Plant-based Nutrition  -  Fasting  
Optimizing Healing for Degenerative Diseases  

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Jim Tibbetts
P.O. Box 2533
Glenville,  New York

Contact Information
See information about contacting us below, not all e-mails will be replied too.
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About Contact Information: 
1.  “I do not answer any questions on clinical issues involving
          health through e-mail.”    
2.  “I do not answer any questions on raw food prep via. e-mail.” 

     The business issues and questions such as on the Standards, Newsletter, Marketplace, Education certificate or Counseling or other relevant questions will be answered.  

    We are also looking for testimonials of people who have been healed of MS or Parkinson's or other degenerative diseases. 

 I do read letters - snail mail, and actually prefer that form for different reasons over e-mails.  Our P.O. box is listed.   


  Thanks,  Jim Tibbetts 

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