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      Living Foods Technology LLC (LFTech) is dedicated to the science of plant-based nutrition in vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan and living foods.  Both health and healing through raw and living foods are the main focus.   

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     Welcome to my website. 

     The webstite has a lot to offer in terms of nutrition and spirituality
It reviews the Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Vegan nutrition orientations.  It talks about putting different degenerative diseases into remission and even completely healing them.  It contains many testimonials of healings of cancer, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other degnerative diseases.  

        On the spiritual side, it deals with spirituality, meditation, praise and the use of these for healing.  The website also discusses using yoga with the rosary as a devotional and for exercises.  It has numerous articles in the newsletter and in the meditation pages.  And it has an educational program for those that want to go the next step in raw, living foods.  

Two Free Download Books
     under the Meditations pulldown section on this website are here:

Superior Nutrition A to Z
   with Living Foods

The Bioethics of Drug Interventions

    These are two books that you can cut and paste and print out.  They have been made into 30 day meditations, so you can read one short section each day to ponder on it.  Taking time to meditate on a topic helps to learn and retain it. 

  Alleluia Nutrition Newsletter  is free for those who sign up.  

Developers of:
    The Alleluia Diet 
    The Six Sigma Diet 

   Testimonials of people with Parkinson's and MS and other degenerative diseases that have been cured or put into remission!   


        The techology of Space travel is high tech as is nutrition when taken as a whole.  Through Living Foods nutrition and fasting degenerative diseases can be cured.  But we are body, soul and spirit, and the spiritual dimension needs to be taken care of as well. 

People need to blast off with exercise along with nutrition and nutrition for optimum health and healilng.  Adding prayer as part of an exercise routine is here with Beads (or Rosary) Yoga.

Books and videos are availble,
by Jim Tibbetts
 see the Marketplace 

Remission towards Curing: Alzheimer's,
Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis,
Nutritional Integrative Therapies

  by Jim Tibbetts  

Shows how these diseases can be put into remission using a Live foods diet and fasting. 

Mary the Kosher Vegetarian Impacting
Climate Change

    by Jim Tibbetts  

First half is about climate change and that studies show as much as 51% is caused by animal products.  Second part is how Jesus and Mary were kosher vegetarians according to the evidence. 

The Bioethics of Drug Intervention 
 by Jim Tibbetts  
is a reveiw of about 16 different books by doctors and experts who write on the control of the pharamacetical industry over medicine.

Starving Cancer to Death
Nutritional Integrative Cancer Therapies
by Joseph Spaziani, MD and
       Jim Tibbetts, MBA 

This is the most complete review of the literature on plant-based diets and fasting for starving cancer to death by experts in this field.  It shows the scientific and clincial evidence for Starving Cancer to Death. 

Impacting Parkinson’s and MS to Permanent
   Remission,  Nutritional Integrative Therapies
 by  Jim Tibbetts    

    This is the most complete review of the literature on plant-based diets and fasting for Parkinson's and MS.  It shows the scientific and clincial evidence to bring PD and MS into complete remission through a raw vegan and juicing approach.

DVD documentary
Saint Faustina Kowalska Life and Mission

Taped in Poland
produced by
Jim Tibbetts 

Curing the Incruable with Parkinson's  &
MS a Nutrition Novel
by  Jim Tibbetts  

This is a novel that discusses PD and MS in dialogue format.  Rabbi James talks with real people with MS, PD and how to bring these into emission.  Real success and struggling people.

 Biblical Nutrition the Alleluia Diets   of Jesus and Mary
by Jim Tibbetts

It goes through the biblical understanding of food and fasting.  It shows the different groups of Jews and how some of them were vegetarian kosher.  Jesus and Mary belonged to one of these strict Jewish groups who were kosher. 

Other books are availble in the Marketplace.

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