Plant-based Nutrition  -  Fasting  
Optimizing Healing for Degenerative Diseases  


“The body heals itself.  The patient is only Nature’s assistant.”
    Greek physician Hippocrates

    We need to keep in mind that by eating animal products, sugar and salt products, white four and other commercial products we are not being nature's assistant, but are going against what the body needs.  By giving the body raw vegan and living foods and by fasting are we nature's assistant.  Then we are not getting in the way of letting the body heal itself.  The body can heal itself but we need to get out of the way, we need to stop feeding the body the wrong foods.

   -    Starving Cancer to Death 
   -    Nutrition Protocol for Cancer  
   -    Prohibited Foods and Products 
   -    Nutrition Lifestyles to Starve Cancer  


-  Starving Cancer to Death

        Cancer is a living cell and can be starved to death like any other living cell.  Yet the methods in this book involve more than just cancer starvation.  There are several other ways to kill cancer with natural means, which are also included in this cancer protocol.  
         Studies in Germany have showed that cancer cells feed on sugar.  Cancer cells metabolize animal fats into sugar.  To kill the cancer with diet, all animal fats and all processed sugars (as in junk foods) needs to be avoided.  The natural sugar from fruits and vegetables does not feed cancer (unless in excess).  A strict raw vegan diet, a living foods diet needs to be maintained to help starve cancer, along with the recommendations in this text.

         Biochemical parameters can be very complex.  To help understand these in a simple way, before getting into hard core writings or articles (peer-review journals), some of the possible basic ones are mentioned below.  Even though there are many, the seven basic ones are:

  1.  Animal fat intake and animal products needs to be zero in the diet (a vegan diet)
  2.  Sugared Junk sugar foods needs to be zero, a 80/20 raw vegan diet is the basic diet
  3.  pH levels need to be alkaline in the intercellular fluids
  4.  Potassium/sodium cellular levels need to be balanced appropriately
  5.  Nutrient density in the blood needs to be maximized for the immune system
  6.  Oxygen intake suffocates cancer to death, high oxygen intake is best.
  7.  Fasting and detox methods, catabolize or destroy cancer cells.

         The raw vegan diet with juices/fasting will take care of these five automatically.  The reason for the juices is to speed up the process and pushing the nutrients quicker and deeper into the cells.  Most people in America eat an acidic diet and degenerative diseases thrive in acidity (pH less than 7.0) when the Normal pH is 7.43 which is alkaline (7.0 is neutral).   Juices and a raw vegan diet changes the intercellular fluids to an alkaline level.  It maximizes nutrient density in the blood and helps to re-establish the potassium/sodium levels which Dr. Max Gerson found were always way off in cancer patients.  Therefore, they often provide potassium tablets in their therapy.

         Cancer thrives in an acidic environment, slows down, and even stops in an alkaline environment in the cellular fluid.  Cancer feeds on sugar and animal fat that it metabolizes into sugar so that it can grow.  A cancer cell needs nutrients like any other cell and when this is taken away it starts to die and starves to death!   A lot of fruits, vegetables and juices bring a lot of oxygen into the system and cancer cells are anaerobic (they do not need oxygen and oxygen weakens and kills them).  This further destroys the cancer cells.  On top of that, the high nutrient density in the blood mobilizes and builds up the immune system, which goes on to attack the cancer cells.  Thus, all of this stops the cancer from growing and eventually kills the cells! 

     Oh those poor cancer cells!  Here is what happens to them:
     First they get put in a hostile environment (alkaline pH), 
     Second they get isolated (potassium pump), 
     Third they get starved to death (no sugar or animal fat - vegan), 
     Fourth  they get choked (too much oxygen), 
     Fifth they get catabolized and flushed out (fasting and detox), 
     Sixth, they are attacked (by the immune system)! 

