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General Testimonials of Degenerative Diseases

  General Testimonials

 These are testimonials from different living foods or raw vegan diets.  As pointed out in this book the six other raw vegan diets I recommend along side the Alleluia diet are all very similar and thus yield similar results in health and healing.  Thus putting these living foods diets together in a testimonial shows what this category of raw vegan diets can achieve in terms of health and healing.  A few of the many witnesses have been included in summary form here. 

    1.  The Alleluia Diet 

 First a few comments on the a course on the Alleluia Diet and second comments on a few healings.   Some people who have taken a course on the Alleluia Diet by Jim have given their comments below

 “Lise and I want to thank you very much... Many of the points you cover we’ve heard or read before, but it’s the research you’ve done to back-up your position and statements that make the difference.  We’ve found the book a great help... Lise has also taken us off all red meats and I really find no difference myself, but she has noticed a difference with a veggie diet in just a few weeks.”      Dan & Lise, Sabattus, Maine

“If you care for your health this course is for you.”
  Reginald B., Greene, Maine

“I have recommended the course to others - this information is very important to our health - you reaffirm what I was taught years ago - food is medicine to the body.” 
  Nancy L., Lewiston, Maine

“Excellent.  Informative, ‘different’.  Never attended a course where I actually received the foods the moderator recommends.  The meals were great!  Loved the humor.  The teacher made it seem do-able.  For the first time in my life, I actually went on and completed a 7 day juice fast and am seriously considering vegetarianism as a lifestyle.  I switched from dairy to soy and I have not eaten chicken since the beginning of the course.   The course is a wonderful teacher an ‘eye opener’ to what the S.A.D. diet actually is and how deceptive advertising and T.V. in general is.  The course favors optimum good health and draws a specific map with directions to get there.  And, most important, it is possible to achieve.”               
                                         Joan W., Lewiston, Maine

“Informative, but horrifying!  Compelling enough to keep coming back.  Good mix of scientific information, experience and spiritual background for good nutrition, as well as humor!  I Liked the raw food gourmet meals.  I have gone on a 7-day fast with juices with no ill effects whatsoever.  I really liked the concept of detoxification.  I have also gone over to other products (soy, rice, etc.) instead of milk.  And I’ve just about eliminated chicken form my diet and slowly doing the same with eggs.  Bought a vegetarian cookbook which I’ve been using regularly.                   Patricia J., Lewiston, Maine

“This course is very thought provoking and should be looked into by all who are serious about growing spiritually not only getting physically healthier.”          Lisa D., Litchfield, Maine

“I throughly enjoyed this course.  I looked forward every Wednesday to hear what Jim had to say next.  Education is the only way to change faulty eating habits.  I have stopped eating the 5 whites and I plan to fast one day a week.  I have already spoken to several friends, but unless they are ready to make serious changes in their diets, all of my preaching will not help.  I would recommend Jim’s books, and for beginners, I would highly recommend his A to Z abridged book to everyone.”   
                    Monique L., Greene, Maine

 The summer of 1995, there was a nurse, married with two children who lived near me that I met.  She had cancer and I started talking to her about the diets that could heal cancer.  Finally she decided to try it since the doctors kept telling her the cancer was growing and that she needed to have her breast removed.  After a month of the diet, juicing and coffee enemas, she went in for tests for the cancer.  For the first time in six months the cancer had slowed down and possibly stopped!  Alleluia!!!  She had to move out of the summer rental near the beach so I lost track of her.  But I sent her onto the Gerson Institute for further help. 

 The summer of 1997, a Boston woman read my book and tried the diet and within a few weeks her skin started getting oils and feeling soft and a few other problems were helped.

In 2007 a woman who had should pains in one should for years and doctors and drugs did not help was talking to Jim Tibbetts.  He suggested she go on a fast and gave her a copy of his book on juice fasting.  She went on a 12 day juice fast and her should pain cleared up.  It was probably some kind of heavy metal or toxic material in the shoulder that the juice fast helped to clear up.   

 Most people I give a seminar or sell my books to and I don’t follow up with so I have not collected witnesses like others.  But the Alleluia diet is basically the same as the others so their witnesses will give testimony. 

2.  The Hallelujah Diet

 The Hallelujah Diet has some great witnesses as to what a raw vegan diet can do. 

