Testimonials of Multiple Sclerosis Cures

Testimonials of Multiple Sclerosis Cures

This is a Raw Vegan or Live Foods approach
as a branch of Orthomolecular Medicine.

Disclaimer Notice: The Health and Spiritual advice and “School of Thought” here is by a Catholic theologian’s perspective on the Bible and health. You have the right to your own views and School of Thought. You have the constitutional right to prescribe for yourself and to determine your own diet, lifestyle and detoxification methods but the writers and publisher assume no responsibility. If you use the information in this book without the approval of a health professional, you prescribe for yourself, which remains your constitutional right. Nutritionists and other experts in the field of health and nutrition hold widely varying views. The authors and publisher do not intend to diagnose or prescribe; this is a historical review of the literature. The authors and publisher intend to offer health information to help you cooperate with your doctor or other health practitioners in your mutual quest for health. The authors and publisher assume no responsibility for your actions from reading this book. Thank you and God bless.

Following is a brief history and a number of MS case studies of remission or people with MS who brought themselves into Permanent Remission.  Since MS is a problem with the central nervous system which involves the brain it is important to include it in a book on Parkinson’s.  There are some good lessons to be learned from the MS diets, the first is that they do work to cure or bring into remission people with neurological diseases like MS.  These diets would be helpful for people with MS but are not really strict enough for most people with Parkinson’s. 
     In the book on Starving Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and MS to Permanent Remission, Nutritional Integrative Therapies, a more detailed account is given.  A few reference works are given here.  First the Case Study done by Jim Judy Livingston who had MS since 1990 and is cured! Alleluia! 

The MS story of Judy Livingston A 2010 Case Study 

In 1989 Judy was a 40-year old female living in the Florida Keys and working at a hospital as a phlebotomist (blood drawer) with her husband and two children.  She took a new job as a cashier in a busy supermarket and noticed that she began to lose part of her visual acuity.  Some of the keys on the keyboard were disappearing.  She was referred to a neurologist at Miami-Dade hospital.  After testing and an MRI four lesions were found on her brain and they determined she had Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  These lesions appeared as “white matter” on the MRI and indicated a deterioration of the myelin sheathes on the nerves.  

When she moved to Maine, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a second time from a doctor in Portland, then when she moved to outside of Bangor she was diagnosed with MS by a neurologist in Bangor.  Thus, she had three medical doctors who all gave her the MS diagnoses.
 At that point she was on the Standard American Diet (SAD).  She started to feel really sick from the disease and had problems with her legs, she was beginning to get wobbly and unsteady at times as her motor skills were deteriorating.

Her marriage began to fall apart and she got a divorce and moved back to Maine with two sons, where she had three jobs.  After coming back to Maine, she started going to a Pentecostal Church and after a few years she met a man, Ernie, who she dated.  Ernie accepted her disease and they fell in love and got married. They bought a large parcel of land deep in the woods to put their house on.

The MS started getting worse.  She started getting electrical shocks, and some drugs helped to deal with these issues, but the shocks were increasingly uncomfortable and it made her skin sensitive to touch.  Her body would jump, like someone sticking her with pins.  It didn’t stay localized, it started in her face and back of head, moved down her arm and her skin would become very tender.  These symptoms could last up to seven days, and then they might subside for awhile, and then come back again.  She didn’t get much REM sleep as a result.

At this point she accepted medications for her MS.  But the medications didn’t help her much because the more she took the less mobile she became. The medication seemed to affect her mobility and didn’t abate the progression of her disease.

These shocks would come and go; the symptoms might last only three days, there seemed to be no pattern to it.  She learned that MS runs its own course as there is no dependable pattern for its progression.  It produces surprises and is different every day.

Other symptoms are cluster headaches and photophobia; Judy couldn’t find relief at all.  The cluster headaches affected her eyes and the dark would make her more comfortable.  She was prescribed oxygen to use on a regular basis.  By breathing in about 8 liters of oxygen for 12 minutes it would take the headache away.

Ptosis of the eyelids was another symptom that lasted a week or two, and was always connected with the cluster headaches.  Then the eye would recover. Her gait started deteriorating after two years and her legs started being affected.  She started with a cane and then later had to move to the walker for adequate support while being mobile.  Later she was prescribed an AFO lift-brace for one foot because she was beginning to drag it due to a primary foot drop.  Her balance was not good and she wasn’t able to walk easily without a walker.  At first it was now and then, but about 1 to 2 years later, she had to use the walker or have human assistance all the time.  For the next fifteen years it was almost constant.

She was taking lots of medications including: Tegretol, Amitriptyline, Prozac, Zanex and Methotrexate, to name a few.  The side effects of these drugs would make her almost helpless and her husband would have to take care of her like a baby.  Ernie would often have to help her shower and dress.
 In 2002 her neurologists had another MRI done.  The scan showed 9 lesions on her brain.  The disease had progressed.  She started to feel desperate and was willing to go anywhere, even out of the country to find a cure.  She knew that her disease was steadily progressing.

A devastating symptom was memory loss, she couldn’t do her checkbook anymore, because she couldn’t think clearly, it was like being medicated.  She couldn’t do a task, because it was confusing and it was too difficult to do!  She would forget the simplest things.  She was not able to run the household anymore.  Oftentimes at home she would usually just sit and watch television to past the day.

She started getting frustrated after having to use the walker all the time, she gradually lost her independence and became dependent on everyone around her.  She was homebound and when she fell Ernie would bring her to the emergency room.  The doctor thought she was depressed but Judy insisted that she was not depressed but frustrated.  She told the doctors, “Would not you be frustrated if you could not be independent anymore?”  But the doctors put her on anti-depressant medications any way.  

She says “My medicine cabinet was filled with bottles of pills, but I was getting worse by the day.”  She reflected, “My emotions got into all this, because I couldn’t think about how to get better.”

She could not really say that the medication helped her symptoms, but they did help to make her sleep at times.  But on the other hand she notes that the drugs didn’t work well for sleeping either.  She took the medications because the doctors said the drugs would work.  Sometimes the drugs would increase some symptoms for a while.  They would help a little on the balance in the beginning, but afterwards it did not really help anymore.

Judy related that the doctors would suggest a drug saying; “I don’t know if it is going to work, iit worked in the past for other patients, so let us try this, if it doesn’t work we’ll try this other drug.  If you are lucky and this drug works then it will be good for that symptom.”  Judy would try the drug, but it was like a guessing game.  The only thing that actually worked for Judy was the oxygen for headaches.  What made her the angriest was when the doctors would say something like: “I am only hearing to listen to your symptoms; we don’t have a cure for it.”  Judy became very disillusioned with all the drugs she was taking.

The Turning Point
 There was a turning point in Judy’s struggle, something that stopped the downhill progression of the disease and started a process of healing to take place.