     This ‘Starving Cancer to Death’ as noted above is a layperson’s way of saying fancy medical terms found in medical journals like: 
    • Induction of apoptosis, 
    • Induction of cell cycle arrest, 
    • Inhibition of angiogenesis, 
    • Inhibition of tumor promotion, 
    • Inhibition of carcinogen activation, 
    • Inhibition of DNA damage, 
    • Anti-carcinogenic effects, 
    • Stimulation of carcinogen detoxification. 

         Having cancer is a chance to declare war on cancer.  You are going to fight cancer on its own grounds nutritionally.  Using diet, juicing, fasting and supplements, you are going to win the battle and starve cancer out of your body.  First, you need to go to boot camp and prepare, first you have to buy the proper equipment to defeat it.  You do this by buying the books that are needed; several of them are pointed out in this book.  Next to do raw foods and juicing, you may need to buy some kitchen equipment such as a juicer, a blender, a dehydrator, a Cusinart/food processer, and other needed kitchen tools.

         It is helpful to put together your army of support individuals: 
    • A counselor is a very important support individual to help you get through the life changes that are necessary. 
    • A religious affiliation is also very important since that can be a source for prayers and spiritual nourishment. 
    • A cancer support group would also be a good source of support for cancer itself.
    • Supportive friends and family help too!    

         This book on Starving Cancer to Death is about several types of medicine: Individual-oriented medicine to optimize the body via, the diet, fasting and nutrients.  Functional Medicine tries to optimize a person’s biochemistry and gene structure.  Naturopathic medicine, orthomolecular medicine and Ayurveda Medicine try to optimize the body through natural means; Holistic medicine brings body, soul and spirit together.  This cancer protocol utilizes these schools of thought about medicine.  It also integrates Allopathic medicine to a minor degree. 

        The Gerson Institute did a study on their diet therapy has a much higher rate of healing cancer then standard approaches.  The gerson study by the the University of California at San Diego’s Cancer Prevention and Control Program.  They compared 5 year melanoma survival rates of Gerson therapy patients to rates found in comparable, conventionally treated groups in the medical literature.  The study examined 153 white adult cancer patients, 25- 72 years old, in various stages of melanoma.  The study found the following:
    - Of patients with Stages I and II melanoma (localized), 100% of Gerson therapy patients survived for 5 years, compared with 79% of patients receiving conventional treatment. 
    - Of patients with Stages IIIa melanoma (regionally metastasized), 82% of Gerson therapy patients were still alive at 5 years, compared with 39% of those conventionally treated.
    - Of patients with Stages IIIa and IIIb melanoma (regionally metatasized), 70% of Gerson therapy patients were still alive at 5 years, compared with 41% of the conventionally treated patients.
    - Of patients with Stage IVa melanoma, 39% of Gerson therapy patients survived for 5 years, compared with 6% of patients treated by conventional medicine. [1] 
 A second study showed even higher rates for those with surgery plus Gerson Diet Therapy for a five year survival rate, since about a third of Gerson-treated patients had surgeries as well.    (stage IIIa 39% versus 92%; stage IVa 6% versus 57%.) [2]  

 -  Nutrition Protocol for Cancer

    Summary of Six Sigma Nutrition Protocol for Cancer

         This is a summary of what is also found in more detail in the book, Starving Cancer to Death, which has the scientific evidence and studies, which back up this dietary protocol.  See the Table of Contents for this cancer book.  As will be seen the scientific evidence is very strong that these nutrients and foods that have active ingredients that have been found to ‘starve’ cancer to death!  There are specific ways to ‘starve’ or to kill cancer as will be noted in the following chapters.  The following protocol is based on the best scientific research to date.  In order to starve and kill the cancer the protocol must be followed.  It is a lifestyle protocol and as time progresses and healing occurs, one can shout, Alleluia!  In the long run following this Protocol Blueprint is the key. 