 Pastor Bob East, was crippled by multiple sclerosis in the prime of his life.  He changed his diet and went on to become a middle aged mountain climber.  Pastor Bob, now in his mid-60's, no longer experiences any symptoms of MS, which medical doctors consider to be an incurable disease that gets progressively worse. 

 Rev. Gale Galloway, lived a medical nightmare for 18 years, battling a half-dozen life-threatening diseases.  He had diabetes, prostate problems, toxic poisoning, two heart attacks and went through a four-day coma.  Since adapting the Hallelujah Diet, he has enjoyed excellent health. 

 Mary Payne lost 112 pounds in 16 months on the Hallelujah Diet.  She also found relief from her severe rheumatoid arthritis. 

 Dianne McKee, suffered abdominal pain for five years.  She had four major surgeries and saw at least 20 doctors, but found no relief until she came to Hallelujah Acres and changed her diet.

 Jim Allen, was diagnosed with kidney cancer at age 71 and three doctors told him his left kidney would have to be removed.  Jim changed his diet and his body healed the cancer.  He still has both of his kidneys, and no sign of cancer.

These are some testimonials on the Halleluiah Acres web site, letters written in concerning healing’s received.  Hallelujah! 
    2/6/2007      Arleen writes: “Dr. Malkmus, Recently I went to my hematologist/ oncologist for my annual blood work and am very thankful to the Lord that I am still LEUKEMIA free! I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for almost three years now. Within less than a year after starting the diet, my LEUKEMIA went into remission and has been in remission ever since. I believe the Lord has healed me through this diet. I remember promising the Lord I would not only go on the diet, but would follow it for the rest of my life. I thank God for the people who led me to your Health Tip and this lifestyle. The doctors still can’t understand how I went into remission without chemotherapy. In fact, they were so distraught; they did a bone marrow test. The bone marrow was as clean and pure as that of a newborn baby! God is good! Thank you!”

    8/24/2007      In 2003 I was diagnosed a BRITTLE DIABETIC and placed on 5 insulin shots per day. After changing my diet, blood tests reveal that I AM NOW IN THE NON-DIABETIC RANGE. . . . I praise Yahweh for the many miracles that have happened in my life as a result of changing my diet:  I NO LONGER HAVE CIRRHOSIS OF THE LIVER, THYROID DISEASE, DIABETES, AND I HAVE EXPERIENCED A WEIGHT LOSS IN 4-YEARS OF 150 POUNDS.  I will continue to lose more weight until I reach my ultimate goal of a healthy weight for me.  I claim my miraculous healing and continue to go on praising Yahweh for HIS healing power to transform me into the woman I am today.
   7/24/2007      In June of 2004, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  One week later, I had my annual mammogram and a golf-ball sized mass showed up.... Within one week [of starting the Hallelujah diet] my glucose level was totally controlled.  I have never had to begin those insulin injections!  I recently had a 6 month follow-up mammogram.  The golf-ball sized mass is gone, except for a tiny dot, half the size of a small pea!  My doctor was very confused, but thrilled!  Before this program, I had many other medical issues, serious issues, but I was only concerned with the diabetes and the mass.  What happened in the following month was totally unexpected, but truly an answered prayer!  My palpitations and chest pains stopped!  Severe reflux went away!  Deep depression, gone!  I was able to discontinue three of the four arthritis medications, the worst ones!  I have discontinued and entire box of medications: Cardizem, Inderal, Prevacid, Nexium, Zolft, Vicodin, Vioxx and Methatrexate.  Nor more antibiotics!  I have more energy than I have had in 30 years.   HALLELUJAH!  God is Great!  His blessings are bountiful!

    7/24/2007    Since incorporating the Hallelujah Diet into my life, I have recovered from high cholesterol, arthritis, irritating skin problems, chronic constipation, depression, weight loss of 45 lbs. and going for over 5 years with little sleep.

    7/24/2007      I was given your book, “God’s Way to Ultimate Health”, by my Pastor and his wife, for Christmas.  I have had MS for 6 years and over the last two years, I have had complications.  I have a loss of balance, difficulty walking, pains in my arm and chest, burning in my feet and headaches.  I started the Hallelujah Acres diet in January, and within 3 weeks, all my normal everyday symptoms of MS were gone.  Praise God for a fearfully and wonderfully made body that is able to self heal when given the proper things to work with. 

    7/24/2007    I am a 58 year old woman who had ovarian cancer five years ago.  After having the tumor removed, cancer cells were still in my abdomen, ... I read “God’s Way To Ultimate Health”, went on the diet “cold turkey” and eliminated the cancer cells in three months time.

