Plant-based Nutrition  -  Fasting  
Optimizing Healing for Degenerative Diseases  

Mission Statement

The Alleluia and Six Sigma Nutrition Mission Statement  

     These diets are basically identical except that the Alleluia diet is geared towards the general public with spirituality added in and the Six Sigma diet is written towards the medical community.  The Alleluia diet is about the body, soul and spirit, whereas the Six Sigma diet is about the body and soul (psychological) as viewed through the eyes of the medical establishment.  The medical community and health professionals are focused on their medical profession which Six Sigma is focused on too. 

  1.  The Alleluia Diet and Alleluia Nutrition 
        The Alleluia Diet is a Christian approach, a philosophy/theology of the human body, soul and spirit.  The Alleluia approach is seeking to optimize a person’s physiology, his psychology and his spiritual relationship with God.  It promotes the culture of Life, Optimal Health and Light over the culture of death, degenerative diseases and dietary darkness. 
“Master which is the greatest commandment of the Law?”  Jesus said, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.  This is the greatest and the first commandment.  The second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”         Matt 23:36-39   Mk 12:30
“May the God of peace make you perfect and holy.  May He preserve you whole and entire, spirit, soul and body, irreproachable for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."    1Thess 5.23

        The Alleluia Diet is about nutrition and those activities like exercise that directly effect the person’s biochemistry and physiology.  The Alleluia Diet is primarily about food, about health and healing through nutrition and fasting, thought exercise is a secondary part.    
“My dear friend, I hope you are in good health and
may you thrive in all other ways as you do in the spirit.”   3 John 2
        The Alleluia Diets are vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan diets.  The goal it to help people get off of meat and animal products, and along with this it’s goal is to help get people off of processed foods, cooked foods (i.e. five whites) and non-foods (i.e. soda) and into raw and living foods.  The optimum dietary approach is laid out in the technical book: Living Foods Standards Blueprint, the Evidence for Plant-based and Raw Nutrition.  The nutritional approach, foundation is found in the books: Alleluia Nutrition, the Practice; Raw Plant-Based Diets, the Evidence; Juice Fasting the Practice and Science and also the scriptural foundations for health and healing are in Biblical Nutrition Meditations, Alleluia;  Meditation, the Jesus Prayer Alleluia Praise

The Six Sigma or Alleluia Diet has three levels or dimensions: 
1. Six Sigma or Alleluia Healing diet
  It is an 85 to 100% raw vegan, no salt and very little condiments or sweets; a very strict raw diet with no cheating if you are seeking healing.  
2. Six Sigma or Alleluia Cuisine diet
 It is an 80/20 to 100% raw vegan diet with use of condiments and spices; a loose raw vegan diet with limited cooked products and other processed foods.
 3.  Six Sigma or Alleluia Transitional diet
  It is a 50/50 to 80/20 vegetarian diet, limitd use of range free egg products or goats milk. 

Branding Mission, Values and Positioning

     Six Sigma is shown in column one, column two related Alleluia traits and the five main Core values in the third column. 

 Six Sigma Traits      
 Alleluia Traits         Core Values
 1.  Sincerity; down-to-earth, honest, wholesome, and cheerful about nutrition
 Straight forward talk on  nutrition and health: body, soul and spirit.  Goodness (Nutritional)
2.  Excitement with diet;               daring, spirited, imaginative,
and up-to-date 
 Joy and Happiness which come from health and healing   Joy
3.  Competence; reliability, intelligent, and successful 
 Emphasis on self-control, discipline and the scientific, biblical data.  Commitment
4.  Sophistication in scientific
data and clinical data 
 Emphasis on social, spiritual, and sophisticated use of diet.  Sophistication
5.  Ruggedness of approach to yield results    
 Raw Vegans physiology is stronger, tougher than others.  Purification

A positioning statement: 
“To people who need to be healthy and healed, the Alleluia diet (and Six Sigma diet) is a raw foods lifestyle that brings optimum health, superior remission and optimum healing.  With the Alleluia and Six Sigma nutrition health and healing are optimized, natural and complete.” 

     Alleluia and Six Sigma core brand values are reflected in the United States motto: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Alleluia and Six Sigma are from the culture of Living foods, Liberty from dietary darkness and the pursuit of Happiness in body, soul and spirit.  “That the God of Peace may make you perfect in holiness,” to inspire and teach: health in the body, happiness for the soul and holiness in the human spirit, to build the Kingdom of God.   

Alleluia and Six Sigma Nutrition Concept  
     An understanding of what Alleluia Nutrition and Six Sigma Nutrition are all about is helpful.  Raw vegan diets are used to heal major degenerative diseases like cancer, which my book: Starving Cancer to Death, proves with the scientific literature, studies, usage and testimonials.  Six Sigma Nutrition is for nutritionists and other health professionals.   

     Nutrition Biochemistry has advanced greatly over the last twenty to thirty years as a solid acceptable science.  The problem is there are many diets and nutrition experts who interpret studies and facts into their own approach.  The Six Sigma and Alleluia approaches are solidly rooted in these studies and nutritional facts found in its books.  Alleluia and Six Sigma diets openly advocate their contemporaries and competitors: the other raw vegan and Living Foods nutrition approaches.  The Alleluia Nutrition approach brings in the aspect of the human spirit, its relationship to God and Biblical Nutrition.  The Kosher (means pure foods) aspect of the Bible goes back 3,000 years, this is also promoted by Alleluia Nutrition. Alleluia Nutrition is all about the Body, Soul and Spirit.  Six Sigma Nutrition is primarily about the body (physiological, biochemical), and only a little about the soul (psychological).

     The Sigma Six brand of nutrition is geared towards the medical establishment and general public.  Using a well understood concept in quality management will give it a more solid base to be accepted by the medical establishment.  Six Sigma clearly had a profound impact on the corporate world.  According to the American Society for Quality, 82 of the 100 largest companies in the U.S. have embraced it in the last two decades.  This is primarily a quality improvement tool, based on statistical methods.  This can be applied to diet and nutrition as it has many other disciplines.  To utilize the concepts of Six Sigma means getting rid of every kind of food that is defective in some way.  That gets rid of all junk foods, all meats, all processed dairy, all processed drinks and alcoholic drinks, etc.  By the time we are left eliminating all the various unhealthy foods and processes like cooking, according to Six Sigma thinking we end up with only raw uncooked: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted legumes and sprouted grains.  This is a diet known as the raw vegan or living foods diet.

     Why bother with this Six Sigma type of diet people will ask?  Because the closer one gets to a Six Sigma nutritional perfection, the longer a person can live and less degenerative diseases they will have.  In fact the Six Sigma diet (raw vegan or living foods) is used by health Institutes around the world to heal major degenerative diseases, like cancer and MS.  The author’s book: Starving Cancer to Death, has the evidence for these statements.  Thousands of cancer patients, many terminal ill, were cured through this type of diet.  Many other diseases have been cured this way too.  Using diet was the primary means of healing for centuries. 


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