1. Nutritional Diet protocol  -  see Living Foods Blueprint outline in last section
    • Raw Vegan  (Alleluia, Six Sigma)   -  Best plant-based nutrition for
               Starving Cancer to death    
    • Raw Vegan  (Other 7 raw diets listed) -  Very good plant-based    
    • Vegan or Vegetarian     -  O.K. plant-based diet, not recommended   

Vegetables to be used - choose at least 3 with large servings every dinner  
    • Cruciferous vegetables (all)
    • Spinach 
    • Tomato
    • Carrots
    • Cabbage
    • Broccoli
    • Hot chili pepper 

Berries to be used - choose at least 3 with large servings every day
    • Grapes 
    • Blueberry 
    • Bilberry
    • Cranberry 
    • Elderberry 
    • Raspberry 
    • Strawberry

Spices to be used - at least 3 large amounts every dinner 
    • Garlic 
    • Onion
    • Turmeric
    • Ginger 
    • Rosemary 
    • Clove 
    • Saffron 
    • Red pepper

        In other words, a lot of large spicy vegetable dishes and berry dishes!
These spices, berries and vegetables are or should be your main dietary focus to cure cancer!  

 2.  Fasting and Detox protocol

Daily Coffee/Calmomile Enemas (see Dr. Flavin’s recommendation) the first month
Doing a 7-10 day juice fast the first or second month   - An O.K. detox
  or 21 to 28 day juice fast the first or second month    - A much better detox
  or a long water fast 28 - 42 days, best at a clinic        - An excellent detox 

     Less than 10 days on a fast is probably not going to start getting rid of the cancer.  At least 21 days is recommended or a longer 28 to 42 day juice fast (or water fast) is highly recommended.  Then move back to a raw vegan diet.  Under professional supervision is best.

 3. Juicing protocol  
7 to 12 cups per day. 7 cups minimum juices/smoothies per day.
Getting at least 1 ½ quarts of fresh juice (not pasteurized) daily is a key to starving cancer. 
     Carrot juice      Dosage 1-2 cups/day
     Carrot-Apple (or Carrot-Berry) juice      Dosage 1-2 cups/day
     Green juice (or green powers)               Dosage 3-4 cups/day
     Green Smoothies                                 Dosage 2-3 cups/day 
     Green Smoothies/with   
     Wheatgrass juice/powder                    (Dosage: 1-2 tbsp/2 times a day,
         &/or Barley green powder   can add into smoothie)
     Or Superfoods powders                       (Dosage: 1-2 tbsp/day, can add into smoothie)
     Adding Protein Powder                       (Dosage: 1-2 tbsp/day, can add into smoothie)
   Herbal protocol along with Juicing
Green tea or Horsex tea   Dosage: 1 cup/day and/or capsules or liquid
Herbal tea combinations   Dosage: 1 cup/day or mix in with the smoothie
        See herbal chapter for teas and combinations of teas

4a. Nutrients Protocol - following section  

         The Vitamins or Nutrients from the list can be added into this smoothie or juices.  The specific nutrients are listed in the following Nutrient Protocol.  If you cannot afford or have a hard time getting the nutrients then do what you can, but do all the other protocols. 

Optional - supplements
Cottage cheese/flaxseed oil  Dosage is a little every other day or so. 
The supplement PROTOCEL is for the oxidation-reduction system.
The supplement GRAPE SEED EXTRACT can also be added to the smoothie.
Protein powders and Green powders are highly recommended.  There are many types of good protein powders that can easily help supply protein nutritional needs. 

   Lifestyle Activities protocol
 -  Sunlight, and fresh air - daily or at least five times a week
 -  Exercise and daily stretching - daily or at least five times a week
 -  Prayer and meditation - daily or at least five times a week
 -  Oxygen Therapy - as needed.  Many plants in living room, bedroom and around.

4b. Nutrient Protocol

     These are Dana Flavin’s, M.D., recommendations for cancer in general; the chapter on these supplements for Dr. Flavin gives recommendations that are more specific.

    Monthly Supplemental Routine:  The first month takes these supplements every day, seven days a week.  The second month, take these supplements only six days a week and the third month, take these supplements only five days a week.  The fourth month, four days a week is enough but five can be used.  Continue with four to five days a week afterwards.

