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Healthy Nutrition

“Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food.”
Hippocrates ancient Greek physician

“My dear friend, I hope you are in good health and may you thrive
in all other ways as you do in the spirit.”   3 John 2

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   There are many different diets on the market, to many to count.  Most of them are various versions of the Standard American Diet (SAD), the SAD diet (standard American degenerative diet) is the reason for most of the degenerative diseases in Industrialized countries today.  The U.S. has one of the worst diets in the world.  One study of industrialized countries rated the U.S. as 22 out of 23 countries, thus only one country had a diet worst then the U.S.  Fast foods, junk foods, excess foods, animal products and most supermarket foods are the cause of the U.S. poor ratings.    

So what is the optimum diet?  
    The general category where you will find the optimum diet is the vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan diets.  For most people, the optimum or superior diet is the raw vegan category.  For anyone with degenerative disease, the raw vegan is the ideal category for healing.  There are many scientific reasons and strong research evidence for this and also numerous case studies and many testimonials.  But these can be and have been often debated.  

    The primary proofs are the healings, the cures, the permanent remissions that have taken place in the raw vegan category, which do not occur with meat-based diets.  Some of these healings can occur in the general plant-based category field but most need a stronger means to cure the incurables.  On the nutritional biochemical level it needs to reach a certain threshold for the biochemistry to have a healing effect in the body, it is standard in the raw field to speak of 80/20 raw vegan as the norm.  This is also the threshold that most experts in the field have found that healing starts to take place.     

    Thus Healthy Nutrition is primarily a plant-based diet.  There are many different views and theories on health nutrition.  One of the main reasons that plant-based diets are superior then meat-based diets is that they are Curing the Incurables.  Many other reasons could be given which are noted in this website and its related books. 

Raw Vegan diets emphasized 

     There are a number of dietary schools of thought or raw vegan approaches that are utilized in this approach relating to a plant-based diet.  The main diet that is promoted in the books and on this site is Six Sigma or the Alleluia diet which is a general raw vegan diet encompassing the others, but the others are also diets that work in this area.  Even though the Alleluia diet does not line up on all points in these diets, it agrees with them in general.  In fact, they all are in agreement in the general category of 80/20 raw vegan to 100% raw vegan.  All of these have healed people of degenerative diseases.  
1.  The Gerson Diet 
     Without a doubt, one of the most influential people in cancer and the raw vegan diets movement, who is one of the grandfathers of the movement, would be a medical doctor in the 40’s and 50’s, Dr. Max Gerson, M.D.   Dr. Max Gerson cured himself through diet and developed a low salt, low fat and low protein diet.  Dr. Gerson, during his fifty years of practice, published 55 scientific works.  In the introduction in his last book on curing cancer through diet, he states: “The history of medicine reveals that reformers who bring new ideas into the general thinking and practice of physicians have a difficult time.”  His daughter Charlotte Gerson started the Gerson Institute after Dr. Gerson died and continues it today in San Diego, California. 

2. The Hippocrates Diet 
Dr. Ann Wigmore D.D., N.D. founded the Hippocrates Program in 1963 with a big emphasis on sprouting and emphasizes living foods vegetarianism, and Victoras Kulvinskas the co-founder of Hippocrates.  The work is carried on by other Hippocrates Centers such as the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico. Brian and Anna Marie Clement the directors of The Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida is another major one.  Brenda Cobb - Living Foods Institute, Atlanta, Georgia.  Several other Hippocrates Health Institutes also continue but changed their names: The Creative Health Institute, formally Ann Wigmore’s Hippocrates Institute of the Midwest, Optimum Health Institute has two facilities, one in San Diego and one in Austin. 

3.  Rainbow Green Diet 
     Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H) a long time advocate of living foods, and uses it in his medical practice and writings.   Dr. Cousens is a 100% raw fooders and one of the leading raw food medical doctors in the world.  Another expert in that school of thought is David Wolfe, a well-known speaker and author.  He is co-founder of Nature’s First Law, a company for books and products on raw foods. 

 4.  The pH Miracle Diet 
     Dr. Robert Young, Ph.D., D.Sc. (Microbiology and Nutrition) is a well-known microbiologist and nutritionist and is known for his work in the acid, alkaline area emphasizing living foods for health and healing.  He has developed his “New Biology” from previous researchers in this field. 

