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Jim Tibbetts

James C. Tibbetts, MBA, STL       

M.B.A. 2009, Masters in Business Administration, Salve Regina
                  University, Newton, Rhode Island.
S.T.L. 1995, Licentiate in Sacred Theology, in Marian Studies 
                   International Marian Research Institute (IMRI), at 
                   the University of Dayton, Ohio.
M.A.  1983, Christian Ministry and Renewal, Franciscan University
                   of Steubenville, Ohio.
B.A.   1976,  Psychology, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, New York.
A.S.    1974, Associate Science degree Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York

         Jim is a scholar/writer and a businessman.  He has worked in the mental health field, run several family owned businesses, including their national manufacturing business for many years.   Jim is also a Catholic theologian and a professional mime.  As a scholar, he has written scholarly works and as an artist, creative works (screenplays, plays, novels).  As a speaker and theologian, he gives talks and retreats on spirituality, Marian topics, and on health and healing: through plant-based diets and fasting.  Jim has been into plant-based diets since 1976, fasting since 1980 and raw since 2000.  He is a member of the American Mariological Society; the Secular Franciscan Order.    

         A few Jim Tibbetts highlights/hobbies to mention here include:
• Article: “Emotion Over Time Within a Religious Culture: A Lexical Analysis of the
       Old Testament.” Journal of Psychohistory, fall 1994, with John Mayer PhD 
• Received two small grants (2003 travel, 2004 publication) from: Maine Space Grant
       Consortium.  1. Gave a talk at NASA in Houston, TX  (February, 2003), “A vegetarian
       diet for space travel”.   2. Wrote a book (2004) for the Maine Space Grant:  Superior
       Health  for Astronauts as Raw Vegans the Scientific Evidence.  Gave a talk at the
       Kennedy Space Center, FL (January 2006).
• Has given numerous retreats and talks on plant-based diets, fasting and Christian
        meditation in the 1990’s to present. 
•  He was a speaker at, The International Raw and Living Foods Festival, Portland, Oregon
        2002, 2003.
• 1978-2003  Mime Performances solo and duet: numerous performances. Duet
       performances include those with dancers, mimes, pianists, guitarists and singers.
• 1991-2001 CHRISTSONG (a 2-hour performance on the life of Christ) Founding
       Member (dancer, mime & singers part of 5-piece band) Performed as a mime: Jesus, 
       Joseph, and other characters.  Performed about 100 shows in the U.S. and twice-       toured England (1984-1985).  This was on various television shows including EWTN. 
• Involved in plays, wrote several plays and screenplays and produced several 
      documentaries: Saint Faustina, Life and Mission - an award winning documentary; Solo
      Mime Stage and Studio - James Tibbetts; Fr. Ed McDonough the Healing Priest in
      Boston; Living Foods Artistry Down to a Science with Chef Chad Sarno.
• Developed the Rosary Yoga. 

    Some works in print or published by Jim Tibbetts include:

1.   Juice Fasting Simplified, a Practical Approach

2.   A Diary on Juice Fasting 

3.   Living Green with Smoothies and the Culture of Life

4.   Starving Cancer to Death, Nutritional Integrative

      Cancer Therapies, with Joseph Spaziani, MD

5.   Starving into Remission:  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s

          and Multiple Sclerosis  - Nutritional Therapies

6.   The Sower’s Seeds of Remission and Curing:

         Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and MS! 

              A Nutrition Therapy Novel 

7.   Superior Health for Astronauts as Raw Vegans

                A Nutrition Novel    

8.  The Bioethics of Drug Intervention 

9.   Christian Meditation, the Jesus Prayer and Praise

10.  Jesus and Mary were Kosher Vegetarian, the Evidence

            from the Bible, the Early Church and Nutrition 

11.  Biblical Nutrition and Fasting

12.  Biblical Nutrition; Forty Days of Meditations    

13.  Biblical Nutrition the Kosher Vegetarianism

           of Jesus and Judaism

14.  Biblical Fasting   

15.  A Biblical Ballad of Mary Mother of Jesus

16.  Biblical Titles of the Virgin Mary - 30 Day Meditation 

17.  Mary the Kosher Vegetarian, Impacting Climate Change

18.  The Virgin Mary His Ark of the Covenant

               with Fr. Bill McCarthy

19.  Christian Meditation Ancient and Modern,

           Eastern and Western with Fr. Bill McCarthy 

20. Guadalupe the Tilma’s Conquest - a historical novel 
21.  Q & A about Vegetarians and Health

James C. Tibbetts

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