   These supplements could be taken with the juicing therapy.  Some of these need to be taken twice or three times a day.  

   Vitamin protocol
VITAMIN  B17   Dosage: 10-20 seeds of apricots a day, natural form is best.
BETA CAROTENE  Dosage: 200,000  IU a day. 
VITAMIN A    Dosage: one gram a day of cod liver oil.
VITAMIN C    Dosage: 2 grams 2 times a day.  
VITAMIN D     Dosage: 5000 IU a day
POTASSIUM    Dosage: 2 tablets 2 times a day or lemon juice
NICOTINAIDE   Dosage: 2 tablets daily

    NO  VITAMIN E  Dosage: None, except succiceante in prostate cancer
    NO  ZINC   Dosage: None, except in zinc difficencies
    NO  IRON    Dosage: None, except in foods such as beets and spinach 
    NO  B-COMPLEX   Dosage: None, except in complete B deficiency or weakness 

  Nutrients Therapy
FISH OIL                                Dosage: 2 1/2 grams a day, 1 tbsp/day  (high
                                               quality)  (optional for vegans, use Odo’s oil instead)
N-ACETYL CYSTEINE    Dosage: 600 mg, 2 times a day (approximately) 
                                         (except on days of vitamin C infusion)
LACTOFERRIN               Dosage: 1 gram  at bedtime
WOBE MUGOS                Dosage:  Daily standard dosage 2 x 3 tablets
                                         (or Wobenzym or or other enzymes such as from Vitalzyme) 
SELENITE                         Dosage: 500 mcg/day - approximately 
GARLIC EXTRACT            Dosage: 600 mg/day  - approximately 
CURCUMIN                        Dosage: 900 mg/day  2 to 3 times day - approximately 
ZEOLITE                            Dosage according to package 2 to 3 times day with drops
PROBIOTICS                      Dosage: Daily standard dosage, one per day
KELP                                  Dosage: a little with a meal
GRAPE SEED EXTRACT     - Optional, dosage: Daily standard dosage per day
PROTOCEL                         - Optional, dosage: Two times a day, ¼ teaspoon.

        Even though the amounts are standard dosages they may vary a little, thus the word approximately was added to clarify these.  If you can’t get all of them then get what you can but they all have specific purposes.

 -  Prohibited Foods and Products   

Avoid Animal Products and High-Protein Foods and Soy
 High-protein foods, such as meats, eggs, seafood, and other animal; proteins; all animal foods are not allowed.  (For those who choose the lowest dietary level of partial vegetarian only a limited use of fish, cheese and eggs, definitely not more than one of these products a day is allowed, preferably not more than three times a week.  However, this is not recommended.)   Avoid all soy products as they can feed cancer and are highly processed foods. 

Avoid Excess Oils and Fats
 This includes corn oils, canola oils, and all other vegetable oils, all animal fats, all margarines or oil based spreads, all hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils’ Olean, Olestra or other “fat substitutes”.  Any other source of dietary fats, except as naturally occurring in allowed foods.  Fish Oil is the best for cancer patients.  The oils that are allowed for cancer patients are flax seed oil, olive oil, hemp oil, Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil Blend.

Avoid Salt and Sodium
 Salt and Sodium in all forms, including table salt, sea salt, celery salt, vegetable salt, Bragg’s Aminos, tamari, soy sauce, “lite salt”, baking soda, Epson salts, sodium-based baking powders, and anything “sodium” in its name, as well as salt substitutes. 
A water softener has salt added to the water, use potassium water softener instead.

Avoid all Sugar Products -  cancer feeds on these
 All candy products, processed foods with sugar in them.  Remember cancer feeds primarily on sugar and products that metabolize into sugar such as meat and fat.

Avoid all White flour or White Rice products and all Soy Products 
 All white flour products and white rice products avoid; whole grain flour or brown rice is O.K. but it still contains a lot of starch.  Avoid all soy products. 