5.  The Sunfood Diet
     David Wolfe, M.S. is a well-known raw fooders from the early 1990’s and works with Dr. Cousens.  His background in engineering gives him a strength in minerals and structure, as his works demonstrate.  His emphasis on the sun is an important activity most people just minimize, when it is important.  In addition, his hardcore 100% raw emphasis is needed, especially for those with cancer and other degenerative diseases.   

  6.  The Raw Food Revolution Diet 
     These three are leading authorities on vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan.  Cherie Soria is an acclaimed raw foods chef and instructor, is the founder and director of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and author.  Brenda Davis is a registered dietitian, international speaker and author.  Vesanto Melina is a registered dietitian, speaker, nutritional consultant and author.  Brenda and Vesanto’s co-authored books: The New Becoming Vegetarian and Becoming Vegan are classic works.

  7. Fred Bisci’s Diet 
     Fred Bisci, PhD is one of the old timer’s still promoting a raw vegan diet.  He has been raw for 40 years and is retired from his nutrition practice in New Jersey.  He has a scalable approach in which he modifies the diet according the individual and their needs, many of whom do not want to be a vegetarian or vegan.  Yet he emphasizes the raw vegan approach as the best one for curing degenerative diseases.     

  8.  The Raw Family Diet
     Victoria Boutenko, her husband Igor, son Sergei and daughter Valya are the Raw Family and nationally known in the field of 100% raw living foods for over ten years.  Her books, classes, and understanding of a Living Foods diet are exceptional, which is why the Raw Family is one of the leaders in the field today. 

  9.  The Alleluia Diet 
     James Tibbetts, MBA and Anne Marie Tibbetts, MS, RD promote this diet, it is a vegetarian and juice fasting approach.  They have several vegetarian and fasting books in the Alleluia series.  They utilizes and integrate the other raw diets just mentioned into the Alleluia Diet, which is an Integrative approach.

  10.  The Hallelujah Diet    
     Rev. George Malkamus is a Baptist minister who promotes the Hallelujah diet.  It has become a major force in the raw vegan diet field and the Alleluia diet is very similar to it.  Rev. Malkamus promotes eating 85% raw fruits and vegetables and 15% cooked foods.  Over the last twenty years, he has been having good success with this diet.  

  11.  The Natural Hygiene Diet - Drs. Haag/Scott/Graham  
     Drs. Greg and Tosca Haag, D.J. Scott and Doug Graham have been involved in raw vegan and fasting therapy for many decades.  These and other natural hygienist promote a lot more fruit then most other raw fooders emphasize a 100% raw diet and they have had some success with cancer and many other degenerative diseases.   

  12.  Six Sigma Nutrition     
     The Six Sigma Diet is identical to the Alleluia Diet except that is written for the medical community and especially nutritionists.  The religious terminology and references are taken out of the Alleluia diet and technical language is in its place.  It incorporates the teachings and promotes these other raw vegan diets.  Jim and Anne Marie Tibbetts are the founders of this approach. 

  13.  The Daylight Diet 
    Paul Nison is the creator of the Daylight Diet which is basically the Hippocrates diet and Fred Bisci's diet combined.  He deals with the practical emphasis, some scientific and also has a biblical emphasis in his approach. 

  14.  Other Raw Vegan Diets  
     The Raw Family is representative of a group of raw fooders who promote a 100% raw vegan dietary lifestyle including, Alissa Cohen, Bridgitte Mars, Rhio and others.  These are emphasized since they are some of the leading, hard-core raw food health advocates; they emphasize a 100% raw or close to it.  There are a lot of other raw fooders and raw food books on the market but some of them vary their approach or compromise or just do not fully understand the nature of raw and living foods.

Some Raw and Living Plant-base diets Evidence  

     The following is a few key points and a brief summary of the reasons written out in the book: The Evidence for Plant-based Diets

    Living Foods are often referred to as ‘live foods’ and those eat only live foods are often called ‘raw vegans’ or ‘raw fooders.’  Why Living Foods is a good question and in order to answer it we have to look at what are living foods.  Living foods are raw, no cooking and are plant-based or vegans.  First let us look at cooking.