In 2003, Judy had been part of a local church for 11 years; she was on the worship team.  It was a Pentecostal church and often times the members would come over and pray over her when she was struggling with the disease.  The prayers did not stop the disease but would help her emotions, and sometimes the symptoms for that day and the prayers gave her hope and gave her a lift in life.

She was a confirmed Catholic, and at age 21 she changed and became a Pentecostal for the next 21 years.  She has been slain in the spirit and was at the altar when she first prayed in tongues.  She prays in tongues in her private life and believes it protects and relaxes her.  Her husband was also Catholic and became Pentecostal and prays in tongues as well.  She and Ernie have a strong prayer life together.

When she was asked, “Did you feel let down if people prayed over you and nothing happened”, she replied “No, I have never blamed God for my MS.  We have control over how we behave.  I just feel everything happens for a reason, the body, soul and spirit are connected.”

When asked, “When at home, and had symptoms would you pray?”  She replied, “Yes, I would feel better emotionally, but the symptoms wouldn’t go away, I felt better because I released it and God’s in control of my life.  You have to stay in the WORD and feed your spiritual body.”

One Sunday a blind man, (Bill), with a seeing-eye dog came to their church.  He heard her shuffling along the church corridor after the service and asked his wife to ask her what was wrong with her.  His wife asked Ernie and he said, “she has Multiple Sclerosis, and it is progressing rapidly. She is sort of in the latter stages of the disease and will soon be wheel chair bound.” 

 “The next week, Bill told Ernie that I didn’t need to be sick anymore and that he thought he could help me.  So we got together and Bill said, ‘If you really listen to me, and you really understand what I’m trying to tell you, you can get better, and maybe even well.’ ”   Bill had a 30 plus year background in Clinical Chemistry.  He is a Christian Family and Marriage Counselor, a Health minister, a Life Coach, and a nationally known professional Motivational Speaker. He had hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, with his Seeing-Eye Dog, Orient, and wrote a book about his journey. 

The book is Blind Courage.
 Bill then explained what he wanted her to do.  He suggested baby steps at first, which included juicing carrots and drinking a green powder drink made from barley, called BarleyMax.  He warned her that it didn’t taste too good, but suggested she drink six glasses of it a day.

Judy’s first reaction to Bill was, “What do I have to lose?  I have tried everything else, and nothing worked.  I’ve tried medicines and psychologists.  So why not give this a try?”  She told Bill that she was on lots of medications, 14 of them and that she needed the medications in order to stay better.  Bill said, “Take things as they come.”

In the beginning she just did the carrot juice and Barley Max and started to feel a little more energy.  After a while Bill suggested that instead of continuing with baby steps that she goes the next level and fully change her lifestyle.  Bill asked her if she was willing to do this and Judy told him that she was willing.  So then he told her that she had to get all dairy and meat products out of her life.  He said she should not consume any animal-based products … anything that originated from a father and a mother.  

Next, he said she needed to get rid of caffeinated coffee, white flour and all processed or fried foods.  In addition, Bill told them they needed to consume very little cooked foods and to arrange the meals so that 85% of everything they ate was raw.  He also suggested that she begin to walk as rapidly as she could for a half hour a day and increase her speed until she could walk a mile in 15 minutes and then increase the time to an hour five times a week.  

“Rigorous exercise is an absolute must for one to become optimally well and stay that way.  It enhances all body functions and supports the immune system and takes away negative emotions such as depression, anxiety etc.,” he admonished her.

An interesting part of Judy’s new diet is that she did not take any supplements except for the green barley powder.  She did do B12 for awhile but not diligently.  And today she still does no vitamins, which means the diet and juicing carrots gave her all the nutrients she needed to recover.  She did turn a little orange or brown color in her skin from all the carrot juice every day.  It looked like a good tan.

Ernie was very supportive and willing to do the lifestyle with Judy.  So their home became a raw vegan one, whereas before they served the standard American diet.  They arranged their meals to be 100% vegan and about 85% raw foods, having a little cooked food at dinner time.  When she first started the diet, she gave up everything and went right to it. 

In the  morning she ate only fruit, in afternoon only salad and at suppertime she ate some cooked food, an 85/15 raw vegan diet, that means about 85% of the food is raw only about 15 % is cooked, zero animal products are allowed, it is a vegan diet.

Exactly 4 months after beginning to do this, she got up about 5:30 am one morning and felt like she had energy.  Ernie asked her was wrong.  She said, “I feel good!”  He replied, “What do you mean you feel good?”  “I can’t explain it, but I just feel good… I have energy.” she replied.

 “Wow … what do you want to do?” her husband asked.  She replied, “Maybe later on today we can take a little walk.  I haven’t been for a walk outside in a long time.  So let’s take a walk.”

Later that day, she and Ernie went for a walk but the AFO Support the doctors had prescribed to stabilize her foot, didn’t feel comfortable, so she took it off.  It was then she noticed that her foot wasn’t dropped; it was not just hanging anymore.  Walking further she said to Ernie, “I feel better without it.”  

And she put the AFO support away in the closet that day and hasn’t needed it since. About a week later she said to Ernie, “You know, I’m not having those visual symptoms … or those awful cluster headaches.”  He said, “Yeah, I’ve noticed that.”  So she stopped the deliveries of oxygen because the cluster headaches were gone.  Thus two major symptoms of the disease were gone within about 4 months.

Judy had to wait for the symptoms to go away, such as the headaches.  Another early symptom that stopped was her legs jumping around in bed.  She stopped the medication after counseling with her doctor.  Thus as the symptoms went away she weaned off the medications. First the symptoms have to go away and then she needed to ask her doctor how to get off it; since some medications can’t just be dropped and her doctor would help to get her off the pharmaceutical drug.

After about 3 months she started using the cane, than 5 to 6 months into the lifestyle she was not dependent on the cane at all.  By 5 months she was able to use her husband’s arm because her body and legs were getting stronger.  Also she no longer had the pains in her legs and body that she used to have.
 Before the lifestyle change she didn’t get a lot of restful sleep at night because of the pain, bouncing and jerking of her legs.  

When her legs stopped bouncing and jerking she started getting a good night’s sleep.  It was about 3 to 4 months before this activity slowed down and by the 5th month it was completely gone.  Then she was able to sleep through the night and get more rest.  With MS the immune system begins to be compromised and stress becomes a key factor.  By then she had been taught stress management by Bill, and that helped a lot.

Counseling Is Needed
Judy believes that the body can heal itself, but it has to be given the proper treatment.  She says, “You can’t eat the SAD diet (standard American diet) and get rid of MS.”  She also believes now that healing MS is partly psychological, that a lot of people don’t want to give up things, like resentment, which they hold onto.  Anger and other issues need to be redirected and a counselor can help with this.  