Avoid certain beverages 
 Alcohol, any carbonated beverage, commercial beverages, black tea and other non-herbal teas, are not allowed; also coffee as a regular beverage (except as prescribed for intake with castor oil by mouth or as a coffee enema).  Cow’s milk is not allowed.

Commercial Prohibited Foods
 All manufactured (processed) foods, bottled, canned, frozen, preserved; refined, salted, smoked, and sulfured foods.  Bicarbonate of soda in food, candy, and cake, chocolate, cocoa, ice cream, mushrooms is prohibited.  The Gerson diet found paprika; basil and oregano should not be allowed too. 

Avoid all Chemicals
 Nicotine, hair dye (including henna), hair permanents.  Cosmetics, underarm deodorants, lipsticks and lotion, shampoo (with the exception of herbal shampoos).  Chemical cleaning products, house water softeners, pesticides, fluorine in toothpaste. 

  -  Nutrition Lifestyles to Starve Cancer 

      Living Foods Diets used in this book

         There are several dietary schools of thought or raw vegan approaches that are utilized in this book relating to a plant-based diet.  The main diet that is promoted in this cancer book is the Six Sigma Nutrition approach or the Alleluia diet which is a general raw vegan diet encompassing the others, but the others are also diets that work in this area.   All of these diets are in agreement in the general category of 80/20 raw vegan to 100% raw vegan.  All of these have healed people of degenerative diseases and cancer.   
         These diets and others are all raw vegan diets, which are well defined along the parameters laid out in this book, such that they can be defined as a ‘School of Thought’ by themselves.  Each of these has books out that describe their specific diet. 

1.  The Gerson Diet
 Without a doubt, one of the most influential people in cancere and the raw vegan diets movement, who is one of the grandfathers of the movement, would be a medical doctor in the 40’s and 50’s, Dr. Max Gerson, M.D.   Dr. Max Gerson cured himself through diet and developed a low salt, low fat and low protein diet.  Dr. Gerson, during his fifty years of practice, published 55 scientific works.  In the introduction in his last book on curing cancer through diet, he states: “The history of medicine reveals that reformers who bring new ideas into the general thinking and practice of physicians have a difficult time.”  His daughter Charlotte Gerson started the Gerson Institute after Dr. Gerson died and continues it today in San Diego, California. 

2. The Hippocrates Diet
 Dr. Ann Wigmore D.D., N.D. founded the Hippocrates Program in 1963 with a big emphasis on sprouting and emphasizes living foods vegetarianism.  The work is carried on by other Hippocrates Centers such as the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico.  Brian and Anna Marie Clement the directors of The Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida is another major one.  Brenda Cobb - Living Foods Institute, Atlanta, Georgia.  Several other Hippocrates Health Institutes also continue but changed their names: The Creative Health Institute, formally Ann Wigmore’s Hippocrates Institute of the Midwest, Optimum Health Institute has two facilities, one in San Diego and one in Austin, and Victoras Kulvinskas the co-founder of Hippocrates. 

3.  Rainbow Green Diet
 Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H) a long time advocate of living foods, and uses it in his medical practice and writings.   Dr. Cousens is a 100% raw fooders and one of the leading raw food medical doctors in the world.  Another expert in that school of thought is David Wolfe, a well-known speaker and author.  He is co-founder of Nature’s First Law, a company for books and products on raw foods. 

 4.  The pH Miracle Diet
 Dr. Robert Young, Ph.D., D.Sc. (Microbiology and Nutrition) is a well-known microbiologist and nutritionist and is known for his work in the acid/ alkaline area emphasizing living foods for health and healing.  He has developed his “New Biology” from previous researchers in this field. 

5.  The Sunfood Diet
 David Wolfe, M.S. is a well-known raw fooders from the early 1990’s and works with Dr. Cousens.  His background in engineering gives him a strength in minerals and structure, as his works demonstrate.  His emphasis on the sun is an important activity most people just minimize, when it is important.  In addition, his hardcore 100% raw emphasis is needed, especially for those with cancer and other degenerative diseases.   