     A simple good approach is given by Elizabeth Baker’s book, The Gourmet Uncook Book, she explained: “Why, you may still be asking, should we not eat cooked and processed foods?  The reasons are simple, numerous, proven.”
 1.  Baking roasting, broiling, boiling and steaming destroy from 30% to 90% of the nutrition in the food, resulting in a nutrient deficient diet, the main cause of degenerative diseases.
 2.  Oxygen and enzymes are destroyed.  Vitamin C is destroyed.  B-vitamins are mostly destroyed.  Minerals are lost when cooking liquids (broth) are poured down the drain.
 3.  Drastic chemical changes take place when foods are heat-treated.  In that process, some foods become so devitalized they take more energy than they give.  Other foods, such as the cooked-grain starches in white breads, cookies, pies, pancakes, etc., are difficult to digest.  Without the outer hull, or bran of the grain, they are deficient especially in magnesium and fiber, factors contributing greatly to constipation. 
 4.  Cooked foods take longer to digest.  A conventional dinner of meat, rice or potatoes, gravy or sour cream, cooked corn, small salad, rolls, pie or cake and coffee will require 35% to 65% of one s total energy to digest.  Compare that with an evening meal of fruits and sprouted seeds or nuts which takes only 8% of one’s total energy.  Or a meal of raw vegetables and sprouted seeds and nuts, taking 10% to 12% of total energy.  Is it any wonder those who eat such fare have twice the energy of those who eat cooked, conventional meals?  Is it any wonder raw food eaters can heal from injury in half the time? 
 5.  Cooked foods shorten our life span.  Extensive research and experimentation with animals have revealed they live 20% to 50% longer when given raw foods.  In addition, they enjoy greater mobility and activity, dying normally of old age instead of illness and disease.
 6.  Cooked foods cause far more build-up of toxins, a factor suppressing the immune system and making the body more susceptible to diseases of all kinds.
 7.  Cooked foods encourage over-eating that may result in weight gain.  Because such foods are soft, they need less chewing.  Since they are nutrient deficient, they leave the system still hungering for and craving food.  
 8.  Cooked food eaters are apt to be emotionally less calm, more irritable and socially aggressive than raw food eaters.  People who change to a vegetarian diet of all natural, mostly raw foods find they have better memory and concentration.
 9.  Cooked foods falsely satisfy the taste and appetite but cause the body abnormal craving for sugar foods (candy, cakes, pies, ice creams, cookies, etc.)  Heavy meats, richly seasoned starches such as breads with spreads, deep fat fried potato and corn chips, french fries, spicy, rich grain and legume dishes also cause abnormal cravings.  After such a meal the coffee drinker craves coffee, which over-stimulates the pancreas to produce more enzymes to digest all that heavy food.

     Another Living Foods author, Victoria Bidwell, gives a good summary of some of the problems with cooked, processed and dead foods.
1.  Wholesale destruction of vital nutrients occurs.
 a. Some vitamins are destroyed or lost.
 b. Some minerals are rendered inorganic.
 c. Proteins are coagulated or deaminized.
 d. Sugars are carmelized and disorganized.
 e. Fats are disorganized into carcinogenic free fatty acids, hydrocarbons, acroleins.
 f. Some unsaturated fats may become saturated. 
 g. Starches are rendered less digestible.

2.  Natural fiber is broken down, increasing transit time of food through the gastrointestinal tract.  Increased transit time means sugars ferment, proteins putrefy, and fats turn rancid - loosening toxins for absorption. 

3. Carcinogenic charcoal forms during some cooking procedures.

4.  Leucocytosis (an increase in white blood cell count and associated with a pathological condition) increases upon ingestion of cooked food. 

5.  Poor mastication results in decreased saliva and enzyme flow; food is, therefore, poorly prepared for digestion.

6.  Decreased dental health is noted,
        a. Nutrients essentials for dental health are lacking.
        b. Cooked foods are high acidic and leach calcium reserves from the teeth.
        c.  Cooked foods trapped in the mouth ferment, readily forming plaque.
        d.  Raw fiber, “Nature’s Best Toothbrush,” is lacking.
        e.  Gums are not given proper stimulation.
        f.  Decreased dental exercise results in dental abnormalities

