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Raw Recipe Books

Raw Food Recipe books

             There are many good raw food books on the market here are a few of them. It is best to buy several of them to help you get started in this new dietary lifestyle.  It is best to buy several different authors to see their take on raw foods; basically, they are very similar because it is all primarily raw foods although some do a little heating or cooking in the 80/20 raw food line.  Most are vegan although some use a little dairy as condiments.  All of these are vegan, or should be avoiding meat-based foods.   

  Buy at least four or five raw uncook books!  

Eating without Heating
  Sergei and Valya Boutenko
Green for Life
   Victoria Boutenko
Raw Family Publishing  

Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine;
Conscious Eating
Gabriel Cousens, MD
Patagonia, Arizona

Recipes for Life 
The Hallelujah Diet
Rhonda Malkamus          
Hallelujah Acres Pub.

The Raw Food Revolution
Diet,  Cherie Soria
Brenda Davis, RD
Vesanto Melina, MS, RD

Angel Foods
Cherie Soria
Living Light International  

Back to the House of Health
  Shelley Redford Young
  Robert Young, PhD

Health Cuisine
Anna Maria Clement
(Hippocrates Institute)       

Brigitte Mars

 Live in Magic
Aimee & Denny Perrin
York, Maine 

Hooked on Raw
by Rhio                            
Beso Entertainment          
New York, N.Y. 10013

Living Green with Smoothies
Jim Tibbetts  

Vital Creations
Chad Sarno

Living on Live Food  
Alissa Cohen
Kittery, Maine 03904  

Thank God for Raw
Julie Wandling
Healthy4 Him Pub.

The Raw Gourmet
Nomi Shannon
Alive Books
 LifeFood Recipe Book
 Annie & David Jubb
Jubbs Longevity, Inc.   

Charlie Trotter and
    Roxanne Klein 

Raw the Uncook Book

Living Cuisine   
and, The Balanced Plate
Renee Loux Underkoffler 

The Raw Truth, the art of preparing Living Foods
Jeremy A. Safron

The Raw Truth, the art of loving foods
Jeremy A. Safron and
Renee Underkoffler 

Elaine’s Pure Joy Kitchen
Raw, Living, Organic, Vegan
Elaine Love

Dr. J.G. Schnitzer
Schnitzer-Intensive Nutrition
& Schnitzer-Normal Nutrition
Schnitzer Publishers,
D-7742 St. Georgen
Black Forest
W. Germany

Warming Up to Living Food Smoothies
Book Publishing Company
Smoothies and other scrumptious delights
Elysa Markowitz
Alive Books

Terces Engelhart  &
Richard Slayen
I Am Grateful Recipes & Lifestyles of Café Gratitude
San Francisco, CA. 

Raw Food Made Easy
Jennifer Cornbleet
Book Publishing Company

Eating in the Raw
The Raw 50  -  latest book
Carol Alt
Clarkson Potter Publishers 

Raw in Ten Minutes
Bryan Au

Dining in the Raw
Rita Romano
Kensington Publishing Co. 

The Gourmet Uncook Book
Elizabeth Baker
ProMotion Publishing

The Raw Food Primer
Suzanne Alex Ferrara
Council Oak Books 

 Vibrant Living
James Levin, MD
GLO, Inc.

Vice Cream, over 70 sinfully delicious diary-free delights 
Jeff Rogers
Celestial Arts 

Raw Foods for Busy People
Jordan Maerin

Dr. Norman Walker
Diet and Salad
Norwalk Press
107 N. Cortez - Suite 200
Prescott, Arizona 86301 

 The Uncook Book
The Gourmet Uncook Book
Elizabeth Baker
ProMotion Publishing
San Diego, CA  92122

 Kim Wilsom
Everday Wholesome

Charles, Coralanne &
      George Nungesser
How We All Went Raw

Everyday Raw
Raw Food Real World
Matthew Kenney   

The 80/10/10 Diet
Douglas Graham
FoodnSport Press

Sunfood Cuisine
Frederic Patenaude

 Uncooking with Jameth and Kim
Jameth & Kim Sheridan
Healthforce Publishing

 These books (over 40) are good books to start with.  Take the recommendations and standards as presented in this book and use the recipe books accordingly.  For those involved in healing some of the recipes should not be used, such as if they have added salt, leave it out. 

     Buy at least four or five raw uncook books!





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