Curing MS is a long slow process that needs to happen on the spiritual, physiological, and psychological levels and all at the same time which leads the patient to learn to live life in God’s balance.  For instance, if she got angry she would be in bed all day, so she needed to learn to control her anger.  Judy believes that the diet alone won’t cure anything and   counseling alone won’t cure anything either. Both are required and both define the healing process.

 Sometimes Judy was jealous because she would see other people well and they could walk and go places, her world was shut down.  Judy relates how one friend just couldn’t relate to what Judy was going through.  “Once I knew I was sick and had symptoms every other day, what I would call a trigger day, I noticed that it started affecting my life and I started getting frustrated.”  This frustration led her to not wanting to go out into the public, which made her anxious and jealous.

Bill was actively involved with counseling Judy on issues like her anger.  He was also counseling her and Ernie on issues that they were struggling with as a couple, to understand and come to grips with.  One issue was that the MS affected their romance and sex life.  The feelings of electric shocks in her legs and sensitivity of her body would make it such that she didn’t want to make love or have sex.  There were times that it was four to five months that Ernie could not get near her.

Bill was very instrumental in dealing with the emotional issues that were holding her back. And then she learned to let go and let God!  One issue was that her husband had started to take care of her totally and she lost control of her need for power, he was in charge.  This hindered her from moving forward; when this issue was resolved, her healing moved forward rapidly.
 Both Bill and Judy strongly believe that good counseling is absolutely necessary to deal with personal issues or the healing process will never move forward.  Since the disease is neurological, these issues could stop any progress that would otherwise not be a determining factor.

Reduction in Drugs
 By the fifth month she went from taking 14 medications to taking 5.  The 5 she still took were not taken every day but were for relapses and she only took them when she had a problem.  Within 8 months she dropped 11 of the 14 medications.  With three medications left she only used them when needed.  She dropped all of them later.  She says, “The doctors could only suppress my immune system to keep me from getting sicker.”

Judy was diagnosed at age 40 and the progressive symptoms of late stage disease    occurred when she was in her 50’s; she just got sicker and sicker during that time period.  She noted that even though she was taking the pills she kept getting progressively sicker, and she commented, “The medical field meant well by giving me drugs but nearly killed me in the process.”

Judy learned from having MS that if you think you’ll get better you’ll take anything that they suggest.  After her healing of MS through an extensive lifestyle change rather than drugs, Judy became skeptical about the drugs doctors freely prescribe.  In discussing this with her doctor, and saying that the medical field gives out drugs freely to make people feel better, that a person goes to a doctor because they want something and the doctor is going to see that they get it.  The doctor replied, “If people come here and don’t get a drug, they’re angry, so we give them a drug!”

The Mountain to Climb
 To conquer any disease is to climb three mountains: The first mountain is the human spirit, to climb it means to never give up hope and trust in God explicitly!  The second mountain is the soul (psyche) that can be climbed with good counseling; and the third mountain to be climbed is the body that can be climbed through a dramatic lifestyle change.

About 13 months after she started her lifestyle changes Judy and Ernie climbed a mountain.  She climbed 2300 feet to the top of South Turner Mountain at Baxter State Park in Northern Maine. Five years into the plan, at age 60, she climbed Mount Katahdin, it is 5,267 feet high.  They did this on June 21st, the longest day of the year. They started at 8:00 and climbed to the top and then came back down at 8:30 that evening.  It was over 12 ½ hours of straight up and straight down.  Now in 2010 they average climbing 5 mountains a year!

 Judy says: “Now I get up every morning to face the new day well and happy.  I go hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, and any other sport I choose to do without a single thought of never being able to do these activities again!”

The Neurologist Report
 Judy’s neurologist was skeptical about her progress with MS at first.  She didn’t want her to get her hopes up.  But Judy discussed with her what she was going to do before she did it.  “After 2 years into my health change she noticed such a difference in my gait that she decided to do another MRI on my brain.”  That was in 2004.

The 2004 MRI showed just 4 lesions on her brain which was down from the 9 lesions on the brain in the MRI done in 2002.  At that time, her neurologist wouldn’t say that her disease was ‘cured,’ but that she now had control over it, instead of it having control over her.

The neurologist report October 13, 2004 stated: “The patient states that over the past year she has made substantial changes in her diet and to some degree in her lifestyle and feels that this has made a dramatic difference in terms of her MS.  She has switched over to having carrot juice supplementation and barley supplementation daily.  

She has become vegetarian.  Eighty-five percent of what she eats is raw food.  She has cut caffeine and refined sugars out of her diet and drinks only distilled water. … The patient is alert, oriented, and appropriate.  Speech is fluent.  Extra-ocular muscle movements are full.  Gait is stable.  Romberg is negative.  We will hold off any primary MS treatment right now.”

The neurologist’s report of March 25, 2009 stated:  “Last note from April 2006 is reviewed for disease progression.  Overall, patient is doing extraordinarily well.  She feels her disease has been entirely asymptomatic for the past several years.  She has followed the diet with high amounts of regular carrot juice and barley supplementation.  She is not taking any medication for MS.  She has continued an active lifestyle over the past year with hiking, kayaking, and any sort of activity without limitations.  

Fatigue is not an issue.  She does not have vision problems.  Bowel and bladder function have been good. … Patient is alert, oriented, and appropriate.  Speech is fluent.  Cranial nerves II through XII are grossly intact.  Gait is normal.  Patient has a past history of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, but clinically appears fully recovered with stable, persistent white matter lesions which are years old.  At this point no further neurodiagnostic testing or treatment is suggested.  I have encouraged her to continue to be active.”

In 2009 Judy was climbing a mountain, fell and injured her shoulder.  She had a minor shoulder repair and the doctor noted that she was doing about 3 times better than somebody that isn’t in as good of shape as she was, because they’re not as healthy as she is.  An MRI on the brain was done and it showed no lesions on her brain at all.  So, it appears as if all of the lesions she once had have now healed.

March 2010, Judy has had no more symptoms for over seven years, the chronic progressive MS is completely gone and the MRI by the neurologists showed that the brain lesions were completely gone in 2009.  Thus, it can be stated that at age 40 Judy was diagnosed with MS, it progressed over the next 15 years and that in 2010 she is 62 years old and has been free of MS for over seven years.

Judy’s Talks
 Judy started giving talks and shares her experience of this: “When I share the idea about eating raw with anyone I can usually tell less than 10 minutes into the conversation whether or not they’re going to accept it.  For some people, even though eating this way may be helpful for them, they’re still going to be skeptical.”

“There are people who saw me very sick in the past, and know that I’m well now, who still can’t apply this to their life.  According to them, it’s too strict of a regimen to follow.  It’s too much for them.  They want a pill that’s going to make them better.  They don’t want to work for the results.  I had to work to get where I am I could not take a pill and get better.  The medicines never made me any better; they simply masked the symptoms.”

