Christian Insight into Mary Mother of Jesus Simplified

Table of Content

1. The Covenant 
2. The Four Dogmas
3. The Five “M’s” of Mary
4. Meditation
5. Mary’s Charismatic Community
6. Communities in Biblical Times
7. Mary Ark of Covenant and New Eve
8. Oldest Marian Prayer, 250 A.D.

1. Mary Our Mother 
2. Mary the New Eve
3. Mary, Full of Grace, at the Fullness of Time
4. The Eternal Woman
5. Mary, Mother of the Church
6. What God does in Mary

1. Mother of God 
2. Always A Virgin
3. Immaculate Conception
4. Her Assumption

1. Mary as a Member of the Church 
2. Mary as Model
3. Mary as Mother
4. Mary as Mediatrix
5. Mary as Messenger
6. Conclusion

1. Meditation Defined Biblically 
2. The Rosary as Meditation
3. Prayer of the Heart – Biblical Foundation
4. Meditative Devotional Space
5. Rosary Postures & Movement Meditations
6. Mary Garden Meditation Space

1. The Pentecost of Mary 
2. The Virgin Mary Pentecost, Then and Today
3. Virgin Mary, Prophet and Tongue speaker
4. Emphasis on Community and Charismata

1. Jewish-Christians in Biblical Times 
2. The Biblical Jewish and Christian Sects
3. James a Leader – First Jerusalem Community
4. Three Altars of the Lord
5. Four Seasons of Biblical Fasting
6. Mary the Kosher (Pure) Jewish Woman
7. Mother of the Vegetarian Messiah
8. Mary gives Birth at Age Sixteen
9. The Physiological Beauty of Mary

1. The New Adam and Eve 
2. Adam and Eve Reflection of Divine Image
3. Imago Dei – the image of God in Man
4. Better then Adam and Eve
5. Mary the New Eve an Order of Eden
6. Daughter of Zion – Par Excellence

1. Mary and the Ark in Luke’s Gospel 
a. The Ark and the Tabernacle in Exodus
b. The Ark in Jerusalem
2. Mary and the Ark in John’s Gospel
3. Mary as the Daughter Zion in Luke’s Gospel
4. Catechism and Documents of Vatican II
5. Instructions for the Ark’s Design
6. Biblical References to the Tabernacle
7. Praise and Worship Are the Keys
8. Twelve Keys to Receiving the Anointing
9. Ark of the Covenant – Mary

1. The Three Theological Bodies 
2. Mary, Mother of the Mystical Body
3. The Ark – Container of the Glory
4. Mary brings the Glory of God
5. Mary: Purgative, Illuminative, Unitive
7. Mystical Receiving and Ascetical Giving

1. Mother Mary’s Biblical Symbolism 
2. Mary the Sacred Image and Presence
3. Mary, the All-Holy One
a. The Law of Exception
b. The Law of Gradation in Perfection
c. The Law of Primacy
4. Mary the Perfect One
5. Oldest Marian Prayer, 250 A.D.

1. Bio of Fr. Bill McCarthy 
2. Bio of James Tibbetts
3. My Father’s House Retreat Center
4. Endnotes


Introduction – 4. Christian Insight into Mary
Mother of Jesus Simplified 

Spirituality can often get complex and sophisticated but in this book, we’ve tried to keep it a simple Christian approach in this series. This series of books has some advanced concept in a simple, average, everyday layman’s format. This book will give a brief yet deep overview of Mary the Mother of Jesus and her life in our times. The Five M’s of Mary; Christian Meditation; Mary’s Charismatic Community; Communities in Biblical Times; Mary Ark of Covenant and New Eve and other topics.

There is only one mention of the Virgin Mary in the Acts of the Apostles, after the ascension they returned to Jerusalem. “Together they devoted themselves to constant prayer. There were some women in their company, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brethren.” Acts 1:14 Then at Pentecost it is written, “All were filled with the Holy Spirit” and Acts 2:4 Luke says “All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues” indicating that Mary, too, spoke in tongues. The expression of praise and worship is found strongly in the Ark of the Covenant.

Mary is the mother of Jesus. She is Mother of Jesus, Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of His Mystical Body, the three theological bodies. Jesus, unlike anyone else in all history, has three theological bodies, all real – His own resurrected Body, now gloriously reigning in Heaven, his Eucharistic Body now reigning on our altars, and his Mystical Body, the Church. Thus, from the womb of Mary came forth the human body of Jesus, the Eucharist, and the Mystical Body. Mary is the Queen of Mystical Receiving and Ascetical Giving par-excellence.

Both Jim Tibbetts and Fr. Bill McCarthy added chapters to this book. Fr. Bill added: section B; C; D; F. Jim added: A, Section E; Jim 1-6; Fr. Bill 7, 8. Some of the insights, writings and methodology in this book come from the Eminent French Mariologist Fr. Rene Laurentin, one of Jim’s mentors.

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“Repent you (purify thyself) and believe in the gospel.” Mk 1:15 “I came so that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10 “In My Father’s House there are many mansions.” John 14:2
“Dear friend, I am praying that everything prospers with you and that you be in good health, as I know you are prospering spiritually.” 3 John 2

Thank you for your interest in this book.
May God bless you with health and healing.

Sincerely in Christ
Fr. Bill McCarthy
James Tibbetts

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