7.  Cooked food is most often fragmented/refined/deficient.

8.  Cooked food is most often highly chemicalized.

9.  Cooked food prepared in utensils that give off toxic metal/plastic/paint particles.

10. Cooked food is most often addicting and promotes overeating.

11. Cooked food is toxic and energy expensive to digest.


     Enzymes  -  Dr. Edward Howell in his book, Enzyme Nutrition, points out that, “Hundreds of metabolic enzymes are necessary to carry on the work of the body - to repair damage and decay, and heal diseases.  Digestive enzymes have only three main jobs: digesting protein, carbohydrate, and fat.  Proteases are enzymes that digest protein; amylases digest carbohydrate, and lipases digest fat.  Nature’s plan calls for food enzymes to help with digestion instead of forcing the body’s digestive enzymes to carry the whole load.”  “To get enzymes from food, one must eat raw food.  All life, whether plant or animal, requires the presence of enzymes to keep it going.  Therefore, all plant and animal food in the raw state has them.  But the mere touch of heat destroys them.  Enzymes tolerate no heat at all.  They are different from vitamins in this respect.  Pasteurization destroys the life force in them, even though much less heat is used than in cooking (145 degrees F versus 300 degrees F or higher).  If water is hot enough to feel uncomfortable to the hand, it will injure enzymes in food.  All foods from a food factory have been heat processed by one means or another.” 

     Pathological Leukocytosis -  Roe Gallo, Ph.D. notes: “Several studies have been conducted to show the effects of cooked foods versus raw foods on the immune system and performance.  One study, conducted in 1930 under the direction of a Swiss medical doctor, Dr. Paul Kouchakoff, was reported in his paper entitled “The Influence of Food Cooking on the Blood Formula of Man” and presented in Paris at the First International Congress of Microbiology.  His findings showed that after a person eats cooked food, his or her blood responds immediately by increasing the number of white blood cells.  This is a well-known phenomenon called “digestive leukocytosis,” in which there is a rise in the number of leukocytosis, or white blood cells, after eating.  No one knew why the number of white cells rises after eating, since this appeared to be a stress response as if the body was somehow reacting to something harmful, such as infection, exposure to toxic chemicals, or trauma.

     Ph levels:  The pH level of our internal fluids affects every cell in our bodies and has a profound effect on body chemistry.  Extended pH imbalances of any kind are not well tolerated by the body.  Indeed, the entire metabolic process depends on a balanced pH.  A chronically over-acidic body pH corrodes body tissue, slowly eating into the 60,000 miles of our veins and arteries like acid eating into marble.  If left unchecked, it will interrupt all cellular activities and functions, from the beating of your heart to the neural firing of your brain.  Over-acidification interferes with life itself, leading to all sickness and disease.  

     Fundamentally, all regulatory mechanisms (including breathing, circulation, digestion, hormone production, etc.) serve the purpose of balancing pH, removing the normally metabolized acids from body tissue without damage to healthy living cells.

     Distilled water is 7.0 pH and human milk is 7.43 pH which is the basis for man’s normal pH.  Thus our diet needs to be on the alkaline side of things to stay healthy.  But the Standard American Diet is highly acidic and works off the ‘extremes’ found mostly in animal food and plant derivatives.  Cooking is a form of food processing and is generally more acid-forming.  Raw foods are more alkalizing and cleansing for the body particularly after an extreme diet like the unhealthy Standard American Diet.
     Through a high intake of fruits, vegetables and green drinks as mentioned in the protocol:
• The Need to Alkalize the Body
• Increased Oxygen Intake
• Increased Nutrient Intake
• Reduced Oxidative Stress thus less DNA Damage
• Organic vs. Chemicals in Processed Foods 

     These are some of the main reasons that raw and living foods are found to be healing in most degenerative diseases. 

Six Sigma Soul Motivations!
When you stray away from fresh, whole, raw, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains, legumes and seeds, you do so because of taste, habits and addiction but at the cost of nutritional value and health.  

Alleluia Spirit Meditations!
“There is a way that some think right, but it leads in the end to death.” Pr 16.25
“A man never hates his own body, but he feeds it and looks after it; and that is the way Christ treats the Church, because it is his body - and we are its living parts.”  Eph 5:29   “If anybody should destroy the temple of God, God will destroy him, because the temple of God is sacred, and you are that temple.”   1 Cor 3.17

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