“What I try and offer people is an open door that can make them completely healthy again.  And it’s not just with diet, but through other choices also.  You can’t just have a good diet but also have stress and anger and frustration in your life and still be healthy.  You have to make healthy choices in those areas too.”

“I would tell skeptics that if they want something to make them healthy then they have to be committed to this.  I really, really wanted to get better.  I’m sure other people want to get better too, but they need to know that they can often get better without drugs and stay healthy.”

The Raw Vegan Diet and Juicing
 The raw vegan diet that Judy was taught was the Hallelujah Diet, which is a standard raw vegan diet found in the Bible in Genesis 1:29.

Many other raw vegan or living foods diets can be found that are good at helping bring into remission degenerative diseases such as: the Hippocrates diet, the Rainbow Green diet, the Raw Revolution diet, or Six Sigma nutrition.  These and others would all emphasize at least 80/20 raw vegan, juicing, and juice fasting.  There are many testimonials of MS being treated with this approach.

In the beginning she did use Fiber Cleanse to help her detoxify her body for about six months.

Judy’s diet has stayed about the same over the last eight years since she started it.  She allows herself, maybe one or two items a year that she cheats on and knows that she can be fine with.  She doesn’t want to go back to the way that she was with MS, so she is fine with her current lifestyle.
 Morning is just fruit, anything that she wants for fruit.  Just an apple, sometimes some sunflower seeds with it or ground flax seed.  She has 8 oz. of carrot juice and 1 tbsp of barley powder mixed with 6 oz. of water every morning.

Lunch – salads, any kind of salads and mixing them together.  Sometimes bread may go with the salads. Judy and Ernie do a lot of smoothies; blueberries, raspberries, and other things in a soy base and ice cubes.
 When she had MS she needed to do six glasses of carrot juice and barley a day.  She kept the six going till about a year into it.  

Now she does three glasses a day.  If she is climbing or doing some other sport that requires huge energy expenditure she does an extra barley and carrot juice.  She does a glass of carrot juice with barley about 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Dinner – Sometimes they have something warm, a cooked meal, usually just a potato and a cooked vegetable.  She steams it a little bit so that the vegetables are still crunchy. The potato is baked in the oven with skin on it.  Sometimes they just have a big piece of watermelon, or other fruit.
 During her first year she was very strict with her diet, she noted that Ernie was not as strict since he worked and couldn’t always stay raw.  Her strict raw vegan diet and juicing routine were kept religiously for the first year. 

After that she did back off a little bit and was not so strict, but still kept it up.
 Judy has talked with others who had MS and heard about others who had MS and were healed on this lifestyle but then fell away from it and their MS came back with a vengeance.  So Judy has determined that she will be on this lifestyle for the rest of her life and she is perfectly O.K. with that.  She never wants to go back to the way she was, and she praises the Lord for her newfound life.

Judy says, “To me this is a miracle from God and I pray that my experience will be an encouragement to other Multiple Sclerosis sufferers who fell there is no hope!”

Technically it would be correct to say that Judy is cured!     

Testimony on an MS Complete Remission  

Robert Trincellito from New York (age 43 in 2010) was officially diagnosed with MS on 1/7/08 and based on his MRI and his history he had MS for between 5 to 8 years.  He had psoriasis, crippling migraines and volatile moods accompanied with depression, due to severe hormonal imbalances.  He also had a large patch of de-mylinization in the brain.  

Some of his symptoms included double vision, massive mood swings, confusion and lost of his left eye sight (optical neuritis…treated with steroids, cleared up in a couple of weeks, Christmas 2007).  The doctor put him on a steroid drip for the left eye, then ReBif interferon (January till April of 2008), then Copaxone (July to May of 2009).  The ReBif made him suicidal and he was taken off it, the Copaxone gave him no strong side effects.

Robert comments: “I do believe the meds were actually counterproductive during this time because since being 100% off of them, I do feel finally, totally free and at peace. I was told that Copaxone was a synthetic peptide along with amino acids so it didn’t seem to be chemically invasive.  It was, for me, totally mentally invasive. I honestly believe that the meds made my burgeoning ‘sluggish.’”

Robert found a nutritionist and he followed regiments of supplements prescribed, he experienced minimal progress with noticeable side effects such as hypersensitivity and insomnia.  Shortly afterwards a friend, Jennifer, who introduced him to a lifestyle of a raw diet, good food combinations, and de-toxing through colon hydrotherapy.  

The results were immediate.  His moods began to stabilize and his psoriasis quickly disappeared.  His energy levels were heightened, his focus sharpened, and his migraines ceased to exist and he lost 50 pounds, presently weighing a healthy 166 pounds, normal for his height and build.

Robert joined an MS support group and he e-mailed me this comment in the midst of my questions about his MS:  “Jim, I am so proud of what I’ve done.  After attending a few MS group sessions soon after being diagnosed back in Feb or March of 08’, and listening to hopeless, drowning about meds and Doctors, I vowed that this would not be my fate.  I could not believe that this is what was in store for me.  I was more scared of people with MS than I was of having MS myself.”

“So, on Feb 9 2008, one day after my 42nd birthday, I CHOSE to begin my path to wellness.  I made mistakes but have continued to move on and grow.  It was also on this day that I wrote my mantra, ‘I choose to live presently, in retrospect of my own future, that will be without regret.’  Jim, if I’m in a wheel chair 20 years from today, I will have no regrets because I am accountable to, and respectful of, my future self.  Getting MS hasn’t been a tragedy for me. It hasn’t ruined my life….it has saved it.”

Robert relates a regression that happened in May 2009:  “Back in May I felt some numbness in my lower right leg and a sensitivity to cold.  I was extremely stressed due to a very personal matter and had completely abandoned all my hard work and efforts concerning diet, juicing, and exercise.  I made a rare visit to my neurologist. He called it a ‘sensory exacerbation.’  He also said that it didn’t mean my MS was getting worse, he said it seemed that it was just poking it’s head out to take a look around. 

He prescribed steroids which I did not take and a MRI which I refused to get.  I immediately fasted for the next 3 days and did colonics.  The symptoms quickly went away and I’ve never looked back.”  This is an important event because it shows that after 6 months he was in remission as long as he continued on the raw diet and detox regime.

In September of 2008 Robert got into raw foods (80/20 raw) and was not a vegetarian before that time.  In October 2008 he started doing colonics once a week for a month and since then twice a month.  He also did juicing, smoothies and juice fasting on a weekly basis.  Robert has been drinking juice almost daily since September 2008.  On some days he just drank juice without ever thinking about it.  

Starting in February 2009 he would juice fast for one day a week and in about April he started fasting 2 to 3 days once a month.  He would usually use green juices on a fast: “Some fast days might be fruit smoothie for breakfast and killer green juices the rest of the day.  In fact, that is pretty much my average daily regimen.”

