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Rosary Yoga Postures 

Beads Yoga or Rosary Yoga Postures 

    This form of yoga is called Beads Yoga or Rosary Yoga.  Beads Yoga involves various types of prayer forms or beads found in the Christian tradition.  Rosary Yoga is the most well known form of using the beads and is about praying the rosary.

    The Rosary is beads in groups of one then a group of ten then ending with one, with five of these groups, this gives fifty beads plus five beads plus five = 60 beads.  Each one of these beads in the Rosary Yoga is a differnt posture or different variation on the same posture.  These 60 postures can be done in several different formats. 
    1. The first is using the differnt bead, postures while praying the Rosary.  
    2. The second is using different invocations for each bead, posture.  
    3. The third would be your own individualized prayers for each bead, posture.

There is a mat routine and a standing routine, each with 60 postures. 

This section is under construction, see the Standing Postures routine 



  Our Father

   1st  bead  

  2nd bead                                   

  3rd  bead       

1st Mat Decade - Forward Bends            ROSARY YOGA


Our Father 
Prayer Posture 
Half or Full Lotus


1st bead
Forward Bend Right  


2nd bead
Great Seal Right               

3rd bead
Revolved Open Seal Right

4th bead  
Revolved Closed Seal Right  



5th  bead
East Forward Bend Left


6th bead
Great Seal Left  


7th bead
Revolved Open Seal Left


8th bead
Revolved Closed Seal Left




9th bead
Seated Forward Bend


10th  bead
Open Forward Bend  

Glory Be

2nd Mat Decade -  Inversions


3rd Mat Decade  -  Twists 

Our Father
Half or Full Lotus

1st bead
Spinal Twist Right right

2nd  bead 
Prayer Twist right    

3rd bead
4th bead
Prayer twist left  

5th bead
Prayer twist left

6th bead 










4th Mat Decade  -  Back Bends


5th Mat Decade  -  Gut and Supine Poses


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