    7/20/2007     The fibromyalgia that had plagued me for 15 years, cleared up and I was able to go off my medication.

    7/19/2007   I have been a registered nurse for 5 years, and have been on the Hallelujah diet for almost 7 ½ years.  Here are the significant health problems from which I have recovered from, since incorporating the Hallelujah diet; migraine headaches, heel spurs, two ganglion cysts on my left knee, hypothyroidism, achy bones, swelling feet, chronic sinus problems, constipation, irregular and painful menstrual cycles and hypertension.
    7/10/2007    This letter is from Emy, who lives in Oxnard California: “In May 2006 I was diagnosed with BREAST CANCER. ... In June 2006, our entire family, including my two children, my mom and dad, as well as my husband and myself, adopted The Hallelujah Diet.  The changes in our families health have been amazing: MY DAD’S DIABETES JUST SIMPLY WENT AWAY; MY MOM’S ARTHRITIS PAIN IS GONE; MY CHILDREN HAVEN’T HAD A COLD OR THE FLUE SINCE MAKING THE DIET CHANGE; AND MY HUSBAND’S HEALTH HAS IMPROVED. ... after a year on The Hallelujah Diet, THE LUMP IN MY BREAST HAS SHRUNK, and I am excitedly sharing my story with people who are doubters and criticizers of The Hallelujah Diet.  I praise the Lord for using your program on my road to recovery.”

    7/10/2007    I was diagnosed with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) 15-years ago.  For the first 5-years, while my children were young, I was very sick. ... It has been 10-years since that day I started on The Hallelujah Diet, and I am thrilled to report that I AM TOTALLY WELL, and haven’t seen a doctor for my MS since then.  I don’t even say that I have MS anymore, because all symptoms are totally gone.  Within one year of adopting The Hallelujah Diet...I was OFF ALL MY MEDICATIONS. 

    2/9/2007    Barbara is a retired Registered Nurse, 67-years-old, and lives in Rockford, Illinois.  Barbara wrote: “In the spring of 1998, I was given a diagnosis of POLYMYOSITIS (a degenerative disease of the muscles). ... Within just 5-weeks of making the diet change I was well, and all the symptoms of POLYMYOSITIS were gone!  Now here we are eight-years later and neither my husband, nor myself take any medications of any kind and we both are enjoying healthy, God led, active lives 

    2/9/2007    Arleen writes: “I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for almost three years now.  Within less than a year after starting the diet, my LEUKEMIA went into remission and has been in remission ever since.  I believe the Lord has healed me through this diet.  The doctors still can’t understand how I went into remission without chemotherapy.  In fact, they were so distraught; they did a bone marrow test.  The bone marrow was as clean and pure as that of a newborn baby!  God is good!  Thank you!”

  3.  The Hippocrates Diet

 Brenda Cobb is a follower of Dr. Ann Wigmore’s Hippocrates Diet has a list of testimonials in her book, Living Foods Lifestyle (2003).   Each testimonial is a page or two in her book here only the healing title she used is listed.  If listed, the date listed is when they started living foods and their age.

 Brenda Cobb had a major healing herself when she changed to Living Foods: tumors, weight loss 75 lbs., eyesight improvement, depression vanished, PMS stopped, arthritis when away, skin improved, slept soundly without having to get up to go to the bathroom, etc. 

  -  Candida and Systemic Yeast Infection, 2001, Dolores                     
Reavis, Atlanta, GA. Age 76.
  -  Prostate Cancer, 1999, Gene Lowe, Georgia.
  - Uterine/ Cervical Cancer, 1979, Marcia Jones, Georgia.
  - Weight loss/ Candida, 2000, Peg Shepherd, Georgia.
  - Depression/ Blood Pressure/ Cholesterol, 1999, Bea                      
Yorker,  San Francisco, CA., age 44.
- Migraine Headaches/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 2000,                    
Gina E. Jones, Georgia, over 40.
  - Nutrient Absorption, 2000, Sherry Wheat, Georgia.
  - Allergies/ Osteoarthritis, 2000, Susan Tilghman, GA.
  - Eyesight, 2000, Barbara Roberts, Georgia.
  - Diabetes/ Obesity, 2001, Leo Oxley.
  - Cancer/ Joint pain/ Lyphedema, Connie Copeland, GA.
  - Chronic Asthma, Meredith Whiteman, GA.
  - Headaches/ Rheumatoid Arthritis/ Sugar Craving, B.K.             
  - Bell’s Palsy, 2001, Crissy Brand, GA., age 36.
  - Mixed Tumor Adenoma, Susan AHL Piper, GA.
  - Breast Cancer, 2000, Shirley Hightower, GA.