On asking the question:  Did the juice fasting seem to help the MS?, Robert replied, “I do believe so.  I feel so well and healthy just fasting that my body continues to thank me for all my efforts. The pure fact that my psoriasis is gone, which existing like gloves on my hands, is a testament that my immune system is correcting.”

On asking another question:  Did you find doing colonics helped the MS symptoms or recovery?, Robert replied, “Absolutely!!  I believe in colonics so much in treating my MS that I’ve become a licensed colonic therapist!  I have been self treating for the better part of 6 months.  The benefits are so noticeable and absolutely invaluable to all … but more so and especially MSers!!  My overall wellness response was incredible. (Before November 2008 Robert never did an enema.)

Robert continued: “As I’ve stated in the past, my approach to my MS is simple;…treat my overall wellness and immune system, which in turn will correct the ‘errors’ that have unwittingly occurred in my body.”
On asking: What do others think of your being healed of MS?  Robert replied: “Citizens love what I’ve done.  ‘MS-ers’ not as much.”

Within a month after starting a raw food diet, Robert noticed that his new raw food diet helped with the symptoms of MS and his entire well-being.  Physically he noticed that his MS symptoms started going away within the first two months but cognitively it was more gradual that the symptoms faded away within another two months.  

He recognizes the change in his life and well-being and states: “All I can say is that no one, including myself, recognizes that man I am now from who I used to be.  I have been reborn.  My mission from day one was to get my immune system to STOP attacking my nervous system.  With all the changes I’ve experienced, I believe: mission accomplished.”   (e-mails August 2009)
Robert’s website is: www.fifthstreetwellness.com

Two things can be noticed about Robert’s testimonial that were influential in putting his MS into complete remission.  First is that he moved into a raw foods orientation, of  approximately 80% raw, 20% cooked, which is a standard raw vegan diet.  The second thing is he did detoxification methods along with his new raw foods diet.  

He did colonics and juicing and juice fasting to detox.  Thus it was both his raw vegan diet and detoxification methods that changed his biochemistry enough to put the MS into complete remission for a year now (September 2008 to September 2009).  It takes the body years to rebuild in its quest for healing, and in the mean time he can live a perfectly normal, healthy lifestyle with his living foods diet and juicing, juice fasting program!  This is an excellent witness of nature’s power to heal!

Other Evidence and Testimonials on MS    

The classic MS work in nutrition that has been the standard for research following it is; The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book, a Low-Fat Diet for the Treatment of M.S. by Roy Laver Swank, M.D., Ph.D. and Barbara Brewer Dugan.  “The low-fat diet allows a daily fat intake of fewer than 15 grams (three teaspoons) and encourages the intake of a minimum of 20 grams (four teaspoons) of oil (chiefly polyunsaturated) daily. 

The reduction in fat from an average diet is about 90 percent; the oil intake may be increased to as much as 50 grams per day.  It is important that the diet be adhered to strictly, without fail.  To neglect to do so will result in continued activity of the disease and ultimate serious deterioration.”

Our experience in the last few years has led us to advocate, as we do in this book, that the diet contained less than 15 grams (3 teaspoons) of fat daily.  Oil supplementation of 20 grams or more daily is also beneficial.  It is also very important in order to obtain the very best results that patients be treated early before disability has developed.”

Even though this is the classic work there are other later works and books that confirm this type of diet for MS.  Since MS deals with the central nervous system the benefits of this diet could also apply to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Autism.

Judy Graham’s book; Multiple Sclerosis A Self-Help Guide to Its Management, is the result of her healing herself of MS which she was diagnosed with in 1974 at the age of 27.  She was one of the founding members of the Multiple Sclerosis Action Group in London.  She gives good insights of MS from someone in London and involved in the ARMS  group and familiar with the research at that time period.

Two studies published in the British Medical Journal set the ball rolling on Fasts and MS.  In 1973 a study testing sunflower seed oil, showed that the frequency, severity, and duration of attacks were reduced I the group who took the sunflower seed oil.   Later in 1978, a trail was conducted by Professor David Bates and co-workers at Newcastle University with 116 patients with MS.  The Newcastle study shows that someone with MS can be helped with evening primrose oil.  It showed the effectiveness of polyunsaturates for MS.

“These results may mean that patients who stick closely to the low saturated/high PUFA diet (the ARMS diet) have less demyelination and therefore less damage.  This would fit with recent findings that patients on the diet seem to have shorter and less severe relapses.  Professor Michael Crawford believes that the diet may work as a remission agent.”   

“The best known and best publicized people with MS whose lives have changed as a result of identifying their food sensitivities are Roger MacDougall and Alan Greer.

“The other well-publicized exclusion diet with a successful outcome is the Rita Greer diet.  Rita Greer began experimenting with foods for her husband Alan when he was severely disabled and doctors had written him off as a hopeless case.  Her first breakthrough was when she accidentally discovered that Alan felt better on a diet that totally excluded meat – something she was forced to do through sheer poverty.  From that, it was a short step to discover that he reacted badly to eggs and cheese and all saturated fat.  Rita also decided to follow the principles of the gluten-free diet and cut out everything made with wheat, barley, oats, and rye.

With much trial and error, hard work, study of nutrition, and the creativity that goes with being a gifted artist, Rita eventually came up with a diet that suited Alan’s body perfectly.  She kept him on this basically vegan diet for about four years, during which time he made gigantic improvements to the point where the wheelchair and walking aids were banished with the bedpans to the lumber room.  

His regeneration was so startling that some doctors were doubtful that he had ever had MS at all, as his improved condition did not tally with his medical notes.  There is no doubt, however, that Alan Greer did and does have MS.  It is just that he no longer eats the foods that were having a toxic effect on him.”

These testimonials of healing MS are from The MS Recovery Diet, by Ann D. Sawyer and Judith E. Bachrach.  These case studies or testimonies are of complete recovery of advance MS to just getting MS as related in The MS Recovery Diet.   Both authors of this book: Ann Sawyer and Judith Bachrach had MS and cured themselves of it through a strict almost vegetarian diet, avoiding certain foods.  

Ann Sawyer, a psychotherapist was diagnosised with MS in 1997 and put on full disability.  Judith Bachrach a former dancer lived with MS for thirty-nine years.  Both improved dramatically on the MS Recovery Diet.  The MS Recovery Diet targets five common food triggers that acan set off the symptoms of MS: dairy, grains containing glutens, legumes, eggs and yeast.

Carol had MS at thirty-two and later read about the Dr. Swank diet she is described in the book: The MS Recovery Diet, as; “Carol’s serene countenance gives an impression of a young woman in her thirties, not a fifty-one-year-old.  Adding to this, several years of yoga show in her good posture and easy movements.  Certainly, this is not the picture of a woman who has MS.”

