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Curing the Incurables 

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“Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food”
               --- Hippocrates Green Physician 

Healing the Incurables vs. Curing the Incurables 

        Curing the Incurables is a philosophy that curing the incurables with degenerative diseases is possible through nature and with God's help in the body, soul and spirit.  But it takes a radical approach to natural healing both biochemically and psychologically and an intense relationship with God to cure the incurables.   

           Curing the Incurables is exactly what it says, curing incurable degenerative diseases.  Nearly all major incurable degenerative diseases are incurable according to many in modern medicine, when pharmaceutical drugs are the primary method.  But there are many other alternative approaches that do not use drug therapy for healing.  Pharmaceutical drugs are low-level lethal doses of poisons, that is why they have to be approved by the government agencies.  The medical community likes to keep the term "healing" for their own usage, yet sometimes they like to think all 'healing' needs to come under their supervision.  Of course there is big money in healing people of diseases. 

            Nutritionists are firmly in the medical field, and can be used to help and in some cases to heal and bring healing through nutrition.  But they tend to use words like impacting, remission, permanent remission, optimizing health, minimizing the disease effects, reducing the symptoms and others.  They tend to stay away from making claims of “Healing”, that could be an embarrassment for medical doctors.   This is what Six Sigma Nutrition is all about.  Ann Marie Tibbetts, RD the co-creator (with Jim) of Six Sigma Nutrition is about working within the medical establishment, she like all nutritionists specializes in using nutrition for health and healing.   

           Alleluia Nutrition is the same as Six Sigma Nutrition except it has a much broader perspective involving: the body, the soul and the Spirit.  Jim Tibbetts, S.T.L., the creator of Alleluia Nutrition is a theologian and helath educator.  Science is a subset of theology.  Theology is about the human (body, soul, spirit) and his relation to the Creator and his Creation.  Nutrition and medical science is within creation, a subset of theology.  Thus Alleluia Nutrition uses the term: Curing the Incurables, a correct use of this definition.  Since healing (and curing) are biblical terms it also uses these terms but minimizes its use of “healing” out of respect for the medical communities concerns.  Biblical Nutrition starts with scripture and is a pillar in Alleluia Nutrition.    

            Thus Alleluia Nutrition and the Alleluia diet is about Curing the Incurables, God’s Way!  It is about renouncing the Ways of the World and adopting a God’s Natural Law, His Biblical Nutrition, His Plant-based nutrition orientation for optimum health and healing (or curing).  And once you are healed you can shout: Alleluia or Hallelujah! 

        Both the Alleluia and the Six Sigma Nutrition programs are striving for the optimization of a person's health and full and complete healing of the body and soul.  The books, the Living Foods Nutrition program, the talks, counseling and the blogs are working towards this dimension. 

Why does this problem exist? 
          Let me give a few examples of why this problem of the medical community wanting to control the terminology and practice of medicine today. 

            In 1990 Dean Ornish, MD, came out with his New York Times bestseller: Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease.  It is the only system scientifically proven to reverse heart disease without drugs or surgery.  It shocked and upset the medical world which is based on drugs and surgery.  This program was not just nutrition but also involved daily meditation and exercise.  Dr. Ornish opens his book with “Forty million people in this country suffer from diagnosed cardiovascular disease, and an even larger number don’t yet know that they have a heart problem. Sixty million people have high blood pressure.  Eighty million people have elevated cholesterol levels.  Over 1.5 million Americans have heart attacks every year…”  He goes on to point out that lifestyle factors play a major role in all of these problems but moderate dietary changes are not enough, comprehensive lifestyle changes are needed.  The Six Sigma nutrition lifestyle changes that are beyond the changes Dr. Ornish recommends for heart patients.  These changes are radical and counter-cultural changes into a raw vegan dietary lifestyle, it is not for everyone.  

            Others like Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. MD of the Cleveland Clinic has confirmed and taken Dr. Ornish work to the next level with his 20 year study and book.  Even though his heart study and book were done over 17 years ago it has not changed the medical community very much, since Americans do not like to make major lifestyle changes and the medical community prefers to use drugs, and surgery, which is more profitable to them.  When I spoke with Dr. Esselstyn and asked him why the medical community does promote the Dean Ornish diet, he said it was very simple, money. 

            Cancer has a very similar history and for over 50 years (since Dr. Max Gerson in the 1950’s) cancer has been treated and totally healed through major lifestyle changes, primarily in diet, a raw vegan diet

approach.  But the medical community has not accepted this as a valid approach to heal cancer, the medical community only allows those methods in the U.S. which it can control through medical doctors.  In my book, Starving Cancer to Death, I go into this in much more detail from which the following comes. “I asked Jim Tibbetts was discussing all this with Joseph Spaziani, MD (an oncologist) and Jim asked him why the medical community doesn’t recognize this raw vegan and fasting method and other natural methods for healing cancer?    Dr. Joseph replied, “You don’t know!” 

    Jim answer, “I think I do but I wanted to hear your answer.” 

    Dr. Joseph replied, “In one word, Money!”  

    Diabetes has a similar story.  Rev. George Malkamus a raw food leader gave a talk and discussed how diabetes could be healed through a raw vegan diet but the pharmaceutical industry has used diabetes to become dependent on drugs for the rest of their life.  A pharmacist approach Rev. Malkamus after the talk and said that every diabetic patient is worth a quarter of a million dollars to the pharmaceutical industry over the course of their lifetime.  So why would the pharmaceutical companies want to heal someone? 

