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Alleluia Nutrition Newsletter 
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    Alleluia Nutrition Newsletter is a plant-based magazine focusing on the vegan, raw vegan and living foods lifestyles and fasting.  The different nutritional schools of thought ranging from 80/20 to 100% raw, living foods are considered, to help a person achieve Superior Health and Healing!  

    Notice: The Publisher, Writers and Distributors are not responsible for any health concerns resulting from the use or misuse of the information in this newsletter, consult your health care professional for medical advice or on changes in your dietary lifestyle.

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Dear Readers,
    Greetings!  As the publisher this Alleluia Nutrition Newsletter has gone through several changes.  After a big effort to make it profitable as a print magazine it was decided to turn it into a web magazine in 2004.

    In these issues we have a lot of great articles on raw and vegan foods and diets.  These issue give a good outline of what is involved in a Living Foods Lifestyle.  It helps to understand how to start and maintain a raw/vegan diet. 
    The Living foods, raw vegan diet is superior to the standard vegetarian diet and the other health food diets out in the market today.  It is more then a diet it is a way of life, a lifestyle.  The term ‘vegetarian’ does not mean ‘vegetable eater’ but it stems from the Latin vegetus, which means ‘whole, sound, fresh, and lively,’ or ‘to enliven’.   Plant foods are life giving, alive and bring health.  The word ‘diet’ comes from the Greek work dieta, which means ‘way of life.’  A diet needs to be a lifestyle in order to be effective.  The Living Foods lifestyle is not a fad but a movement of truth about nutrition which is life-giving.
  For your superior health and healing, Alleluia!    
        Jim Tibbetts  - editors    

Past Articles, Features and Columns written:   

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#32  Take The First Step Toward Vibrant Living!
         By  Cherie Soria

#33  Raw Food  and  Sexual Nutrition
         By Brigitte Mars
 #34  Raw Foodism: The “High-Carb” Diet
        By Lorena Bull, R.D., The Raw RD
 #35  Live-Food History and Modern Research
        by Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H)

#36  Raw vs. Cook 
         By William Harris, MD
# 37   Why Raw? What are Living Foods?
          What is a Living Foods Diet? 
         By Jim Tibbetts 

#38   Living Food Therapy
         By  Brian Clement  

#39   How My Son Jesse Got Healed
       On All Raw Organic Vegan Living Foods
         By Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich, ND

#40   Atkins a Nightmare of a Diet
         By Michael Greger, MD

#41   Vegetarian and Raw Diets
         By Jim Tibbetts 

#42   The Nuts and Bolts of the Hallelujah Diet 
         By Rev. George H. Malkmus

#43  Thank God for Raw  -  A Witness 
         By  Julie Wandling

#44  Why do people want to be healthy? 
         By  Paul Nison
#45    Raw and Medical Categories 
         by Dr. Douglas Graham DC

#46  Smoothies and other Delicious 
         Blended Delights
         By  Elysa Markowitz

#47  Fluoride, The Deadly Fraud and
        Fluoride for Population Control? 
          by Charlotte Gerson
#48   Fluoride for Population Control?
         by Charlotte Gerson

#49  Are there Nutrient Deficiencies in the U.S.
          By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.

#50  What Nutrients are Lacking in Our Diet?
            By Joyce Johnson

#51  Caffeine Blues, Coffee’s Dangers
                By Stephen Chermisice

#52  Vaccination, Aggression, and Misinformation
              By Marjolaine Jolicoeur

#53  Mad Cows, Mad Wildlife and the rise of Alzheimer's 
        Disease in North America.
             By Colm Kelleher Ph.D.
#54  Helping Children Become Healthier
               by Valya Boutenko

#55  First Year Journey of a Raw Teen
         By  Rick Kump
#56  Fasting Blues - A Poem 
          By  Judy Beier

#57  Letters to Rhio     

Most Recent Article submitted:

Growing Fresh Air

     Growing fresh air happens when you have plants in your house or work place.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently ranks (1996) indoor air pollution as one of the top five threats to public health.  Low relative-humidity levels are also associated with poor IAQ.  Healthy humidity levels range between 35 and 65 percent.  Synthetic materials release hundreds of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) into the air.  Over a period of many years Russian and American space scientists established that, in addition to carbon dioxide, we release as many as 150 volatile substances (bioeffluents) in the atmosphere, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane, alcohols, phenols, methyl indole, aldehydes, ammonia, etc.  A number of illnesses have arisen from this indoor air pollution.  

     In 1989 the EPA submitted a report to the U.S. Congress: “…sufficient evidence exists to conclude that indoor air pollution represents a major portion of the public’s exposure to air pollution and may pose serious acute and chronic health risk.”   To sum up, three primary sources of poor indoor air quality are: hermetically sealed buildings and their synthetic furnishings, reduced ventilation, and human bioeffluents.  On top of those add carbon dioxide from breathing.  

     The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), faced with the task of creating a life-support system for planned moon bases, began extensive studies on treating and recycling air and wastewater.  These studies led NASA scientists to ask a very important question.  How does the earth produce and sustain clean air?  The answer, of course, is through the living process of plants.  Pollutants in the air are absorbed through microscopic openings in leaves called stomata and oxygen and water leave into the atmosphere.  The pollutants are transported to the root zone and root microbes (i.e. pseudomonas) biodegrade the pollutants into structures that can be used as a source of food for the microbes and the plant.  Hooray for the plants who help save the earth and give us oxygen!  

     People with any kind of degenerative disease would get better faster and easier if they were breathing clean air.  The moral of this story is to have plants all around your house especially in the bedroom and the living room where you spend the most time.

Six Sigma Soul Motivations! 
This diet begets a long and healthy life, not like ancestors who ate all cooked foods.
It is easy to be a raw food vegan between meals.  It takes planning and commitment to be a raw food vegan when you are hungry.  Fresh, whole, raw, ripe, organic produce is the truest health food.

Alleluia Spirit Meditations!
“I brought you to a fertile land to eat of the choicest fruit.  As soon as you came you defiled my land and dishonored my heritage!”  Jer 2:7  
“Do not follow the majority when they do evil...”  Ex 23:2  
“The time of judgment has come and it begins with God’s household.”   1 Pt 4:17


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