“She then related that over the last almost twenty years, she had given information about her MS diet – the Swank diet – to about a hundred people.  ‘Of course, I haven’t been able to follow up on everyone, but the three people I know who followed the diet are now essentially symptom-free.  All those folks that I know of who decided it was too extreme or that they couldn’t give up some foods are now quite progressed in their disease,’ Carol said.  ‘I don’t understand.  When my MS was bad, I was so depressed and desperate to do anything.  If the way out of MS was to only eat gruel, then I would have done just that.’”

… As the years went by and Carol lived free of symptoms, she became more lax about her diet, eating a lot of things she hadn’t before.  She even dared to eat foods with high fat, including Mexican food.  In the fall of 1989, Carol’s MS returned with a vengeance.  Both of her legs felt like trunks, and she shuffled like a surgery patient.  She was horrified.  ‘This is it!’ she told herself, ‘I’m not going downhill.’  

     Carol returned to strictly following the diet and three weeks later she was again symptom-free.  Carol has rarely strayed since.  Laughing at herself, Carol explained how she weaned herself from her favorite chocolate ambrosia pie.  ‘Every time I looked at the pie, I’d superimpose an image of myself in a wheelchair on it.’  That killed her craving.”     

The MS story of Darlene    

This testimony of complete recovery of advance MS is dramatic and shows the power of nutrition when a person preserves week after week, month after month, year after year.  Ann Sawyer gives this account in The MS Recovery Diet.   This is really a story of the Ann Wigmore diet combined with other diets.  Darlene took wheat grass juice which is the Ann Wigmore influence back in the 1970’s, thus a raw vegan influence is found here.  The living foods diet of Ann Wigmore is what is promoted in this book!

“In 1974, Darlene’s whole being was ravaged by her rapidly progressing multiple sclerosis.  The overwhelming, paralyzing fatigue had robbed her of all vitality.  ‘I was tired, I didn’t care about anything.’ Darlene recalled, Her arms and legs were lost in numbness, preventing her doing any activity.  Even worse, she was often beset with intermittent spasms, in which her muscles would tremor, and cramps, in which her muscles would tighten in excruciating pain.

MS also affected her vision, making the world a blurry place, taking away any possibility of reading or doing handwork.  Darlene’s cognitive abilities, like thinking and reasoning, were lost in an MS fog.  She became increasingly emaciated because, after eating, she experienced punishing pain in her chest and around her heart.  Darlene added another reason she go so thin was that often she was just too tired to chew and swallow.  Finally, Darlene experienced difficulty swallowing and breathing, the last-stage symptoms.  Her days were spent sleeping or just lying down because she had neither the ability nor energy to do anything else.”

The symptoms initially began a few years before 1970, but she dated the start of her progressive MS to 1970.  During this time she visited doctors and took their advice and prescriptions.  But nothing helped and the medications only gave bad side effects and reactions.  She continued to worsen and by 1974 the MS was full blown.  She and her husband started looking elsewhere and discovered, Roger MacDougall who was one of the early pioneers in the diet/nutrition approach to multiple sclerosis.  

He gave up gluten, limited fat intake and sugar.  Limiting fat intake had been researched and advocated by Dr. Roy Swank since the early 1950’s.  MacDougall gradually recovered full functioning and wrote about his recovery, he died in 1993 at age eighty-two, still symptom-free.

“Careful as she was following the diet, after six months Darlene was discouraged because she felt that she hadn’t registered any progress.  Then, while praying, she realized that the pain in her chest and around her heart after she ate was gone.  That one bit of progress was enough.  She redoubled her efforts.

Darlene explained that she always tried to ‘remember the depths from which she had climbed,’ rather than look at all she still couldn’t do.  ‘That helps,’ she said, ‘as well as being aware of the little things.  Recovery from MS is all about almost imperceptible steps forward.’  After a while, more confident, she began to vary her foods a little.  ‘I noticed that some things on MacDougall’s list didn’t bother me.’  Darlene said.  ‘And some of the things he said were okay did bother me.’  

She kept a food diary, being especially careful to track new foods, which she introduced at a rate of one a week.  For her, reactions to foods came quickly in the form of indigestion or echoes of past symptoms.

In minute steps, Darlene kept getting better. ‘After I could walk without help, and it was hardly good walking, it took another two to three years before I could do stairs,’ she told me.  Fortunately, her cognitive skills and ability to think and remember were among the first things to clear up.  Her vision was another symptom that improved early on.  This allowed her to read labels and to do her own research on MS and nutrition.

Through the healing years, mindful that the anemia could return, Darlene had her trusted family physician monitor her.  A good and compassionate man, he was supportive of her diet and was impressed by her results.  Upon his request, she wrote up her experience, giving the details of what she did.  Her doctor passed the essay on to some of his other patients with MS.  None of them followed through, with one person going so far as to say that it was ‘too much work.’  Darlene noted that the same holds true now.  She shook her head over all the unnecessary pain and suffering because of people’s ignorance and unwillingness to take charge of their MS.”

“It is hard for Darlene to pinpoint exactly when she became symptom free; the process was slow and measured in tiny increments.  Her best guess is that it was at least six years from when she started the diet, which places her full recovery about 1980.

Over twenty years later, she doesn’t consider herself to have MS.  She eats carefully, still following the basic diet at home.  She juices vegetables and wheatgrass and is careful to get enough of the essential fatty acids (omega-3, -6 and -9, found in fish and some vegetable oils like flaxseed, olive, sunflower, and safflower).  When she is out, however, she can and will eat everything and not suffer any consequences.  According to Darlene, living with deep faith and trust in God, she was free to move forward, unimpeded by her own negative thoughts and moods that would have blocked her healing path.”

The Hallelujah Diet
7/10/2007  –  I was diagnosed with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) 15-years ago.  For the first 5-years, while my children were young, I was very sick. … It has been 10-years since that day I started on The Hallelujah Diet, and I am thrilled to report that I AM TOTALLY WELL, and haven’t seen a doctor for my MS since then.  I don’t even say that I have MS anymore, because all symptoms are totally gone.  Within one year of adopting The Hallelujah Diet…I was OFF ALL MY MEDICATIONS. 

e.  The Hallelujah Diet and MS testimonials MS and Michael Sustar

This edited testimonial of remission of MS through a raw vegan diet was printed in Hallelujah Acres Health News.   It is inspiring to read how chronic MS was brought into remission and worth reading.  “Four years ago, I began getting MS-type attacks in my hand.  I would try writing, but my hand just wouldn’t cooperate.  Then it would go away and come back again without warning.  I went to a neurologist to get tested and they said it could be MS, but advised me to ‘ride it out’ to see what happens.  

