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T.V. Website on Curing the Incurables

       Support and Funding are being sought to develop a separate Web site that is committed to the process of “Curing the Incurables” with degenerative diseases.  To do this is not a simple web site since it involves a lot of audio and video.  It is dealing with complicated neurological issues on the Web or T.V. which needs funding to accomplish such an activity.  The following is a reflection on this need for the future.

 In dealing with people with major degenerative diseases or even minor illnesses it involves a lot of time.  There is a need for time for discussions, teachings and reflections on materials.  This can be designed into a major web site with a lot of organized data, audio talks and video teachings.  To do this would take hours and hours of teachings and explanations and discussions all of which could be put on the web. 

 An On-demand channel dealing with healing needs to be developed on the web and for use on a T.V. channel.  People have a lot of questions and need a lot of support for illnesses, especially degenerative diseases and a web site dealing with this issue is ideal for this. 

 The On-demand web site can be designed to handle the Health and Healing issues and programming.  What is needed is a site that has the question and answers section worked out and has e-learning and e-coaching both on the web and also as on-demand video’s.  People want face to face they just don’t want to read book material.  And many people with MS or Parkinson’s or ALS or Alzheimer’s have a hard time reading materials.

 I am interested in people who have this video footage and would be interested in putting it online.  Starting out there is a need for hours and hours of videos that can be put on this website dealing with the topic of healing: spiritually, psychologically, physically.  This is something that I am presently looking for are these kinds of video’s.  I have found over the years that it takes four to five hours of teachings just to get people to understand the basics of health and healing with diet and fasting. 
 One of my theology professors, a German, put it to me this way: “You Americans you live a comfortable armchair spirituality.”  Yes, unfortunately many have chosen an intellectual Christianity to the exclusion of the rest of the faith.  We need to include power (i.e. charismatic powers), personal repentance something the Patristic Fathers would emphasize as fasting, dietary, etc., living out biblical principles and being called back to the Early Church.  Our faith has a natural element and a spiritual dimension.

 The Web and Television are a deficient communication format: it is a flat, two dimensional (sight and sound only, no smell, taste or touch) box with no power to control being turned off/on, muting, lowering the volume.  This is the nature of the web and television.  People who are charismatic also transcend this two dimensional format bringing a spiritual dimension to the tube and beyond it into the home. 

 A lot of people have a lot of different ideas about what healing is all about.  As scripture points out and as I point out in my books, Jesus was a physician who spent about 30% of His time healing people and the Catholic Church has four of its seven sacraments related to healing: Eucharist, confession, anointing of the sick and confirmation (healing is one of the gifts involved here).  Healing occurs on three levels: body, soul and spirit and can come about through the spirit or through nature, with the Holy Spirit.  And the Web can be a means of communication and thus bringing healing.  God’s perfect will is that man is happy, healthy and holy.  Shows that could be put on U-tube or elsewhere on this healing emphasis are needed. 

 Pope Paul VI in his address to the International Mariological Congress (May 16, 1975) notes, Two Approaches: “What is Our Contribution?...In answering this question, two ways lie open to us.  One is the way of truth.  By this we mean the path of biblical, historical, and theological study of Mary’s proper place in the mystery of Christ and the Church.  This path, traversed by learned men in the past, is one you are following and it is very profitable for Mariology.  But there is another way, one that is open to all, even the less learned.  We shall call it the way of beauty.  It is opened to us by the mysterious but wonderfully beautiful doctrine of Mary’s relation to the Holy Spirit, which the Marian Congress will be studying.  Mary is ‘entirely beautiful’ and….”  This Web site or On-Demand healing channel needs to use these two approaches: the Way of Truth (scholarly) and the Way of Beauty (artistic).

      If you are moved to help support and/or fund such a website, please contact me.  Thanks. 

Six Sigma Soul Motivations! 
This diet is optimized with exercise which prepares to body for optimum digestion and absorption.  Total rest includes physical, physiological, sensory, and emotional health.  Physical rest: stop activity.  Sensory rest: enjoy peace and quiet.  Physiological rest: reduce the metabolic rate.  Emotional rest: let go, be at peace.

Alleluia Spirit Meditations!
“That is how I run, intent on winning; that is how I fight, not beating the air. 
         I treat my body hard and make it obey me.”  1 Cor 9.26, 27.  
“Whatever you eat, whatever you drink, whatever you do at all, do it for the glory   
         of God.”  1 Cor 11.31.  


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