  4.  The Gerson Diet   

 In a brochure on Gerson Recoveries, the Gerson Institute lists people with cancer and other degenerative diseases that were cured through the Gerson diet.  Each recovery has a paragraph describing the incidence of cancer.  The brochure states: “The patients illustrated in this brochure are a very small faction of those treated successfully with the Gerson Therapy.  Some have sought treatment at a Gerson Certified clinic, while others followed the Therapy at home.  What each of these people share in common is that each of them has broken free of their disease and discovered a better way to live.” 
  - Colon Cancer, 1978, last contacted 1999, Al Schaefer  
  - Spreading Melanoma, 1978, contacted 1999,
          Beata Bishop
  - Hodgkins Lymphoma, 1979, contacted 1998,
          Eva Juul-Barre
  - Cervical Cancer, 1983, contacted 1998,
           Dr. Elizabeth Curry
  - Melanoma, 1988, contacted 1998, Julie Hepner
  - Breast Cancer, 1986, contacted 1999, Andrea Proudfoot
  - Prostate and Colon Cancer, mercury poisoning, chronic jawbone infection, 1988, last contacted 1999, 
           J.C. Raymond
  - Testicular Cancer, spread to both lungs and chest, 1955, treated by Dr. Max Gerson, case #11 in book:
          A Cancer Therapy, last contacted 1999,
          Edmund J. Braun.
  - Recurring Bone Cancer, terminal 1957 treatment with Dr. Gerson, last contacted 1999, Gail Allen Bogue
  - Spreading Melanoma, 1982, contacted 1999,
           Tom Powers, Jr.
  - Breast Cancer, 1996, contacted 1998, Rose Marie Fox
  - Prostate Cancer, 1990, contacted 1999, Paul Scelsi
  - Breast Cancer, 1976, contacted 1998, Joan Cleary R.N.
  - Prostate Cancer, herniated discs, hypertension, kidney  colic attacks, and spastic colon, 1981, contacted  1999, Art McGarry
  - Melanoma, Arthritis, and chronic Hepatitis C, 1995, last contacted 1998, Carol Askhew. 

  5.  The Raw Family Diet

    The Raw Family Witness
 This testimonial is from Victoria Boutenko’s book:  Green for Life.  The Raw Family are one of the most well known and loved raw families in the U.S.  They are pioneer’s in the raw field.

 “My husband, our two youngest children, and I have been eating an only raw foods diet since January of 199, more than eleven years.  We went on this radical diet out of complete despair when our medical doctors didn’t leave us any chances to recover from our horrible illnesses. 

 My husband, Igor, had been constantly ill since his early childhood.  By the tender age of 17 he had already survived nine surgeries.  Having progressive hyperthyroidism and chronic rheumatoid arthritis, at 38 he was total a total health wreck.  I had to lace his shoes on rainy days because his arthritic spin would not bend.  Igor’s heart rate was 140+ most of the time, his eyes were tearing on sunny days and his hands were shaky.  Igor constantly felt fatigued and was in pain almost all the time.  Igor’s “thyroid” doctor told him that he would die in less than two months if he would not agree to have his thyroid gland removed.  His “arthritis” doctor told him to prepare to spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair. 

 I was diagnosed with the same disease that took my father, arrhythmia, or an irregular heart beat.  My legs were constantly swollen from edema, I weighed 280 pounds, and I was continuously gaining more.  My left are frequently became numb at night and I was afraid that I would die and my children would become orphans.  I remember always feeling tired and depressed. 

 Our daughter Valya was born with asthma and allergies and would often cough heavily all through the night.  Our son Sergei was diagnosed with juvenile type 1 diabetes. 

 One day, after crying through the entire night, I decided that we had to take a different action if we wanted to get different results.  That was when we started to try various healing modalities and eventually arrived at the idea of becoming raw foodists.  At the time we didn’t know anything about making fancy raw dishes or even that we could dehydrate flax crackers.  Nevertheless, by turning off the pilot in our stove and discontinuing all cooking, we were able to heal all our incurable, life-threatening diseases.  Our health was improving so quickly that in three and a half months all four of us ran the Bolder Boulder 10K road race with the 40,000 other runners. 