Over time, similar symptoms spread and I began having to drag my leg.  It was getting much more difficult to function from day to day as things began getting worse.  I had a spinal tap to confirm an MS diagnosis.  When a spinal tap is performed, the fluid is supposed to have about 2 or 3 oligoclonal bands (spinal fluid markers that indicate an MS diagnosis); my fluid had 13.  

This confirmed that I had MS – a very aggressive form of it.  My body was attacking itself.  It was eating away at the myelin sheath, the ‘insulation’ surrounding the nerve endings, leaving the nerve endings bare.  Just like a bare electrical wire, the bare nerve endings began short-circuiting; confusing the signals between my brain and the part of my body I was trying to move.  …  (he describes how his condition got worst over the months) All the while, my wife Monica (a registered nurse) was doing some research.  

She had talked to a lot of people who had said the drugs would slow down the attacks and give me a few more years before I ended up in a wheelchair, but that was the best-case scenario.  I was devastated.”

Through his mother-in-law Michael heard about a woman with MS that went on a raw vegan diet (The Hallelujah diet) and within a year recovered from MS.  Michael and Monica started the diet by going to a center for it.  “The first thing to improve was my eyesight.  For about four months, I had to wear sunglasses when we taped our televised ministry because of all the bright lights on stage; the lights were hurting my eyes and it was driving me crazy.  But on the second day at the Lifestyle Center, my wife noticed I didn’t have my sunglasses all day – that’s when I noticed that something was different.

Throughout that week, we asked the Orcutts every question we could think of.  They told us the story of Dave’s experience on The Hallelujah Diet.  They had done everything the could for eight months but nothing seemed to be working: Dave’s MS had not improved at all and they were ready to give up.  But in that eighth month, he woke up one morning and said he could feel his thumb, which was a major accomplishment because it had been numb for a very long time.  That was the week they were going to give up; today he’s completely healed.

Dave’s story (coupled with Rosa’s story) gave us tremendous hope!  When we came home, we changed everything about our diet.  We went cold turkey (excuse the expression) and didn’t cheat.  We juiced every day and did everything we were suppose to do according to The Hallelujah Diet.
     In a matter of three or four weeks, I noticed another improvement.  I went up the stairs to turn on the air conditioning, and I actually ran up the stairs.  I stopped myself because I haven’t been able to do that in two to three years.  It scared me for a minute because I couldn’t believe I actually ran up the stairs: I would usually stumble.  

So I did it again just to prove it to myself.  Sure enough, I could do it.  After a few weeks of symptoms coming and going, I began to notice a real difference.  By about 11 weeks into the diet, I improved so dramatically that we felt compelled to tell others about my healing. … I understand that God made our bodies to work this way, but I never would have believed that food itself could help rebuild the body.”

I am a 57-year old woman with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. When I first tried The Hallelujah Diet I was fed up with our ‘health care’ system.         4/3/2008
 “Dear Rev. Malkmus, I am a 57-year old woman with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. When I first tried The Hallelujah Diet I was fed up with our ‘health care’ system. I had been in the hospital 4 times that year, and had been treated with a 5-day regimen of steroids on each occasion. I was also taking 13 drugs per day – drugs like morphine, Percocet and Oxycontin, and still having trouble with MS exacerbations. Nothing doctors were doing was helping and I was miserable. I could hardly get through my days.

 “I was put on complete Social Security disability and had no hope of anything more in a day’s time than lying around, sleeping, popping drugs, feeling very bad, and of course being very depressed.  That’s when I went into a local Christian bookstore to get a book, any book that might help me, and found your book The Hallelujah Diet.

“After doing a moderate amount of study, my husband (who is very supportive) and I adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and almost immediately set about weaning myself off all the medications the doctors had me on.  It took 2½ months, but eventually I was even able to discontinue the morphine patches.  On The Hallelujah Diet I gradually got better and better.  We stayed strictly on the diet for 6-months.

“Then, a little at a time, I started going back to my old SAD [Standard American Diet], until I was completely off The Hallelujah Diet and back on the meat, sugar, and cooked food diet again.  On the SAD, my symptoms soon returned, and it was back to the doctors for my ‘health care.’  First it was one drug, then two and then more and more until finally I was on 6 different drugs.  

Finally I said ‘NO MORE’ to the neurologists. This gave me a very bad reputation for being a difficult patient, and this went into my medical records.  Each time a doctor wanted to add another drug I refused until I ferociously dreaded any future doctor appointment and was willing to do almost anything to put an end to this endless drug regimen the doctors insisted I be on.

“As you can imagine, the current health care pathway that doctors take is a very expensive one, but ‘insurance pays for it, right!’  It becomes so easy to say to yourself that the whole world’s system of health care can’t be wrong, BUT IT IS!  Sadly, I didn’t wake up to this until the doctors wanted to put me on a completely new drug called Tysarbi.  It was controversial, and three out of 2000 die of a brain disease from this combination therapy.  They say there is no way of knowing who will develop this brain disease or what causes it, but they prescribed the drug anyway to the tune of $28,000 per year, because my insurance would pay for it.

“My husband and I made the decision to NOT take the drug. Now we are back on The Hallelujah Diet and will do it absolutely the best we can, and trust God the best we can.  And again, I will wean myself off the medications and hopefully never go the doctor and health care system currently available in America ever again.

“Rev. Malkmus, I agree completely with what you say about our nation’s present health care system. Our doctors may mean well, but they don’t know.  They are uninformed and are being taught incorrectly in medical school.  The hours they spend on any type of nutritional education are practically zilch.  They do the best they can, but the truth is that it is ‘we the people’ who have given them the ever-increasing power that they have over us.  They think they are God, but they are not!

 “When God made us, He knew what he was doing, and you Rev. Malkmus are correct when you say we are the ones who make the decision to go the doctor route. We are the only one who can decide what our health will be, and I can tell you that this has now been beaten into my brain the hard way. 

While on The Hallelujah Diet I was able to eliminate all my drugs and my MS exacerbations almost totally went away. Then when I returned to the SAD, my exacerbations returned, and back on the drugs I went.

 “We may think that it is expensive to purchase BarleyMax® and organic carrots, and all the things we need to be healthy, but the alternative to that is the loss of not only our health, but also our will.  When we no longer can choose how we spend our day, then we have lost our freedom.  How long will it take us to realize that our health is our choice?  I believe the answer to this issue all boils down quite simply to education, not government health care, nor money, but rather educating ourselves to the truth of where real health care comes from – a healthy diet and God.

 You, Rev. Malkmus, are correct! Our nation is suffering the consequences of a burdened health care system, but it has been ‘we the people’ who have allowed it to be so.  Until ‘we the people’ stand up and each personally chose health, by choosing to put only healthy foods into our body, nothing will change.  Kindest regards and special thanks, Debi.”

