Plant-based Nutrition  -  Fasting  
Optimizing Healing for Degenerative Diseases  

Alleluia Nutrition

“God said, ‘See, I give you all the seed-bearing plants that are upon the whole earth, and all the trees with seed-bearing fruit; this shall be your food.”   Gn 1.29    

          Alleluia Nutrition is the foundation for the Alleluia Diet and also closely related for the Six Sigma Nutrition diet in general.  For Six Sigma each diet may be slightly different for the degenerative disease that is being worked with.

            The Alleluia diet is a raw vegan diet, from 80/20 to 100% raw vegan.  The Alleluia diet is the same as Six Sigma Nutrition, which has more of a medical, therapeutic emphasis and Six Sigma does not emphasis Biblical Nutrition or other personal, social emphasis. 

        Alleluia Nutrition has a diet and also a scriptural emphasis, Biblical Nutrition and a social emphasis.  Whereas Six Sigma is strictly business, medical, professional nutritional in orientation. 

The Alleluia Diet, and Six Sigma Diet   

            100% raw foods is recommended for cancer  
            85% Raw Food/15% Cooked Food

  a.  85% Portion
There are thousands of choices of dishes that can be simply made from raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.  These can easily supply all ones nutritional needs.  This 85% portion could go up to 100% portion of these foods.   

Beverages: Fruit and vegetable juices freshly made such as carrot juice.  Green super foods can be added to these.  Fresh herbal teas are another beneficial option.

Dairy Alternatives:  Different nut milks like almond milk can be made from almonds. It is best for cancer patients not to buy the pasteurized soy, rice, almond and other milks, they could feed the cancer.  If you want these make your own.   Smoothies can be blended from many different fruits and vegetables and nut milks.

Grains:  Soaked grains like oats, dehydrated granola and crackers, muesli, etc.  Used soaked and sprouted grains avoid buying regular grains which could feed the cancer.

Nuts and Seeds:  Raw almonds and walnuts, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, cashews, raw almond or cashew butters, etc.

Oils:  Flaxseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, Udo’s blends, etc.

Seasonings:  Dehydrated or fresh herbs, sweet onions, garlic, parsley, salt-free seasonings, etc.

Beans:  Peas, green beans, sprouted lentils and mung and garbanzo beans, etc.  These are best if they are soaked and sprouted.  

Sweets:  Fruit and vegetable smoothies, raw desserts with fruits nuts, seeds, etc.

Soups:  Raw soups of all kinds.

Vegetables: All raw vegetables and fruits.  But eat few fruits since too much fruits will put extra sugar in the body.  Cancer does not feed on fruit and vegetable sugars but just in case its best to be moderate with fruits.    

     b.  The 15% Cooked Portion is optional 

            The 15% portion is the cooked portion of the Alleluia Diet.  As noted is best to eat up to 100% raw.  The literature seems to indicate a higher rate of healing for those who were 100% raw then for those who were 80% or less raw. 

There are different physiology types that work differently.  As discussed briefly in this book, Dr. Gabriel Cousens work with the Ayurvedic system divides people into three categories, but this is very complex in understanding and applying each type to the diet.  

            Life is a choice, you choose, 100% raw or 80/20% raw?   

    Cooked and processed foods:

Beverages:  Herbal teas, organic bottled juices, grain beverages

Dairy:  Rice milk, grain milks and non-dairy cheeses. 

Fruit:  Frozen fruits.

Grains: Whole-grain cereals, muffins, breads, brown rice, millet, etc.

Beans:  Kidney, adzuki, black, lima, navy, pinto, white and black, etc. 

Oils:  Mayonnaise made from cold-pressed oils.

Seasonings:  Same as the 85% portion, plus unrefined sea salt.

Soups:  Soups made from scratch without dairy, fat or table salt, dehydrated natural soups such as miso, etc.  

Sweeteners:  None you don’t want to feed the cancer.  

Vegetables:  Steamed or wok-cooked or frozen vegetables, such as baked white potato, squash, yams, etc. 

   c.  Foods to Avoid 

            These foods are NOT part of the Alleluia diet or Six Sigma diet, especially for cancer and need to be avoided.  They need to be eliminated from the diet as they are not healthy in the long run.                               

Avoid Animal Products and High-Protein Foods

            High-protein foods, such as meats, eggs, seafood, and other animal; proteins; all animal foods are not allowed. 

Meats:  All beef, pork, fish, chicken, turkey, hamburgers, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, etc.  

Dairy:  All milk, cheese, eggs, ice cream, whipped toppings, and non-dairy creamers.

Avoid Excess Oils and Fats

            This includes corn oils, canola oils, and all other vegetable oils, all animal fats, all margarines or oil based spreads, all hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils’ Olean, Olestra or other “fat substitutes”.  Any other source of dietary fats, except as naturally occurring in allowed foods.  
            The oils that are allowed are flax seed oil, olive oil, hemp oil, Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil Blend.

Oils:  All margine, lard, shortenings, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.

Avoid Salt and Sodium    

Salt and Sodium in all forms, including table salt, sea salt, celery salt, vegetable salt, Bragg Amminos, tamari, soy sauce, “lite salt”, baking soda, Epson salts, sodium-based baking powders, and anything “sodium” in its name, as well as salt substitutes.   A water softener has salt added to the water, use potassium water softener instead.

Seasonings:  Refined table salt, commercially made seasoning from unnatural ingredients.

Avoid all Sugar Products

            All candy products, processed foods with sugar in them.  Remember cancer feeds primarily on sugar and products that metabolize into sugar such as meat and fat.