 Even Sergei’s blood sugar stabilized due to his new diet and regular jogging.  Since beginning to eat raw food, he has never again experienced any form of diabetic symptoms.  We were greatly surprised not only by how quickly our health was restored to normal, but by how much healthier we were than ever before.  We have described the detailed story of our miraculous healing in our book, Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening.”
    Some testimonials from the Raw Family’s following.

Reversing Pancreatic Cancer
 I am a middle school teacher of English in Taipei, Taiwan, with a very stressful life.  As a result of my annual physical exam, I was told that I had pancreatic cancer, as the CE190  test came at a level of 40.  Normal is 33.  I felt scared and didn’t want to die.  I have two daughters who are still in school and entirely depend on me.  Instead of taking a traditional medical way, I tried drinking wheatgrass juice, but I couldn’t tolerate the taste at all.  I began to eat raw fruits and vegetables and stopped eating meat and dairy products.  After three months, I was again tested.  The test again came out with a level of 40.  Doctors told me that my cancer was not progressing, but it was also not diminishing.  Then I read Victoria’s book and learned about green smoothies.  I began drinking 16 ounces of the green smoothies daily, and they became a regular part of my daily diet.  I usually used orange juice as liquid, added a banana, and pineapple or mango.  The green was parsley, sunflower sprouts, romaine lettuce and young pea sprouts.  After another three months, when I returned to do my follow up check-up, the CE190 test showed a level of 28, better than normal!  I believe that the green smoothies saved my life!
   S. Chiao, Taiwan 

Healing Eczema
 I am 57 years old and I have been very allergic since childhood to everything.  I was born with eczema and had to take heavy medications all my life.  Every night I would scratch my entire body till it was raw and bleeding.  I got worse and worse and the doctors doubled my medication including steroids.  It put out some of the fire but left bleeding and bruised with ugly rashes all over.  I was hospitalized five times for several days which never helped.  Three times I felt so ill that I thought I would die. 

 The miracle began when my friend Elizabeth introduced me to a so called “green smoothie.”  This remarkable beverage not only greatly improved my skin condition, but I am also sleeping better – with out scratching myself bloody every night.  After only two weeks I truly am feeling more comfortable in my skin, looking better every day.  This is a blessing which I cannot fully express in words.  My endless hell is now coming to an end.  It is truly a blessing to feel better and to finally become more productive in my life after 57 years of suffering.  Thank you Elizabeth and Victoria. 
   Karl E. U. from California 

Cholesterol, Arthritis and Cataract Improvement
 Dear Victoria, We met in May at Super Sprouts in Toronto.  Thank you for a most information loaded session and the support that you provide to so many health seekers, including my family and myself.  On October of 2004 I was told that my cholesterol level was so high, it was even a miracle that I was able to go to the doctor’s office to hear this terrible news.  Parallel to that, my arthritis in both my hands were so painful that every morning I was waking up with aches and pains from my crippling hands.  I was devastated since I play the piano, and music is a great part of my life.  

 To top it all, my eye sight was getting worse, and a cataract was setting into my left eye.  The eye doctor told me that this was a progressive illness and only surgery would help.  What to do then? More pills...NO...I decided with the help of RAW friends to go RAW immediately....  (Four weeks later she went for another checkup.)  The doctor announced to me that my cholesterol was incredibly good, compared to that of a young person (I am 58 years young...and that was another complement) – he said, whatever I was doing was good, to keep on doing it.  I share with him my experience with the RAW diet, but that went in one ear and out the other....

 Then I went for my eye examination and the eye doctor was totally taken aback when he announced to me that not only had the cataract regressed from 40% to 10%, but my eyesight was getting much better and I needed new prescription glasses now.  I asked him then if he has in all his years of practice had a similar case, and his answer was an emphatic NO.  I then told him that I credited this improvement and reversal of sickness to my RAW diet.  It didn’t click with him.  

 Anyhow, I have thrown out all my pills since last October, and I feel so much better now.  My energy level is so much higher, I have lost 35 lbs and never looked so good in my life before.  These are the tangible results after a few months of RAW diet, I’m wondering the wonderful rejuvenation of my internal organs also must experience. 
  Deanna A. Gontard, May 25th 2005

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