        Robert Young, PhD a major raw food leader tells the story of how he gave a talk at the American Diabetic Society and explained scientifically, biochemically, about how his pH miracle raw food diet could heal a person of diabetes.  The professional panel discussed it and replied that they felt his diet was too restrictive, too difficult for the average diabetic for them to support or promote.  An elderly lady in the audience stood up and said, what is more difficult to eat his diet, or to stick your-self with a pin for testing three times a day!

The Ultimate Natural Remedy

        Yes, the “ultimate natural remedy” is Living Foods or Raw Vegan!  Food is the “most powerful natural drug” in the world.  Food controls every aspect of the bio-chemistry.  If you take the right types of foods in you can build-up and regenerate your body, if you take the wrong types of foods in you degenerate your body.  Everybody knows that junk foods are bad for you and this was known all the way back to biblical times.  In the bible they referred to junk foods as the “kings delicacies”  since only the wealthy could afford them.  Today we call most degenerative diseases the diseases of affluence.  Why because if you go to poorer countries (as long as they are not starving) they have less of these degenerative diseases.  And when people come to live in America from these countries the rates of these diseases increases in these populations.  The sad thing is that we Americans bring our fast food chains to their countries and it has a bad effect, and increases the degenerative diseases in those countries. 

       A good example of what highly refined foods like sugar and flour can do to a person is noted by Dr. Rex Russell, M.D., “Adult onset diabetes seems to be caused by eating refined and toxic foods and by a low physical activity level.  One good example of this can be seen on the island of Nauru in the Pacific Ocean, where the economy once afforded the natives few luxuries.  They raised most of their own foods on the island, and had a few delicacies.  They were generally healthy people and only one small hospital served the entire population. 

            Their lives changed when phosphorus was found in great quantities on the island.  That discovery transformed the island’s inhabitants into extremely wealthy people.  They began to import much of the world’s refined delicacies.  Within 30 years after this lifestyle change, a 30 percent occurrence of adult onset diabetes developed.  No measurable diabetes had been known previously.  Now after 40 years, 65 percent of the adult population has diabetes.”[1]  

            Many accounts could be given to prove that a degenerative diet is a powerful drug, or influence bio-chemically in the body to cause negative effects, degenerating effects in the body.  This over time will lead to degenerative diseases.  

            Pharmaceutical drugs take a few hours to a few days to start having a powerful effect on the body, but foods takes weeks or months or sometimes years to have a real powerful effect on the body.  Pharmaceutical drugs only influence 1 or 2 or 3 or a small number of bio-chemical pathways, foods influence hundreds of bio-chemical pathways in the body and end up becoming the body itself.  Pharmaceutical drugs are legal low-doses of poisons; good, healthy foods, as drugs, are natural nutrients which slowly gives life.                    

            The problem in America is that most of the foods in the supermarket are “dead” foods that do not give life but suck life out of you.  They are degenerative foods which will degenerate your body.  You will be using your fork to dig your own grave.  As you go down the isles of supermarkets they are full of dead foods.  Supermarkets are mostly mortuaries, they are full of dead foods lying in state!   

           For instance pasta is a dead food.  It depletes B vitamins and gives little to no value nutritionally, just empty calories.  The small amount of energy it gives off for the great amount of energy it takes to prepare the pasta and digest the pasta is not worth it.  You could take a zucchini or a squash and use a pasta maker so that it becomes like pasta.  This food would give you B vitamins and many other nutrients, break down better in the body, give off more energy and be healthier.  One is degenerative and energy inefficient the other is regenerative and energy enhancing.  One of the most common discoveries and phrases when people get into living foods is that they have more energy!  Almost all cooked and processed foods in the supermarkets are degenerative foods. 

Healthy Nutrition
Six Sigma Soul Motivations!
When you stray away from fresh, whole, raw, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains, legumes and seeds, you do so because of taste, habits and addiction but at the cost of nutritional value and health.  

Alleluia Spirit Meditations!
“There is a way that some think right, but it leads in the end to death.” Pr 16.25
“A man never hates his own body, but he feeds it and looks after it; and that is the way Christ treats the Church, because it is his body - and we are its living parts.”  Eph 5:29   “If anybody should destroy the temple of God, God will destroy him, because the temple of God is sacred, and you are that temple.”   1 Cor 3.17 

Russell, Rex, M.D., What the Bible Says About Healthy Living, (Regal Books, Ventura, CA., 1996), p. 51.  Citing: H. King, “Diabetes in Adults Is Now a Third World Problem,” Ethnicity and Disease, Supplement S, World Health Organization (1993): 67-74.

Disclaimer Notice:
    Jim Tibbetts is a professional scholar.
    Anne Marie Tibbetts is a professional registered dietition.  
   You have the legal responsibility to make your own health care decisions and seek advise from your heatlh care provider or medical doctor.  We and our associates take no responsiblity in your health care matters, this information is for your benefit and not a substitute for medical advice or recommendations. 
    You have the moral right to choose what therapy you want to do, just as you have the moral right to choose a religion.  It is your body and you have the right to choose the type of medicine or therapy you want to do for degenrative disease.  Eating is a moral issue!  You have a moral responsibility to eat properly, to eat healthy, to eat according to God’s Word!  You have a moral and spiritual responsibility to take care of your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit.  
    Copyright Jim Tibbetts 1/2010 

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