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Curing the Incurables, Parkinson's and MS


This is the first book out in the Curing the Incurables Series.

      It will help those with Parkinson's and MS to step out onto a new world of hope and healing after they get over their problems which are holding them back from moving forward with healing. 

The Sower's Seeds of Remission and Curing:
Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and MS, A Nutrition Novel
  James Tibbetts, MBA, STL

Back of Book Introduction
 This novel is based on real personalities and a real religious order in the U.S. which founded the University it is at.  The four major personalities in this novel are real people who have a major degenerative diseases.  The novel has been written about these individuals but the dialogue is between them and Rabbi James a raw vegan and fasting expert.

 The story is about this prophet, Rabbi James who comes to a University for a course and has a series of dialogue’s with these individuals.  The dialogue is sometimes a teaching, or sometimes emotional, sometimes an argument or confronting, sometimes sad.  The discussions go through the various nutritional and clinical aspects of Parkinson’s and MS.  The long slow path to Curing these Incurable diseases is unfolded in these dialogues. 

 This is called “A Nutritional Novel” because it is about clinical or nutritional events that are based on facts, scientific studies and real life evidence and testimonials.  These are woven throughout the novel to help explain the process for Curing the Incurables.  It also has a true story woven into a dialogue format. 
 This novel is primarily based on the scholarly book: Impacting Parkinson and MS to Permanent Remission, Nutritional Integrative Therapy which is the first review of the scientific literature on nutrition and brain diseases from a raw vegan or Living Foods and fasting perspective.  It develops a protocol to bring these diseases into remission (Neuroplasticity, Neuroprotection and Neuro-regeneration) based on a raw plant-based diets, nutrients, fasting/detox methods.   It takes fasting, a living foods diet between one to seven years to cure these incurable serious neurological diseases; Curing the Incurables is possible! 

Jim has a Masters and STL in theology, and has an MBA.  He has been a vegetarian and into fasting for over thirty years.  He has written several books on plant-based nutrition, raw vegan, fasting and Biblical Nutrition.  Jim has given talks and retreats on using plant-based diets and fasting for health and healing. 

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