I was diagnosed with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS…I went on The Hallelujah Diet, and within a week started feeling better.       3/19/2007
“About 5-years ago, while painting our house, I became extremely fatigued and started slurring my words.  I went to the hospital and an MRI showed LESIONS ON MY BRAIN.  My hearing was damaged and my vision impaired to the extent I couldn’t see very well.  Then I started having balance problems, tremors in my feet and lower legs, and I started dragging my right foot.  About three months after the first attack, I was diagnosed with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. 

I was completely devastated.  The symptoms I was experiencing and the diagnoses devastated me. I prayed fervently for God to heal me, or show me what to do.  That is when someone gave me a copy of George Malkmus’ tapes on “HOW TO ELIMINATE SICKNESS.”

Immediately after listening to the tape, I went on The Hallelujah Diet, and within a week started feeling better. Soon thereafter my whole body began to improve and my energy returned.  The tremors and shakes that were so uncomfortable went away, my balance improved, and the dizziness disappeared.  My eyesight, according to my eye doctor is continuing to improve, and I have not had another attack, nor do I expect to. 

It is wonderful to feel normal again and to know I am going to continue to feel great everyday, just as long as I remain on The Hallelujah Diet.  I thank the Lord for revealing to me the way to return to good health.  Praise the Lord!”      Dale, Kingsport, Tennessee.

He is very outgoing and full of life, which has totally bemused the doctors and the M.S Society here in Brisbane.       

“Hi George, My name is Peter and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I’ m writing regarding my friend Eddie, who has had Multiple Sclerosis for approximately 15 years.  He has been in a wheelchair for the past 6 years and was losing muscle strength, vision, and memory.  He also had bladder infections and continuous constipation problems.  He had to be helped to transfer from the wheelchair at all times and was ill with whatever flu or cold going around. DOCTOR’S DIAGNOSIS WAS AN ONGOING DECLINE IN ALL BODY FUNCTIONS AND EVENTUALLY DEATH!  Eddie’s response was that God was in charge, and he started to follow The Hallelujah Diet.  That was 3 years ago.   

The results:
Now transferring from wheelchair by himself
No bladder infections for 2 years
No flues or colds for 2 years
No more memory loss at all
No constipation at all
Vision improved — Had to get weaker glasses
Now standing unaided on walking frame for 5 minutes
Now believes he will walk again
Hair re-growing and has to shave every day now
Increased motor co-ordination
All blood tests normal

 Eddie is singing your diet’s praises and promotes a healthy lifestyle to whoever will listen to him.  He is very outgoing and full of life, which has totally bemused the doctors and the M.S Society here in Brisbane.  He fully expects to walk in the next 12 months and praises God daily for finding out His way of eating through your book ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health.’  He is an inspiration to be around and is a marvelous ambassador for Hallelujah Acres. I will let you know his progress over the next months.”

…this Hallelujah Diet was the answer to my prayers.    8/4/2005
“Dear Reverend Malkmus, In December 2001 my husband was at work and he suddenly, without warning, lost his balance coming downstairs. Immediately, the left side of his body became numb and started tingling and his right leg could not support his weight. He went to the Emergency Room only to be admitted for a week of spine probing and fluid withdrawal, brain frying x-rays and many other invasive tests. All we were told was that his pupils were very dilated and that he either had CANCER or MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS of the C2 portion of his spine – we were supposed to wait for 8 weeks to see if the lesion grew – if it grew he had cancer, if not, it was MS.

I was working as a Financial Controller at our church. A pastor brought a young lady into my office and suggested I listen to her testimony. One year previously she had MS so severely she was in a wheelchair, her body riddled with pain daily and she had refused all drug therapy. She had 12 lesions (11 in her brain and 1 in her spine – Dave only had 1 in his spine). She went on this (Hallelujah) diet and in six months her lesions were one-half the size. After one year her MS was gone and today she teaches aerobics.

I cried as I realized that she was God’s confirmation to me that this Hallelujah Diet was the answer to my prayers.  At the time, I didn’t consider myself to have many health problems (quite delusional I might add), but I knew that if I didn’t do this diet WITH Dave it wouldn’t be successful, as I was the one preparing our family’s meals.  I did not want to loose my husband to disease and was willing to do anything to help him.  With my Lord at my side I began to consume knowledge to understand HOW to do this thing, HOW to feed my family, HOW to renew my mind.

We started the (Hallelujah) diet immediately.  Our 15-year- old daughter had overheard me reading in the car and on the way home had ordered her usual cheeseburger and fries at a restaurant.  She took one bite and said, ‘I will never eat meat again.  I heard everything you read and don’t want to get sick like my daddy.’  So as a family we ventured on the journey to health, basically alone, except for a couple of wonderful Health Ministers from Bradenton, Florida.  Following are the health improvements we have experienced (on The Hallelujah Diet):

DAVE ORCUTT:  THREW HIS WALKER AWAY — most days his MS symptoms are non-existent. GONE are:  SEVERE ARTHRITIC PAIN (he used to take 800 mg of Ibuprofen twice a day for the pain), FACIAL CANCERS, 44 POUNDS, BODY ODOR, TOE FUNGUS, ACID REFLUX, HEADACHES, SNORING, AN UNDIAGNOSED CHEST LUMP, SEVERE JOINT PAIN, BAD BREATH, and he is now GROWING HAIR back on his head — on a bald spot he has had for twenty plus years.


AMBERLEE (our daughter) — At 15, no one would expect that she would be experiencing many health problems, but we noticed several of her health problems had disappeared.  She LOST 41 POUNDS and FOUND SELF-ESTEEM AND JOY.  ACNE AND BLEEDING GUMS ARE GONE, ACHY JOINTS, KNEE LOCK UPS, HEADACHES, PMS AND MENSTRUAL PAIN, DANDRUFF, ACID REFLUX ARE GONE, AND STRETCH MARKS HAVE DISAPPEARED. AND THE CONSTANT COUGH SHE HAD FOR TWO YEARS DISAPPEARED.  Her legs also snapped and creaked as she walked up stairs, making us feel we needed to follow her with an oil can to lubricate her. TODAY, AMBERLEE, AT AGE 18, IS A BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG, HEALTHY, WOMAN!

Since going on The Hallelujah Diet two and a half years ago, none of us have been sick, and we are enjoying improved health and quality of life and now feel we can fulfill God’s purpose in our lives.”    

The Hallelujah Diet
7/10/2007  –  I was diagnosed with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) 15-years ago.  For the first 5-years, while my children were young, I was very sick. … It has been 10-years since that day I started on The Hallelujah Diet, and I am thrilled to report that I AM TOTALLY WELL, and haven’t seen a doctor for my MS since then.  I don’t even say that I have MS anymore, because all symptoms are totally gone.  Within one year of adopting The Hallelujah Diet…I was OFF ALL MY MEDICATIONS.  

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