Sweets:  Refined white and brown sugar, sugar syrups, chocolate, candy, cookies, donuts, cakes, pies, or other products containing refined sugars or artificial sweetners.  

Fruit:  Canned and sweetened fruits, also non-organic dried fruits.

Avoid all White flour or white rice products

            All white flour products and white rice products avoid, whole grain flour or brown rice is O.K. if soaked and sprouted.           

Grains:  Refined, bleached flour products, white rice, cold breakfast cereals.

Avoid certain beverages 

            Alcohol, any carbonated beverage, commercial beverages, black tea and other non-herbal teas.  Coffee as a regular beverage (except as prescribed for intake for castor oil by mouth or as a coffee enema).  Cow’s milk is not allowed.                                            

Beverages: Alcohol, coffee, tea, cocoa, carbonated beverages and soft drinks, all artificial drinks and soft drinks, commercial juices with preservatives, etc.  (Yet a small amount of wine could be beneficial to some.) 

Avoid Commercial Prohibited Foods

            All manufactured (processed) foods, bottled, canned, frozen, preserved; refined, salted, smoked, and sulfured foods.  Bicarbonate of soda in food, candy, cake, chocolate, cocoa, ice cream, mushrooms, paprika, basil and oregano. 

Nuts and Seeds:  Roasted and salted seeds and nuts.

Soups:  Canned, packaged, creamed soups. 

Vegetables:  All canned vegetables with added preservatives. 

Avoid all Chemicals

            Nicotine, hair dye (including henna), hair permanents.  Cosmetics, underarm deodorants, lipsticks and lotion, shampoo (with the exception of herbal shampoos).  Chemical cleaning products, house water softeners, pesticides, fluorine in toothpaste.

   d.  Meal Times -   Two and a third meals a day

            The body is not a machine and the organs need to rest, the idea of continuously eating or snacking is not good the body needs a rest.  Two or three meals is best with liquids in between the meals.   


            In the morning the body is still in the fasting mode.  During sleep and from the last meal onwards to the morning the body is fasting and in a detox mode, this is a time of cleansing from toxins and poisons and re-balancing the pH and other nutritional parameters.  Eating a solid meal in the morning breaks the detox going on, juice does not stop the fasting process.  Just drinking juice is the ideal, but eating a mono or duo fruit meal is O.K. too.  Using a green superfood or protein powder at this meal is very beneficial. 

  Mid-morning and Mid-afternoon 

            Juice or fresh fruit is the ideal as a snack. 

  Lunch and Dinner

            A larger living foods main meal can be eaten at this time, it’s partly personal choice which is also situational specific.   Lunch and Dinner are the two main meals a day for most people but for some breakfast and dinner might be the two main meals. 

            Many people into raw foods only eat two main meals a day and have a light third meal or just a snack or juice.  In fact many people around the world, regardless of diet, eat only two meals a day.  Americans eat way too much and thus have a problem with being overweight.  Obviously cutting out one meal cuts out the unnecessary calories.  The question is which meal.  Now this is a debated question, which meal to cut out?  

            Some say that the dinner should be cut since people will sleep better and it is not good to be eating too much before going to sleep.  Others say the morning meal is best to cut out since the bodies cleansing process is extended.  Others say lunch is the best meal to skip or eat light because most people work and have little time.  Thus it is partly a matter of personal circumstances and needs.  The body is in a fasting mode during sleep and it is best to continue that fasting mode in the morning rather than break-the-fast at breakfast.  For cancer patients this seems to be the best option.  Thus just have juice I the morning, if it works for you.

            There is a theory called “grazing”, that eating small meals throughout the day is best.  But this is a fallacy.  Our bodies organs are like little machines and need a rest or they get worn out faster. (i.e. diabetes)  When the organs are not in use they are being repaired and rebuilt on a cellular level.  Thus having several hours in between meals gives them a rest, just like sleep gives the whole body a rest.  The organs will eventually suffer from grazing and so will the teeth.  If the teeth are not cleaned and brushed after every meal then they will deteriorate faster.  Some raw fooders who eat a lot of fruit and don’t brush end up with teeth problems, grazing is not advised for cancer patients. 

            A small light snack such as fruit or juice, in between meals is not another meal or heavy load to digest.  But grazing on foods throughout the day is discouraged for cancer patients.  

            So two main meals a day is the best approach.  Dinner is usually the best place to have one of the main meals, especially for working men and women.  As long as there is an hour or two between eating the main dinner meal and going to bed it is fine.  That leaves two other options for the second main meal, breakfast or lunch.  To have lunch as the second main meal is really the best choice for cancer patients.       

            For degenerative disease patients, the Alleluia and Six Sigma diets are: Two and a Third meals a day.  The two main meals are main meals with food preparation for lunch and dinner.  There are no recipes given in this book for main meals.   There is a list of raw food uncook books following this section.  Buy at least three or four of these uncook books to give a variety of authors to learn from and a large selection of receipts.   

Raw Living Foods
Six Sigma Soul Motivations!
Raw!  Raw!  Raw!  That’s the spirit.  Gooooooo Raw!! 
Raw, organic vegetables, fruits and shoots (young, tender greens) have successfully made up the optimum way for the human diet, and today is shown to heal many diseases.

Alleluia Spirit Meditations!
“God said, ‘See, I give you all the seed-bearing plants that are upon the whole earth, and all the trees with seed-bearing fruit; this shall be your food.”   Gn 1.29 
“If you listen carefully to the voice of Yahweh your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commandments and keep his statues, I shall inflict on you none of the evils that I inflicted on the Egyptians for it is I, Yahweh, who give you healing.”  Ex 15.26  

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