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Optimizing Healing for Degenerative Diseases  


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   Starving Cancer to Death, Nutritional Integrative Cancer Therapies
             Joseph Spaziani, MD and Jim Tibbetts, STL, MBA

    This is the most complete review of the literature on plant-based diets and fasting for starving cancer to death by experts in this field.  It shows the scientific and clincial evidence for Starving Cancer to Death.

   Impacting Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s to Permanent Remission,
         Nutritional Integrative Therapies
         Jim Tibbetts, MBA, STL 

  This is the most complete review of the literature on plant-based diets and fasting for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.  It shows the scientific and clincial evidence to bring PD and AZ into complete remission through a raw vegan and fasting/juicing approach.

    Biblical Nutrition, the Alleluia Diets of Jesus and Mary
             Jim Tibbetts, STL, MA    

    This shows that the plant-based diet and fasting were a foundation in biblical times.  It shows the scriptural and early Church evidence that Jesus and Mary ate a strict plant-based diet with fasting.


The Sower's Seeds of Remission and Curing:
Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and MS a Nutrition Novel
     Jim Tibbetts, MBA, STL

    This is a dialogue with a real people with these diseases, some of the names are fictional if they still have the disease.  It goes over the nutritional means to bring PD and MS into remission and even how to cure them and all that is involved.

The Bioethics of Drug Intervention
      Jim Tibbetts, STL, MA    
  This is a review of the literature of about 15 books by MD's and experts on the pharmaceutical drug intervention.  It uses material from these books showing the many problems, deceptions, and inaccuracies that come forth by the pharmaceutical industry. 

Saint Faustina Kowalska Life and Mission 
  a documentary of Divine Mercy 
   Produced by Jim Tibbetts  

   This is the life and mission of St. Faustina who recieved the Divine Mercy devotions and mission to spread it around the world.  Shot in Poland with a 
script written by the Sister of Our Lady of Mercy.  

    These books above are bound copies through the site: store.
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    The books available include:

1.   Juice Fasting Simplified, a Practical Approach

2.   A Diary on Juice Fasting 

3.   Living Green with Smoothies and the Culture of Life

4.   Starving Cancer to Death, Nutritional Integrative

      Cancer Therapies, with Joseph Spaziani, MD

5.   Starving into Remission:  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

          and Multiple Sclerosis  - Nutritional Therapies

6.   The Sower’s Seeds of Remission and Curing:

         Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and MS! 

              A Nutrition Therapy Novel 

7.   Superior Health for Astronauts as Raw Vegans

                A Nutrition Novel    

8.  The Bioethics of Drug Intervention 

9.   Christian Meditation, the Jesus Prayer and Praise

10.  Jesus and Mary were Kosher Vegetarian, the Evidence

            from the Bible, the Early Church and Nutrition 

11.  Biblical Nutrition and Fasting

12.  Biblical Nutrition; Forty Days of Meditations    

13.  Biblical Nutrition the Kosher Vegetarianism

           of Jesus and Judaism

14.  Biblical Fasting   

15.  A Biblical Ballad of Mary Mother of Jesus

16.  Biblical Titles of the Virgin Mary - 30 Day Meditation 

17.  Mary the Kosher Vegetarian, Impacting Climate Change

18.  The Virgin Mary His Ark of the Covenant

               with Fr. Bill McCarthy

19.  Christian Meditation Ancient and Modern,

           Eastern and Western with Fr. Bill McCarthy 

20.  Guadalupe the Tilma’s Conquest - a historical novel 

21.  Q & A about Vegetarians and Health   



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