christianity section opens the doors to all kinds of New Hope: Dignity, Identity, Image of Self, New Covenant, New Family, New Spirit New Heart and Power and other areas. All of this call us to say Yes to the Holy Trinity and to the Church and to our Mission for God’s People. By doing all this we go out and make disciples. From this we gain spiritual vitality in our lives.

Jesus said to us; “I came so that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10
“In My Father’s House there are many mansions.”
John 14:2

May God bless you with health and healing.
Thank you for your interest and God bless.

Fr. Bill McCarthy
James Tibbetts

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