  6.  The Raw Food Revolution Diet
 These three are leading authorities on vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan.  Cherie Soria is an acclaimed raw foods chef and instructor, is the founder and director of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and author.  Brenda Davis is a registered dietitian, international speaker and author.  Vesanto Melina is a registered dietitian, speaker, nutritional consultant and author.  Brenda and Vesanto’s co-authored books: The New Becoming Vegetarian and Becoming Vegan are classic works.

  7.  The Raw Family Diet
 Victoria Boutenko, her husband Igor, son Sergei and daughter Valya are the Raw Family and nationally known in the field of 100% raw living foods for over ten years.  Her books, classes, and understanding of a Living Foods diet are exceptional, which is why the Raw Family is one of the leaders in the field today. 

  8.  The Alleluia Diet
 James Tibbetts is a theologian, a vegetarian and juice fasting proponent, since 1976 and became raw about 2000.  He has several vegetarian and fasting books in the Alleluia series including this cancer book.  He utilizes and integrates the other six diets just mentioned into the Alleluia Diet, which is an Integrative approach.

  9.  The Hallelujah Diet    
 Rev. George Malkamus is a Baptist minister who promotes the Hallelujah diet.  It has become a major force in the raw vegan diet field and the Alleluia diet is very similar to it.  Rev. Malkamus promotes eating 85% raw fruits and vegetables and 15% cooked foods.  Over the last twenty years, he has been having good success with this diet.  

  10.  The Natural Hygiene Diet - Drs. Haag/Scott/Graham 
 Drs. Greg and Tosca Haag, D.J. Scott and Doug Graham have been involved in raw vegan and fasting therapy for many decades.  These and other natural hygienist promote a lot more fruit then most other raw fooders emphasize a 100% raw diet and they have had some success with cancer and many other degenerative diseases.   

  11.  The Six Sigma Nutrition    
 The Six Sigma Diet is identical to the Alleluia Diet except that is written for the medical community and especially nutritionists.  The religious terminology and references are taken out of the Alleluia diet and technical language is in its place. 

  12.  Other Raw Vegan Diets 
 The Raw Family is representative of a group of raw fooders who promote a 100% raw vegan dietary lifestyle including Fred Bisci, PhD, Paul Nison, Alissa Cohen, Doug Graham, D.O., Bridgitte Mars, Rhio and others.  These are emphasized since they are some of the leading, hard-core raw food health advocates; they emphasize a 100% raw or close to it.  There are a lot of other raw fooders and raw food books on the market but some of them vary their approach or compromise or just do not fully understand the nature of raw and living foods. 


Six Sigma Soul Motivations! 
This diet is difficult to eat out, but by shifting to a vegetarian diet for an evening makes it easy.  Health is not something you contemplate, health is something that requires action, something that you must move on.  Health of mind and body is an essential component of moral and social health.

Alleluia Spirit Meditations!
    Christianity began with the word; “Repent and believe the Good News.” Mk 1:15
or in another version, “Reform your lives and believe in the Gospel.”  Conversion, penance and repentance are the very life blood of Christianity.   
    “Repent, and turn from all your transgressions, so that iniquity will not be your ruin.” (Ezek 18:20-21)   
    We afflict our souls (Lev 23:27, 32) by fasting (cf. Ezra 8:21) and repenting of one’s sins (Ezek 18:30-31).  
    “Let not my heart be drawn to what is evil, to take part in wicked deeds with men who are evildoers; let me not eat of their delicacies.”  Ps 141:4  

 [1]  Hildenbrand, G., and S. Cavin. “Five-Year Survival Rates of Melanoma Patients Treated by Diet Therapy after the Manner of Gerson: A Retrospective Review.”  
 [2]   Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 1:4 (1995), 29-37.  
   Hildenbrand, Gar, J., Natuopath Med., 1996; 6(1):49-56.

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