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    Spirituality is an important part of every person's life.  Everyone has as part of their being a body, a soul and a spirit.  Our soul or 'psyche' is the psychological and has the intellect, the emotions and the will.  The human spirit has a conscience, the intuition and the communion with God (or nature) aspect.  Thus we all have a human spirit and our spirituality comes out of that human spirit, and flows through our soul and body.                                                                        Jesus and Us at the 
                                                                                                                                Holy Land Experience in
                                                                                                                                     Orlando, Flordia! 

Prayer and Meditation

      There is a difference between prayer and meditation as noted in scripture and writers down through the centuries.  Prayer is a communication with God in some way.  Meditation is a pondering on one of the mysteries of God.  The rosary is a meditation: a person recites the Hail Mary’s while meditating on the mysteries.  There are many types of prayer and meditations which can help us connect with and commune with God.  The Jesus Prayer, or the Prayer of the Heart is the oldest form of Christian meditation and a classic format which involves an invocation on the name of Jesus.  Such as ‘Jesus, thank you’, ‘Jesus I love you’, ‘Jesus have mercy on me’, etc.  A person continues to recite an invocation as they go within.  The book: The Jesus Prayer and Alleluia Praise, is by the author.   Whether a person uses it or not is their choice, but it gives the standard teachings on meditation and meditation methods, which has many benefits.

 Healing through prayer has many dimensions including:
  1.  Levels:  There are three levels of healing: body, soul, spirit
  2.  Approach: Healing services vs. healing retreats vs. personal prayer
  3.  Personalities: Experience of the healer makes a difference
  4.  Power to Heal: Through a healer vs. a group praying for healing 
  5.  Time element: Some healings take time, weeks, months.
  6.  Distance element: Healings can be close up or at a distance
  7.  Natural healing: Involves healing diets, fasting and nutrients (this cancer book)
  8.  Human choice:  Intensity and organic openness

      Prayer does many things: reduces stress, strengthens a persons motivation, gives clear direction and insight, helps humble a person to be open to what needs to be done, and most importantly it connects them with a higher power and helps bring the power of the Holy Spirit into their lives, brings healing of the soul and sometimes the body, and prayer allows one to connect with and commune with God!   
      The more often you pray and meditate the more positive effect it will have in the body.  Changes in the brain wave patterns from alpha state to gamma state occur during meditation.  The monks in meditation achieve a state of neuroplasticity in their nervous system, this is good.  And  meditation lowers the cortisone levels in the body and other biochemical changes that are beneficial.

      Anger and hate and other emotions create blocks in the body.  Psychological and spiritual healing helps to get rid of these psycho-physiological blocks that inhibit the healing process from going on.  Confession and forgiveness may also be needed in this process of detoxification. 

     One of the Main areas that prayer and meditation deal with are the flesh and addictions.  Even though prayer and meditation by themselves are beneficial and connected to ones diet, they are also connected to ones ego and their flesh, addictions and bad habits. 

     Psychobiologist Shamgar Ben-Eliyahu, Ph.D., has been working for the past decade on stress, tumor development, and the activity of NK cells (Ben-Eliyahu et al. 2000). Considering all immune system cells, NK cells show the strongest activity in preventing metastasis and the strongest response to stress. Even short-term stress decreases NK cell activity in laboratory animals, significantly increasing the risk of certain types of cancer and metastasis. Gender plays a significant role in the NK cell response to stress, with men more adversely affected than women (Irwin 2000). 

     Breast cancer patients with the most anxiety had a weaker immune response and were less equipped to fight the disease. The following stress-associated situations and personality types are associated with breast cancer: (1) the use of denial or repression as a coping strategy, (2) an experience of separation or loss, (3) a history of stressful life experiences, (4) a tendency toward melancholy and hopelessness (this trait has, since antiquity, been associated with uterine and breast cancers), and (5) a personality type characterized by conflict avoidance. It is theorized that the genes that cause one to avoid conflict are the same genes that increase susceptibility to cancer (Goodkin et al. 1986; Darmon 1993)  Also, psychological stress induces the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as TNF-alpha, IL-6, and IL-10 (Maes et al. 2000).  It is well established that when the individual is emotionally challenged, cancer has a significant advantage (Levy et al. 1987).
 The effect of chronic stress on the immune system of 116 recently treated breast cancer patients found (reproducibly) that stress levels significantly predicted (1) lower NK cell activity, (2) diminished response of NK cells to interferon-gamma, and (3) decreased proliferation of lymphocytes, white blood cells considered the army of the immune system (Andersen et al. 1998). Oncologists often suggest stress management, such as meditation, yoga and breathing exercises, guided imagery, or spirituality, to help bring about calm.  

    Healing and wholeness are part of spirituality which involves the body, soul and the human spirit. 

Six Sigma Soul Motivations!
This diet gives a choice: to avoid cooked and animal foods and be healthy or eat them and suffer. The healthful approach to life is to stop all of health’s leaks, as opposed to mopping them up.  The healthiest diet is not radical, it is ultra-conservative.  Conserve your health. 

Alleluia Spirit Meditations!
Three times a day the Jews would recite the Shelma:  “The Lord is our God, the Lord alone!  Therefore, you shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength (body).”     Deut 6.5; Lk 10:25

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